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What's the most widely successful method?


Originally Posted by andgrowing
Deckker, what kind of gains did you see with pumping? Also, at what pressures would you do a 20 minutes session and how often in a day?

Unfortunately I didn’t take any measurements during the time I did pumping. I really did just to be thicker for a few hours to satisfy my wife better, I never believed that gains could be permanent (until I found these forums just recently). So I started pumping at about 7inHg and eventually got up to 15inHg of vacuum for periods of no more then about 20min, once a day or every other day (when ever I had sex). I believe, but have no stats to prove, that my thickness increased. Don’t know at all about length.

Jan 2011 --- Bpfsl 5-1/2" ---Bpel 6-1/8" --- Mseg 5-3/8"

Aug 2011 --- Bpfsl 6-1/8" ---Bpel 6-1/8" ---

Goal 1 : BPEL: 7.5" Goal 2 : MSEG: 6"


Has anyone gotten any gains from edging? I’ve heard it works well for some people. I’m just starting to try it.


No more benefit than having a rock-hard erection for thirty minutes during the night; a not at all common event.

Errata: “a not at all uncommon event”

I actually gained about 1/4” from edging.

Newbie routine is all I’ve done, but it works well and I like it. I saw an almost immediate gain of .5” in length followed by some noticeable girth gain (not yet quantified) and a little more length. I’m going to do another measurement in about a month, since I don’t like to measure too frequently.


Current: BPEL-6.5" mid-shaft EG-5" Goal: NBPEL-9" EG-6.5"


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