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What do you call 2 clamps (head + base) for girth?

What do you call 2 clamps (head + base) for girth?

I’m experimenting with using 2 (sock) clamps for shaft girth. One at the base and one around the head. I use socks for clamping, which are softer and IMHO more forgiving.

What is this actually called, so I can search on it?

And could anyone post any links to any recommended threads about this?

I’m not sure what it’s called and it looks like you are having some success with the search function.

I typically do two clamps at the base and one below the glans. I will use the glans clamp to control pressure throughout my sets. One could also just use their hand and squeeze below the glans, essentially this is the same thing. The clamp just makes things a bit easier.

You’ve got me thinking about experimenting again with just one base clamp, which should allow for more expansion down the lower part of the shaft.

Also, if you haven’t already, check out Mordecai’s thread, that guy is a beast when it comes to clamping.

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I think we can...Little Engine’s Climb

LittleEngine - I’ve also been experimenting with using my hand at the top end instead of a sock clamp. The advantage of using my hand (palm down) is that I can apply more even pressure over the surface area of the glans and just below it

Also, instead of just a static squeeze, I do a “slow pulse” squeeze with the hand over the glans while the base clamp stays tight - in other words I’m slowly increasing and decreasing the pressure that the mid- shaft gets - anyone try anything like this?

Double clamping

Originally Posted by Treefoil
Multiple threads I found so far. It seems there’s debate as to use the second clamp directly next to the base clamp, or just below the head

benefits of using multiple clamps?

Double clamp

Clamp Placement… Something New

Anyone Clamp Behind The Head?

IMO if you are interested in increasing the overall girth of your penis uniformly, then double clamping is beneficial. The second clamp enhances the girth expansion beyond the middle of the shaft all the way up to and including the glans. Clamping is an advanced PE exercise that I don’t recommend unless you have a minimum of 6 months to a full year of consistent, dedicated training. Clamping requires a certain amount of tissue maturity and vascular development in order to handle the stress pressure of a clamp routine.
Check out our double clamp tutorial videos…

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