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Originally Posted by marinera
That’s a hard question really. Like Mem, I would have never thought I’d stay here for years, doing some work to help the forum etc.. I would have never thought either a PE forum could have so many interesting topics. Neither I supposed size issues were so common and big for many males. At first I signed just for intellectual curiosity - or I could say anticonformism, hearing this dogma from the official science repeating that you can’t enlarge your penis, fuck, why? The basic reason I stay though, is that there is a basic need in every man (or so should be) to help other people for nothing; there aren’t many options to do that if you think at it - I mean, about any entity (Red Cross, Unicef, Church, whatever) that is supposed to help people for nothing has a different agenda if you would care to know the truth.

Maybe helping people to be more confident about their size is not such a big thing compared to other big problems on the earth, but at least I know that the little work is done here is going to the target.

Knowing the work is going to the target.

That sums up my professional motivation, and the reason why I go to the Newbie forum to pass on what we have found to work for us.

I didn’t have any expectation of how long I would be here or what would happen, I just wanted to make my dick bigger however long it took.

There are other forums I am member of, and I find that most of them become chaotic as people continually mis-understand each other and rip off on tangents and generally indulge in whatever thought hits them at the time, regardless of the consequences.

That rarely happens here and if it does the moderators mop up quickly.

This a rare thing indeed.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

I can’t say enough good things about this place, it’s unique !

Like the unique taste of a coke?

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

When I am to drunk to baby sit I just log the kids on to Thunder’sPlace.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

It’s the best and most surprising thing I’ve found on the Internet since porn.

It’s like finding a lamp that a genie actually comes out of when you rub it.

Motivation and hope. Been average all my life and I thought it was never good enough. I had passed many oppurtunities with that mindset. Now I am more confident even if I haven’t had any gains yet. Just hearing the feedback from others is all I need to keep at it.

I initially joined in October 2001, four and a half years after launching my first web site, which Thunder took over hosting. He also preserved a lot of material I abandoned, which is fascinating to look back on.

First and foremost (for me), Thunder’s Place means that “Tom Hubbard” and his web site still exist, which they absolutely would not have otherwise, probably since 2002, when I got into an immature pissing match in the forum and quit.

It means a place where you can post a photo of your penis and a guy you’ve never met can write “nice looking dick,” meaning no more and no less.

It means a place where you can openly acknowledge that you’re obsessed and fascinated with your dick, and want it bigger, no matter how big it already is.

It means a place where you can be honest about how your small dick bothers you, and have not only support, but cheerleaders urging you forward.

It means a place where you can let it all hang out: your success, failures, worries; ask questions you couldn’t (or wouldn’t) ask anyone in person, find support and answers from some remarkably bright people with all kinds of backgrounds and expertise.

Finally, it means an amazing crowd-sourcing experiment; pursuit of the most effective path to a common goal that most participants are not sharing with anyone in “real life.”

Thanks, Thunder; don’t know how (or even why) you’ve done this for so long. I see you’re closing in on your 50,000th (!) post. I’ll be raising a glass to you when I see that. In stealth, of course—don’t want the wife to know!

To me (as others have said) it really is my only hope. If Thunder’s didn’t exist, but all the other PE related sites did, I’d still think it was all bullshit to this day. Other sites are just too shady…too profit-driven, too many outrageous claims and too many 16-17 year olds running the gamut. Thunder’s is a bit different.

I come here literally every day, way more than I should, but in doing so I’ve continued to gain knowledge on a subject that I once cringed at the thought of (manipulating my dick in possibly dangerous ways, to make it bigger). I’ve learned a lot about myself, and read enough about PE in the last year to learn that it’s such a big area of study that I might never ‘master’ it. Maybe, though. I’ve also learned a lot about writing opinions on the internet - I’ve learned to say things like ‘in my case’ or ‘some people think’, instead of just making blanket statements like ‘you should do A, B, and C to get D’. I’ve learned with PE, things can be completely different for two different people, so you should always be careful of the advice that you give others. You should be careful to present it in a way that is totally unbiased and presented as an idea, rather than a blanket fact. Blunt, fact-like statements have no foundation here (in most cases), because PE is not a science (yet). Everybody is different, and what may work for you might permanently cripple the dick of another. So take all advice (and give all advice) with a grain of salt - tweak others’ advice to meet your body’s own personal needs.

Thunder’s will be my hope, and one of my most solid sources of kinship and communication until January when I plan to re start PE as a completely new person from where I started (patience, knowing my body, slow and steady, and a hell of a lot more research time put into my techniques/routine).

