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Why hot-wrap when.....

Why hot-wrap when.....

…i’m a lazy b*****d?

I mean, in the last month when i’ve stopped wrapping I have gained nearly nothing. Could this really be down to not hot-wrapping? (i’m a paranoid guy and if there is a chance I could be not seeing gains because of something I am not doing then I really think I should do it - its just Hot-wrapping is inconvenient for privacy issues)

What are the disadvantages of not H-wrapping?

Heat loosens the ligs up. Moist heat is the best, I believe.

Anyhow your laziness has most likely cost you.

It is like chopping down a cherry tree with a sledge hammer. Why go to all the work when you can get an axe. The sledge hammer MAy eventually work but who wants to wait for nearly ever?

Prep is a needed thing. Just do it and it will work better. this is an investment that pays off not a chore.


Sorry my first post and it’s a bit too long like my unit will be one day,

I was lazy as well, being pressed for time with privacy issues, and have acquired some pretty bad bruising/discolouration on the underside and sides of my unit and some numbness as well on these areas. It alsohave developed what appear to be varicose veins on my unit in the bruised/discoloured areas.

I believe skipping the warm up and warm down segments of my dry jelq routine for about 3 months was the cause. I should also point out that I only dry jelqed, very intensely and trying to mimic the power jelq gadget with my hands, for 10-20 minutes per day, on a 50-80% erection. Now these are quite negative results for such short sessions. As a result I stopped all jelqing 2 weeks ago and won’t begin until I see significant improvement. Believe me, the set back is punishment enough.

Prior to this, when I did warm up properly, I rarely had blood spots or other minor bruising/discolouration that lasted long and no numbness or sensation problems in the now affected skin. You don’t want your unit wasting time healing when it should be growing. Of course, we are all different in our physiology so maybe a brief massage of sorts would suffice prior to and following your pe but I have not found this to be the case.

Someone please correct me if I am wrong but I believe that warm downs assist in waste disposal from those spaces where blood has collected that are not used to blood flow. Bib referred to them as semi permeable membranes in the “Wrapping to remove discoloration ” thread in the Hanger’s Forum. ThunderSS also pointed out in that thread that when he stopped pumping he noticed accumulating discolouration. For Thunder or anyone that wishes to provide edification on this point, “Do the warm downs not serve the same purpose of keeping the blood vessels open for waste disposal as wrapping and pumping do to a greater extent?”

In hindsight, a warmed up unit always responded better to my efforts as well. You are placing yourself at a disadvantage because you are in essence using up the first few minutes of your jelqing for warm up of lesser quality when the warm up itself floods your unit with blood and prepares it for the oncoming onslaught with minimal effort on your part. Now that I warm up as part of my treatment with a cup of hot water I have found that ten minutes of this causes my unit to swell up significantly. There is much more blood available to work with if I were to start jelqing. I now strongly believe that a warm up and warm down routine does contribute to gains since I didn’t gain during my “no warm up routine” phase but did gain some in girth prior to this.

I am afraid the bruising/discolouration/varicose vein problem might be permanent but I follow the warm up with wrapping and the application of arnica, as per Bib’s advice in the Hanger’s Forum threads on the subject. These are not top rated threads for nothing! I strongly suggest that everyone involved in pe reads them at least once!

So Jelqist, keeping injuries at bay and enhancing the blood flow are two definite advantages of warmin up and warming down the unit. Anyone else please feel free to add to the benefits of warm ups and warm downs. Again, if I have made incorrect assumptions someone please provide clarification. Oh, and it’s great to finally be here!!!!!


Welcome aboard!!!

Hey Torso,

Excellent first post!

Dam, someone that actually did some reading before posting. That is great! Welcome to the forums!

On the discoloration increasing after I stopped pumping, I think the lymph fluid was actually flushing/cleaning out the blood from areas where it had accumulated in the skin. No proof of this, just a hunch.

If at all possible, do the warm ups and warm downs each and every time you do any manual exercises.

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Thank you very much for the compliment and for welcoming me aboard!

