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Would you teach your Son?

I enjoy reading this thread from time to time because in some ways it reminds me of the Masturbation hindering gains debate. I don’t think there is a right answer to this question, simply because it is a personal question.

I think maybe an idea would be to discuss the proper way to talk about PE. Obviously we all have an interest in it for one reason or another or we would not be on the forum. I think throughout the threads good points are made about self esteem, societal pressures, and the nature of PE in the mass media.

I would go about it similarly to how I went about talking to my father about it, and how I plan on talking to my brother about it. When I told my dad I told him that I was part of a men’s sexual health forum. I went on to explain that he is getting older and that if he ever had problems in that area this is a great place to get advice. Further I told him that It does work, I have had success, but that doesn’t mean he will there are people who have been at it for years and have gained nothing.

I feel that by not addressing PE as a size thing it takes the sting off of the self esteem blow that could ensue. By doing it this way i think it is like telling the kid to brush his teeth or something else that is pretty trivial. The important thing is that he knows that a gain is not a guaranteed or necessary result of PE, but it can be an added bonus to improving overall Penis health.

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I will teach parts of PE to my son just like I’d teach him other knowledge I find valuable. Proper diet, exercise, politics, confidence, how to drive and how to keep a healthy big dick.


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