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What is your main motivation for PE?

To kill time.

Actually I do it to get a bigger penis.

Kidding aside- I do it as I feel insecure about my penis, though my concern is if I reach my goal I’ll still see my dick as the way it used to be, due to what I like to call Penisorexia. I say this because I have had a few girls(4-5) say it’s big and I even laughed at one of them and said not to make fun of me. The majority of women haven’t commented one way or another. One girl said it was small but this was during an argument and I had previously told her about my insecurity about it and she had assured me it was not small… and that’s the one thing I always go back to in regards to my feelings on my penis.

My current girlfriend has told me big penis’ hurt and we have mind blowing sex and she has had things happen that never happened with anyone else. I could tell by the look on her face the first time she squirted and how she acted… in addition to her saying that had never happened and not knowing what it was.

All this being said I’d still like a bigger penis, but what I may really need is just counseling to make me love my current penis… then I’ll PE only till I get to where I want to be and not go crazy… well too crazy- 7.5x6.5 isn’t crazy is it?

Originally Posted by djufo
My main motivation today, is to join the porn industry. I am getting divorced, but before that, always wanted a bigger cock; don’t know why, but it goes in my genes; on the other hand, never liked conservative girls; that type of girls that say “that’s too big”, “size doesn’t matter”. I like those wild crazy girls that get impressed feeling a big cock under my pants and dream playing with it.

I wonder how many more men want to join the porn industry and how many else were already pornstars trying to get even bigger with pe. :-K

Ah fuck damn spell check is disabling similes. (:

Originally Posted by androNYC
So, again with all due respect I dispute your base premise that women don’t enjoy sex with a bigger joint.

It’s not my base premise. Playboy reported the vast majority of women can only be stimulated to orgasm clitorally. My feeling is that a lot of women can’t come to orgasm through penetration with an “average” guy so they assume they need a bigger penis to reach orgasm. I feel the average man obtains a lot of his self worth on the size of his penis and I’m not any different. I know I am doing PE for me though. My motivation is not that my woman is going to enjoy sex more once my penis is 2” longer.

Playboy reported that?
Cite please?

If that is the case, I’m still not truly convinced- I’m guessing that their sample was college age gals- undergrad age seems to have become their niche.- and I question that particular group’s capacity for objective analysis of their own sexual response.

And my personal experience disputes the basic assumption of your OP- however you care to phrase it.

Ultimately all of us here are doing it for ourselves- even if we believe that it will bring women greater pleasure, we intend that it be our own larger dicks that bring them that pleasure.

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Most of us here engage in pe for narcissistic reasons, period.

Personally, I just want to be bottoming out every damn time no matter what girl I’m with. Making a woman reach orgasm is what keeps me on this planet, and if it’s possible for me to make them come even harder then it shall be so!

And gotta say I’m with andro, in my experience just about any woman can have a vaginal orgasm if fucked in a correct and proper manner, and if you’re good enough and big enough to give her uterine orgasms then you shall be worshipped as a sex god. A bit of charisma and empathy also go a long way of course

Those clit only stats come from the fact that there is a ridiculous amount of women that just haven’t been fucked properly yet, poor things. It’s also what they say to make you feel better about the shortcomings of mr winky

I want to be able to play pro baseball using my cock as a bat. Another goal, is when a girl is touching my cock, I would like her to be able to grab my cock with both hands one on top of the other, and still have around 5 inches hanging off the top.

I do it for a few reasons. The first being pleasure for women. Not that I think this will automatically make sex amazing, but that it takes away any guess work or doubt. If you have a 5.5” dick, and after a few times sleeping with a girl, it’s not as stellar as you’d like, one of the first thoughts that jumps in our heads is “is it my size?” This removes that particular thought, and that one used to be the most damaging. You can work on sex, try new things, positions, angles, etc. But until now, the one thing you knew you couldn’t fix would be the size of your dick. PEing takes that thought right out of my head.

I also do it because, as was stated in another thread, girls have different sized pussies. I was recently with a girl whose volume seemed to double when she was aroused, and this made it feel like I was jerking off with a loose “ok” grip. Granted this has been a rarity in my sexual history, but I PEing has made sex more enjoyable for me, it makes a girl feel tighter. I know girls talk, I hear about guys that have big dicks from girls I barely know. I want to be the guy that is mentioned like that, because I have an ego and it likes to be fed. It’s not my primary reason, but it’s part of it. I hope to hit 7.75 x 5.9. I don’t want to have blowjobs and anal taken out of my life because I trained too much, then what’s the point?

Andro and Disraeli- while I agree with you on citing Playboy a simple google search of the matter will bring back a plethora of information that supports it- 50-75% (most things I read support the higher end) of women cannot have an orgasm through vaginal sex alone. I highly doubt this is a question of not having been done right, unless what your referring to as “correct and proper manner” is a manner in which your pubic bone is providing her clitoral stimulation… and this a clitoral orgasm.

Drew- in addition to PE might I suggest dating women with smaller hands. :P

I want to get larger because I think all women like a larger cock. What women will really tell you yea I love but your cock is to small. No they tell you hun I have had big and he sucked in bed or to big hurts or you fit perfect in side me I would never want any bigger.

These are all lies to prefect are egos.

My wife loves to bring home girls from the bars or clubs and always is proud to say I am bigger then average to them it’s like some kind of honer badge.

Plus I am visual person and love to watch her play with big dildo’s so making me member larger would increase my visual stimulation during sex.

Current stats march 2008= Nbel 6.75 Bpel 7.5 Eg 5.5

Goal by the end of next year Nbel 8.5 Eg 6.5

Hmm, a bigger dick?

Seriously, I have severe inferiority complexes and PE is part of the way I am trying to compensate.

My main motivation for PE is for sexual self-esteem. Honestly, I’m only average-looking in my appearance, so having a large penis would compensate for my average looks.

And, what if I ever wanted to be porn star? There’s no chance in hell that a man with an average-sized penis could ever get into the porn industry of today. If I was 9x7 and worked in the sex industry, I’d actually get paid to have sex with lots of women.

Because I can make my dick bigger for free. And I remeber a long time ago when I ran track in highschool, there was this short kid on our team that also started varsity RB, that was known for having a exetremely large flacid. I dont kno if it got bigger when hard, but he got alot of comments from females and males when he ran in just tights…and in the locker room. I never said anything to him about his dick like everyone else, out of jealousy. Back then, I was about 5.0-5.4.

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