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Working from home due to Covid so I ordered an extender


Working from home due to Covid so I ordered an extender

Can’t see me being back in the office for some time so I ordered an extender. I’ve done some hanging in the past but thought why not give an extender a try. Hanging means you are kind of stuck to the chair and I like to move around when on the phone. Also got some Rescue Tape to make it stick easier. So less pressure on the head and hopefully blood flow to the head so I can leave it on. Will try 30 min set at first and obviously keep an eye on the glands.

I’ve also gone back to clamping while at home. Once I’m clamped I set the phone timer for 10 min and continue to work. Got three sets in today.

Any one else taken this approach?


good luck! ive definitely been wondering with alot of working from home, arent we finding this to be the unique time to work on our length or girth desires. but i havent come across any threads.

That’s another residual effect of COVID. COVID’s going to result in a lot of bigger dicks around the world.

IMAGE: Current 6-Inch-plus flaccid | IMAGE: 6 inch girth flaccid head | IMAGE: Ideal flaccid | IMAGE: Fulcrum stretch | IMAGE: 6.5 flaccid hang w/ ADS | IMAGE: Flaccid post-stretch | IMAGE: Hang balls | IMAGE: Big ballsack

Measurements - Flaccid Length (Non-Stretched): 6+ inches | Flaccid Shaft Girth: 5 inches | Flaccid Head Girth: 6 inches | Erect (BPEL) Length: 7-7/8 Inches; Erect Shaft Girth: 5.5 Inches | Erect Head Girth: 6.5 Inches

PE is the gradual process of making the abnormal normal

Originally Posted by Don Logan
That’s another residual effect of COVID. COVID’s going to result in a lot of bigger dicks around the world.

😂 There should be a serious study!

There is no try, just do...

Been clamping 3 x 10 min during the afternoon. Clamp it tight enough so blood is truly trapped.

Just got a message. It is arriving today.

Tricky to get the thing on.

Shaunbaby, which extender did you go for?

Aug 2015 - 7.0 x 5.25

May 2018 - 8.8 x 5.8

Couple things I would suggest for advice to further advance your progress. When you first start extending, just wear the device as long as you can to get comfortable wearing it with no tension. Most gains are made in the 2-3 hour range, something you can work towards.

Second gains are made stretching it longer than your erection and that is uncomfortable and takes time learning. I made my first half inch gains following the second method after lots of trial and errors and gathering information from other posts.

Lastly I would look up the technique called Head Swell, which will help make extending longer easier and more comfortable.

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Thanks. Worked it out that I needed to make the noose bigger. I then push the extender into a wall to compress the springs.

It is pro extender. $45 on eBay. Logged 1 hour 15 yesterday. One 30min followed by 45min. In the 45 I didn’t tighten the noose as much.

I’m measuring from the base of the extender to the head. First go was 13 cm. Added more rod and got 14.2cm and finished the session at 14.6cm. So some stretch but newbie results. I did however measure my BPFL at18.6 cm, which is higher than normal. Need to readjust the rods as I have the screws all the way out to achieve 900 grams.

Did you mean BPEL (Bone Pressed Erect Length) of 18.6 cm? If it is you BPFL (Flacid), I’ll wait till you leave the rest room so I do not get embarrassed.


Bone pressed flacid length of 18.6cm or 7.3 inches.

Bone pressed Erect Length i have 18.25cm or 7,2 inches.

I don’t publish it too much it isn’t important to my love making since studding Tantra. I more do it because it feels good to me.

Now, where did I pit that extender?



I’m not a fan of my extender just can’t get the bloody thing comfy oh and vac extending I don’t thing is good for my glans

21/09/2019. 6.2 inches bone pressed erect length.

Short-term goal 24/12/2019

7inches bone pressed erect length

This one seems fine. I’m compressed to the second d ring and cam go for an hour. Regularly checking for a cold head.

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