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Silicone Sleeves - Make your own

Silicone Sleeves - Make your own

For all you members that want to make your own silicone stretching sleeve, here is a fairly simple method to do so.

In use pictures can be seen here: Tps’ DIY Silicone Sleeve Pics

How to make your own silicone sleeves.

The needed pvc pipe supplies for the project are mostly available at the hardware store. The only specific silicone product needed from smooth-on is the eco-flex series #0030: Silicone Rubber - Tin Cure from Smooth-On, Inc. You’ll probably have to scroll down that page to find it, but you can order a trial size kit for $26 there that will make dozens of sleeves.

Building the mold.

The outer pvc is 1” low pressure (200psi). For the inner piece, ½” schedule 40 pvc can be used, or the 3/8” threaded galvanized pipe, all available in the plumbing section at HD. The ½” pvc makes for a thinner tube, easier to roll on and off. The 3/8” pipe makes for a thicker finished piece which is harder to roll, but is damn near indestructible at ¼” thick.

Length is completely up to the builder, but I used a 4¾” outer and a 4” inner piece. The outer piece is cut all the way through with an exacto in two places. The inner piece is plugged at one end (I used 2 part molding clay but anything will work) to keep the pour from entering the tube.

The end piece is a standard 1” pvc slip cap with a hole drilled through the center. The hole is drilled slightly smaller than the 2” long bolt that gets stuck through it. The bolt diameter should fit snuggly inside the inner half of the mold. 3/8” bolt for the pipe, ½” bolt for the pvc. Heat the pvc around where the hole is drilled and the bolt will thread into and through the end cap. The bolt centers the inner part of the mold.

That’s it. Put the inner part of the mold on the bolt, the outer half slips into the end cap which holds it firmly together at the bottom, a rubber band at the top, stick the piece of cotton rope with the ends frayed inside, and pour the 2 part mixed silicone.

I like mine to be one enclosed piece. To make an open ended tube, as is what everyone is mostly familiar with, stop pouring the material before it gets to the top of the inner piece. Silicone cures in about 4 hours depending on temperature, but I wait around 8 hours to demold, and over-night before use.

The “molds” pic shows two molds. On the left is assembled and ready to pour. The one on the right is disassembled so you can see the inner half of the mold.

Fraying the ends of the rope helps with adhesion by giving more surface area for the silicone to grab on to. Cotton rope works better than nylon.

The “ends” pic shows how the piece of cotton rope is molded into the end.

The “application” pic shows the sleeve rolled up ready to apply to the dildo.

I have 2 of the silicone kits left over from my experimenting and know there will be a lot of members that won’t want to make the simple molds to make this, so I came up with a novel idea. I’m thinking about putting together a complete molding kit and sending it out on a “chain letter” program from member to member. Obviously people would have to agree to give their address to the person on the list in front of them which some people won’t do. I’d put together the kit with instructions, pre-made molds, 1 pound each of the silicone material, string, mixing sticks, etc and ship it via registered mail to the first person that posts in a new thread that they want it. The condition that they must agree to is to make only 2 sleeves from the material and then pass it to the next member that posts in the thread requesting it. I see where problems can and will happen with people making more than 2 sleeves, keeping the whole thing, etc, etc. Hopefully a thread keeping track of the kit’s travels will be enough to keep most member’s honest by threatening their forum reputation if they don’t follow through on their agreements. So basically people can have the hard part of an ads setup for the cost of mailing, as long as they’re willing to play by the rules. I’d appreciate any input from members on this idea. If you are in the US, interested in being put on the list to receive the kit, and you’re willing to abide by the rules, post here in this thread.

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Your molding technique is brilliant.

Your chain letter program is to put it nicely, optimistic, but has zero chance of working. Your mold will make it to the first guy and if you are extremely lucky, the second and then it will start to mold. :)

#1 - Ok…count me in..

Ah yes, the list of one.

It’s reverse psychology you see. Tell them they can’t do it and maybe they will fool you. :)

Originally Posted by gprent
Your molding technique is brilliant.

Your chain letter program is to put it nicely, optimistic, but has zero chance of working. Your mold will make it to the first guy and if you are extremely lucky, the second and then it will start to mold. :)

I have about as much optimism as gprent on this very clever and also very generous program of TPS’s.

I hope you guys who participate will stick to the shipping rules so the next guy in line doesn’t get screwed.



I would like to save this article how can this be done?

I’d like to get on the list.Thanks

I would like to add my name to the list. Just tell me when and to whom I should give my personal information too! Thanks tps, this is very generous of you indeed . :)

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