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When should I stop PE???? Recommendation

When should I stop PE???? Recommendation

Hi guys,

during the last three days I have never felt so low and negative than before. That’s because of my “tremendous” successes I reached with PE.

First of all I want to give you a brief description of my PE story:

1) It all started out three years ago. ‘Stumbled over a site on the web offering secret arabic techniques to enlarge your dick. Well, it simply was jelqing. (If somebody is interested in this site just use the Google search engine and type “penis enlargement 101” or so.) So from october 1999 to let’s say january 2000 I did a jelqing routine of about 1-1 1/2 hours per day. With a few rest days of course. I didn’t know if I was doing it right but after 2 months or so - in the middle of november - I had gained 0.7 cm (0.3”). But after almost three years of PE experience I can say that this was only - at least I think so - an improvement of circulation/erection in my dick that lead to a 0.3” “success”.

2) Well, after having “gained” 0.3” of length, I continued for 2-3 more months (till Janurary of February 2000). But during this period I did not gain anything. Consequence: I thought I have to change something. To change something completely. So I decided that jelquing doesn’t work any longer for me and I ordered - I also found this product on the internet - a “Penis-Stretcher”. (You can find this “bogus device” on the internet by simply using, and then typing penis stretcher.) From the middle of february till the middle of april I used this “stretcher” for up to 8 hours a day. (The number 8 is absolutely true ‘cause I also attached the hanger during work. Don’t ask me how I managed this during work. But in this job it wasn’t to difficult.)
So in the middle of april, when I put a ruler on my dick, I measured 15.5 cm(NBPEL). A gain of another 0.5 cm I reckoned or in american units: 0.2”. But I think this wasn’t a true gain either. Reason: this device(stretcher) compresses the tissue around the area of the pubic bone. So I think I measured simply more ‘cause the tissues (flesh) around the pubic bone was more compressed.

3) After april 2000 I went abroad for 6 months. There, due to lack of privacy, I wasn’t able to do a proper PE routine. So let’s say I had a PE break for about half a year. But sometimes I measured my dick. Result 15.0 cm. That’s why I thought that this penis stretcher compressed (topic 2) more the flesh around my pubic bone then to really enlarge my dick.

4) In November 2000 or so, I started doing PE exercises with a pump. I also found and ordered this thing on the internet. (But it was not one of the pumps offered by this “famous” and “trustable” “Dr. Kaplan”.) Results after 2 months: negative! Also, I heard (read on the internet) that you can severly hurt yourself with a pump. So I stopped using the pump immediately.

5) After a few weeks of reflecting constantly what I should do concerning PE, I accidentally stumbled over Tom Hubbard’s site. Inspired by his story I created my own hanger by following his suggestions. With this hanger I was able to hang up to 11 lbs. But usually I hanged around 7 lbs for about 2-3 hours a day. Results after three months: negative!

We are now already at the end of April 2001.

6) From May 2001 to January 2002 I resumed an improved jelquing routine. And in the beginning, after 6-8 weeks - I really made a gain of almost 1.0 cm (0.4”). The gain was sometimes less, but it was short under 16 cm. 15.8 cm or so.
So I was very encouraged and continued till January 2002 but didn’t gain any more. So what did I do?

7) I ordered the Bib-Hanger. And in february 2002 I started hanging with 11 lbs for sometimes up to 5 hours per day. Sometimes I hanged more (time/weight) and sometimes less.

8) After 4 months (June 2002) on this routine I haven’t gained anything really. What did I do? Well, I changed my routine by using more weights (17 lbs) for two hours a day. (Due to lack of time and privacy I can not devote more time to hanging.!)

9) Up to now (middle of august 2002) I can say that I cemented my jelquing gains and added a little bit more. That means I sometimes measure 16.5 cm (NBPEL). But sometimes or often it’s less. I think it depends on my mood and my physical shape.

So after all, what I wanted to say with all these lines is, when should someone stop PEing? Means, when do you reach a point where there is no longer a use in hanging or jelquing? You know, this is already my third year in PE.

There is always just one question I do ask myself: How much time do I still have to devote to PEing until I reach my goal of true - with true I mean, no matter what current mood or physical shape you have - 17.5-18.0 cm (> 7.0 inches)??????????????

And, of course, which routine I should follow? Jelquing? Hanging? Intensity? A mixture of hanging and jelqing? What?????

Is there anybody who had the same experiences??????????????????
Maybe there is somebody who has seen his first gains by simply hanging more than 20 lbs.
I need a gleam of hope.
Should I hang heavy weights for short times? I really don’t know!

Thanks for taking the time to read my story.


Hey Mig,

That is a decision you alone can make. Whether it is worth more of your time to try and reach your goal again.

As to what you should try next, if you do decide to continue, why not take some time to do some research and see what you think may work. Nobody can tell you a “magic routine”, because sometimes a routine works for one guy and not the next. So, if you do decide to continue, check out the different forums and see what you can learn and use when you start back with PE.

There are a few guys here who have been at it as long, if not longer, than you have and have not seen the gains that you have. Did they quit? Nope, they are still trying. Perhaps a couple of them will post here and tell you their stories.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do!!

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When should you stop PE?



I don’t know how much you have read and studied Thunder’s threads, but as Thunder said, reading can uncover new thoughts, ideas, and avenues for you. You didn’t mention heat, can I assume you have have been heating before hanging? Some guys also heat during hanging. Many here hang for two or three 15-20 minute sessions in a row and after hanging then apply a pull to keep it extended (traction wrap, or peni master, or golf weights etc). There are other different hanging routines. Extended heating theory before hanging has been discussed—-in other words, 20-30 minutes heating to loosen everything up prior to hanging for possibly maximizing exercise effect. There are many different methods and devices for heating that have many threads studying it. Shiver and others here have in the last several months had very intriguing and enlightening discussions on the effects of nutrients, and have managed to figure out many that may be beneficial to PE and many that may hinder it. I’ve learned a lot at Thunder’s and there is much I still don’t know (mainly because I spend too much time talking about size this and size that instead of studying, lol ). I don’t know how extensive your PE knowledge is, but stopping and taking weeks or even months to study the threads here that deal with just PE might turn up some ideas for you that will get you on your way to your goals. Good luck.

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Never stop. Never.


Have you applied any form of heat during your various routines?

I believe heat is a very important factor, especially for hard-gainers.


That post is two years old so I doubt he’s going to answer, I feel bad that no on answered him until two years later.

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