Yes, I have been reading and then reading some more. While I have read a lot I have to admit that I did not give the posts which referred to “bruising or discolouration” as much attention as they deserved. Big newbie mistake and I’ve been lurking, ironically, since you first posted the “Wrapping to remove discoloration ” thread . Your comments regarding intense dry jelqing struck a nerve and had I not missed that particular post in my research I would surely have taken more care with the pressure I used and would not have abandoned warm ups and warm downs.

This also brings me to the point that Dance made, in the same post I referred to above, of not being sure whether I have discolouration or bruising or even if it makes a difference. Dance noted that if he didn’t treat a bruise by taking many consecutive rest days it was pretty much permanent. Thus, it turned into permanent discolouration. I am concerned that since I was ignorant of this approach and did not give myself enough time off that I caused permanent damage. This may account for the appearance of the varicose veins within the discolouration site. I understand that varicose veins, if indeed that is what I have developed, are permanent and may prove to be a hindrance with respect to future gains and more importantly to the functioning of my unit in the long term. Please correct me if I am wrong.

A few questions come to mind:

(i) I am wondering how long I may have to cease and desist with respect to jelqing. My understanding is that I will only make things worse if I perform jelqs or ulis before the problem is resolved. Is this correct or must I strictly adhere to a wrapping routine if I hope to rid myself of the discolouration? If so, for how many weeks or months?

(ii) A long time has past since you started the post I referred to above and I was wondering if your discolouration has cleared up and, if so, did the wrapping and arnica work for you, in time? or Did you go back to pumping for this purpose? If so, did it work with pumping?

(iii) I have never pumped so I don’t know what lymph fluid buildup should look like. I have not been able to wrap for more than 30 minutes at a time which I understand may not be long enough to cause fluid buildup. Do I actually need to cause fluid buildup of lymph in order to aid in the washing out of the trapped blood or is simply wrapping the unit and keeping it swollen enough to do the trick?

(iv) Just curiosity but has anyone noted this particular varicose vein problem before?

Sorry about the long post again. I guess I am raring to go after sitting on the sidelines for so long. Any input is appreciated.

By the way, if you feel that it will benefit others please merge my posts on this subject, if possible, into more appropriate threads.



I must give my thoughts/(findings on this subject.

I have had my major gains in periods when:

Working out several times/day
Squeezing more than anything else
NOT warming up or down…

Just so you know, my gains are about 1”x0.8” mainly in three periods spreading over a 1.5 year period.

Hey Pan,

Welcome back.


My discoloration has cleared up quite a bit since that post. I have not actively Pe’ed since last fall, nor have I done anything special to help with the elimination of the discoloration.

I would suggest trying the wrapping and seeing if it will help you out. As far as whether you should continue jelqing/squeezing, that is a decision only you can make. You could try taking a little time off or cutting your workouts in half also.

Keep us posted on your progress.

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I’m glad your discolouration cleared up in time. That gives me renewed strength in my belief that I will heal and see some progress at some point.


I have not said that gains are impossible during times when you do not perform warm ups and/or warm downs. Perhaps your gains could have come quicker for you if you did warm up and warm down. Can you tell me definitively that NOT warming up/down is preferable?

I believe you have gained but did you develop any discolouration? That is my main concern. In my case, my gains consist of nothing but discolouration during the period that I did not perform warm ups and warm downs.

Were you dry jelqing? Perhaps this is what caused my problems. Besides, I have hands that are stronger than those of the average man and I really jelqed intensely. Perhaps I should have taken it easier.

At any rate thanks to both for the feedback.

Take care,


Torso, I understand what you´re saying.

I only meant that for me warming up have no influence (have tried both you know) on gains or anything.

I also get dots and stuff when I have had a break, a couple of days up to a week is enough to make my dick look like a freak after PE. Howeve this red dots dissapear quickly (next day or so).
If I go easy the first two days after a short break and gradually go towards more intense workouts, then I have no problems (no problem anyway).

If you dry jelq, make sure not to “Jelq” you should more like “squueze”. I mostly squeeze dry but some sessins I include heavy jelqing with lube. Jelqing is god IMO when the dick seems resistant against expanding during training, like after several days of hard workouts.

If one is affraid of damaging the little fellow, then the key is not wrapping/warming up IMO, but it´s a question of not overdoing the exercises. Gradually increasing the power of the exercises is more important IMO to avoid injury, both during one workout and also in the long run (months).


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