Now I have a warped perspective on this as I “cheated” and had work done so some of my result was instantaneous, but my length gains were all hard fought and won with stretching and ADS. I can tell you that my length gains have been extremely satisfying and well worth the effort. I am hooked on cervical contact and the pressure felt at stretching the end of a vagina so length gains for me are the holy grail. I went from 5.75 - 6” BPEL two years ago to 6.75” BPEL now (I have about a 1/4 inch fat pad, which actually feels more like muscle or tough skin than fat).

Girth went from around 4.3 MSEG to around 6-6.1 MSEG, but I won’t discuss how I got there on this forum as it was not through manual PE.

I do have pictures to prove my gains and I’ll show them soon.

So does it feel great to gain? Hell yes. Is it worth the effort of spending over a year stretching and wearing an ADS five days a week? Absolutely.