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What is your main motivation for PE?


Why would you have inferiority complex because “your girl”, came and slept with one of the thunders members?

You should take it as it was, she was trying to kick you in the nuts. Whether it worked or not is up to you.

Carry on.

Was jokingly referring to an earlier post on this thread about how I wanted to PE so that I would know that I had the biggest dick out of all the dicks a girl has had. I was saying that I wouldn’t feel inferior about my penis size once I reached my goal, as long as she didn’t sleep with someone from here (meaning you guys have large penises). So take it as a compliment. :P

Goal: B====D ---> B=========D


Good. I was taking it, as a possible fear you could have - and was saying not to have that type of fear. It is a funny joke, most of us
Men on here could make the joke.

IE: “Your always PE’ing all the time, I’ll show you.. Goes off and sleeps with a porn star or one of thunders more prominent members.”

It is a funny joke.

Do you remember the hot nice girl with a nice ass, tits, pussy and face.. Or remember the girl with big tits? For me it’s the first one.. I think it’s the same for guys.. We need to be the all around package.. And having an ABOVE AVERAGE dick helps. :)

Originally Posted by vagabund
Sitrusen and TheContinental,

Okay, I think I need you guys to give me some pointers on technically laying a girl well. Now I’m starting to think that I just don’t know how to do it right. Albeit, my girl orgasms every time we have sex. But a good 20% of the time it’s while she’s playing with her clit while I’m slicing away at her.

I will have to agree with you, Sitrusen, about the female emotional complexity: my girl can get off just by the fact that I’m being really brutal with her. She is that kind of girl. She actually orgasms just by me forcing her to lick my ass! (Yeah, THAT kind of girl.)

But I’m starting to think that maybe my dick-sliding-into-vagina skills need honing. I read a thread about CDS orgasm the other day and tried it on my girl last night. I had her legs back to her shoulders and was trying to bury it deep with short, rhythmic stabs. I don’t know if I’m long enough to give her that kind of orgasm. She seemed to be looking at me lovingly, but nothing intense was going on in that face. I’m BPEL 7.5 but she’s 5’10” and has curvaceous hips. She does say “ouch” every now and then. Does that mean I’m bottoming out? I definitely don’t feel my dick hitting anything. Maybe I just don’t have the sensitivity to notice while I’m in the heat of sex. Is that me hitting the cervix?

She did say once, “I don’t think I could take much longer, but I could take thicker.”

Talk about a shot to my fragile male EGO!

Thank god for Thunders. I want to surprise her next year with a 6.5” girther. I’m only at 5.25 EG now. I have a ways to go and I have just started. Maybe 6” girth would be enough to shut her up. Maybe that’s not an issue for her. Maybe she thinks it’s already thick enough. Maybe I’m just obsessed with the size of my cock!

Either way, feel free to share you sex tactics with me. I want to give her a shooting orgasm.

Teach me that one!

End of ramble

I’m quoting this giant piece for a reason, I have started just such a threat, for all of us. Here’s the link The Sexual Techniques thread

The topic is “Sexual Techniques thread” I think we could all learn more, and find it is just as important as PE. Well, not as much, but important. Now run and tell you tales of wisdom!

I’m not trying to advertise my own thread, but this was brought up in this one, and it took me 15 minutes to find it.

Jelq, ADS, repeat.

Final Goal: 8EL x 6.2


My main reason is to maximise my abilities, in view of the passing years. I put that in my biography thinking it would come on my posts which shows that I am old-er and a techno-ignoramus.

Anyway, increased length and girth (still a little below average - working on it), returning night-woods, better orgasms (also assisted by myhardware)
Means that I am satisfied. And this is in spite of failing to be as regular and hardworking at the routines as I should be.

This is worthwhile. No, I don’t want to be 8 x 6. I am now 7 x 4 7/8.

That is why I’m stopping at 9”.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

I have always wondered the perfect size to go for.

It seems NBPEL 8.0” is the length of choice here. Would that be BPEL 9.0”?

Originally Posted by vagabund
I have always wondered the perfect size to go for.

It seems NBPEL 8.0” is the length of choice here. Would that be BPEL 9.0”?

If your fatpad is 1 inch, then yes.


Your fatpad has been quoted more recently from .250 to .400”. Is this thin fatpad, just a result of keeping your body weight in check? I remember some time ago you said you lost some weight, I’m just wondering where the fat pad was and what it went down to.


Originally Posted by asnoman
From my experience, even though most women say, “Size doesn’t matter.”, but,
Most women like to stare at a big penis
Most women like to grab a big penis.
Most women like to be tit-fucked by a big penis.
Most women like to be fucked by a big penis.

Actually, I think DO exist women who are not attracted by a bigger cock.
But, the point is WE are not attracted by those women.
Yes, we do want to be appreciated for our intelligence and so - and it’s still most important, let me state the obvious; but we want to be considered beautiful sex toys, too.

We want a woman who’s in awe by the size of our huge cock.
A woman who’d just stay there looking at it, getting wet and excited by the sole idea of long long inches sliding in.
A woman who loves to feel filled, and asks for more.
Even better, a woman who asks to feel that gorgeous mix of pain and pleasure, to feel torn apart.

Maybe, in the end, we just want to be considered gods in the sheets, and being good at sex it’s just not enough.
Well, I found that woman, and she makes me feel every day better. I want to PE for her, and thus for me.

I think this answers my motivation for PE. :)

PS; should have I used ‘I’ instead of ‘we’?

At my age (61) my main motivation for PEing is to regain my EQ. For approximately 47 years, I woke up every morning with substantial “wood” but Father Time evidently caught up with me sometime during the last year. I want ‘Ol Faithful back!


It’s strange this PE thing….

By stats only, my penis isn’t huge (aprox 7” semi bone pressed - this is the length that gets in), but when it comes to sex, a lot of times I have problems with it being too long. Most women I have penetrated, felt at some point some sort of pain or, at least, discomfort.

I like the way a girl who hasn’t seen my penis before is happy and likes to grab it and put it in, but there are a lot of times when they, as I have stated before, feel discomfort. Although I have a pretty big girth, almost no one complained about this aspect.

One of them also said, half kidding, that I need penis reduction surgery (I had an orgasm while doing her from behind and when I finished she said she felt it up to her throat).

For me, PE is almost like alcohol in my younger days - I like the good feelings I get from it, but I just don’t know when to stop and I might go over board. Maybe I should just stop my length exercises and focus mostly on girth, although a measurement of 6.7-6.9 NBP is really far from the sought after 8 inch one eyed monster.

Also, my penis looks much worse from discoloration and various spots on both skin and glans (spots that didn’t go away in a full year of PE break).

18.02.08: NBP 6.7, BPSFL 7.9, EG 5.9

18.05.08: 6.9" NBP, 8.3" BPSFL, 7.7" BP

my lazy ass is on a break AGAIN, since late may '08

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