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Women's libido vs size

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Women’s libido vs size

I gained and her libido increased (= more sex)


I gained and we have sex just like we used to


I gained and her libido decreased (= less sex)


No gain, but over time her libido increased


No gain, and we have sex just like the first week


No gain, and over time her libido seems to be disappearing

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Originally Posted by theleviathan
In my opinion, an important part of PE motivation comes from the idea that women (or at least the woman you’re living with) will respond to an increased size with a stronger libido, I.e. She/they will manifest a bigger desire for sex.

Does this really happen?

My experience pretty much sums up in that women in general are not that hung up (pun intended) on size at all. There are of course exceptions, but my experience is that if you’re anywhere over ‘very small’ you’re big enough. Some might have the occasional fantasy about having a huge one, but I don’t think size matters much in a relationship. Other stuff matters more.

My wife is so uninterested in size that I’d actually wish she’d be more interested ! She knows I PE, but she just sighs and says something like ‘why are you even doing that stuff’ ? For her it’s more about how it looks like, and hardness. She’d had some comments that she prefer the look of circumcised (‘looks nice and clean’), but have never comment on size (other than saying stuff like ‘THAT I would not touch’ or ‘ouch’ when looking at a porn actor with a huge one when we watch porn together.)

Looking at the poll’s results, I think it can be said this: a wide majority of users here gained.


I went from 5.75 BP x 5 BEG to 7.385 BP x 6.25 BEG and my wife is small 4’11” and we’ve been married 20 years. She can’t take the full length without some pain but she likes the girth and extra volume. I’m almost 59 yr old and my erections aren’t as firm as they once were so the extra size has really helped our sex.

I made my initial gains years ago when my wife was pregnant with our second child. When we resumed our normal sexual relation after the baby was born, she noticed the increase in my size. I don’t know if the increase or the fact my wife was entering her early 30’s, a time when some women are at their sexual peak upped her libido. But for the next 3yrs, lots of sex, most initiated by her, cock worship, very aware of my size, measured me, compared my size to other her girlfriends spouses & boyfriends. Told me I was the biggest in the pack. Said I had the perfect cock. 7.5 x 6.5.


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