Also, everything Devotion9 said, too :)

Originally Posted by Smallja

…I’ve learned to say things like ‘in my case’ or ‘some people think’, instead of just making blanket statements like ‘you should do A, B, and C to get D’.


originally: 6.5" BPEL x 5.0" EG (ms); currently: 9.825" BPEL x 6.825" EG (ms)

Hidden details: Finding xeno: a penis tale; Some photos: Tiger

Tell me, o monks; what cannot be achieved through efforts. - Siddhartha Gautama

The easiest answer for me is hope. After realizing during puberty almost 40 years ago that I was smaller than all my friends, it has honestly haunted me. Having girls I slept with tell others how small my dick looked was humilating beyond what those who haven’t been through it can imagine.

Having the nickname Peewee during high school also left a pretty deep mark. And the guys doing it were my friends. Having my best man ask my wife is she knew why they called me Peewee hurt bad too.

My brother in law has a huge one, and in our partying younger years, to hear everyone talk about it in front of my everyone always sucked, and the constant fear that someone would bring up my size during the conversation always froze me in fear.

I was always an athlete and my confidence playing sports was amazing. But the dread of showering after every practice and game always tempered how great I did in the game.

My penis has hurt my self esteem more than I can ever explain. My beautiful wife of 27 years has never complained, although I know she doesn’t get much pleasure during intercourse. Luckily, she has always been openminded to other forms of pleasure.

So hope really is the answer for me. I finally have a feeling of hope and a real want to improve my penis size.

And also, being new here I’ve only interacted with a few, but looking forward to meeting many more of you great people.

Thanks for the hope.

Start 6/12/13 BPEL 5.125 EG 4.5 BPFSL 5.75

Well, for someone who just stumbled upon this site, I will have to admit that “something” has pulled me in! I stumbled in here because of an apparent new mindset that had come upon me because of recently starting testosterone injections and the accompanying increase in sexual desire (libido) that it created within me. With my mind now directed toward my new powers (with that dick of mine), I stumbled upon numerous web sites concerning “health” of the member.

As we (wife and I) were enjoying our new fun, it became apparent that with the new level of passion and the much higher frequency of sex encounters, something else had to be done to support the cause! Namely, that Ole Boy was just not doing a good job of getting hard and staying hard. I had heard, on TV, of ED but didn’t realize they were talking to me. Ha! Along with the penis health subjects at various sites, SIZE was also promoted by all of them. So now we have testosterone injections, a huge desire for sex and just a little knowledge of penis health. And then there was; size!

At this point I did two things; ordered a Bath Mate and eliminated all the sites except Thunder’s Place. Most of what I have learned came from Thunder’s Place. On Thunder I have learned much about Jelqing, stretching and pumping. To make a long story manageable, I will simply state that in a very short period of time I have seen a tremendous increase in length, girth and mass. And by golly I have learned to “like it”! I give much credit to Thunder.

So for some reason I return here each day either looking for something or wanting to say something, and often both. If you want good sex, a massive hang, a hard dick at the right time and length to go where you have never been before, you must stick close to Thunder’s Place!

For me, it has always been a wealth of information, but also something I was unable to participate in or ask questions because the forum wasn’t accepting new members. I first discovered it a couple of years ago now but had stopped checking back because there wasn’t much more I could get out of it.

I was delighted to see that you can now register, although I don’t know how long it’s been that way.

I look forward to being able to finally participate in this community!

Welcome aboard. The water is nice and warm. To mix my metaphors.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

For a long time I wanted a bigger harder dick, but I could not find good information anywhere, the internet is full with lies about PE to get your money ( pills, magic creams, you know), finally I found this great place.

Serious, respectful with tons of knowledge, what else could I wish for?

Thank you very much for let me in, I feel lucky to be a member of Thunder’s Place!!!

No importa lo chica, mediana o grande con lo que uno empieza. Importa el trabajo y compromiso con nuestro propósito, hacerlo crecer en tamaño y funcionalidad es la meta. Compartir en la comunidad con respeto, unidad y comprensión nos hace mejores personas, así crecemos como hombres.


TP to me is….I’ll make a list:

1.) To brag about my sexual adventures.
2.) To question my humanity.
3.) To grapple other men with my charm, beauty.
5.) To be goofy.
6.) To one day rule, take over the site and hand it to the NSA so our dicks will all be exposed.
7.) To get cooking recipes.

5.3" NBPEL.

BPEL 6.5-6.7" Goal: Anything!

Girth: 5" but getting bigger. ;)


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