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Your size goals for 2010


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On my size goals want to reclaim 8.5BPEL with a consistent and managed program. This shouldn’t take more than a month or two. After this I see that I could make my .75” in 6 to 9 months using the same consistent program putting it at 9.25BPEL.

Will have to also get physique in shape with most fat stripped. If any excessive fat remains in fat pad, or lower stomach will consider pubic and abdominal lipo’s. The goal is for the fat pad to be no thicker than .250”.

1 inch length and 0.5 inch girth

Current 7 x 6.2
Goal 8 x 7

Start 6.5 bpel 5.75 eg Current bpel 7.0 eg 6.75 (7.0eg base) Goal bpel 7.25 eg 7.0 mid shaft

Progress routine and pics/vids

To get as close to 7” in erect, shaft girth as possible.

A measly 1/4” in NBPEL. That’s it. No girth needed.

I’ve not had any gains in nearly 2 years. I just don’t know what to do.

.6 length .3 girth to get to 6.8 x 5.4 .. Final goal 8 x 5.85

I’m nbpel 6 x 4.5, I would like to be Nbpel 6.5 x 5 by the end of the year.

Hopefully going to gain, 1 inch in length, and maybe a quarter of an inch in girth.

I would like a good 7 EL and 5 EG I’m not sure of my measurements currently but last time I checked they were 5.75 EL and I’m not sure about EG.

Gain .5 Length and .25 girth by May 16.

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If I can keep at it, I’m hoping to get to 6 1/4 at some point lol. Which would be about .5 from now give or take. Haven’t ever had much in girth, but I mostly just do stretching with a bit of jelq, so no surprises.

Edit: NBPEL that is.

1” length and girth

Start : 2010-02-23 - 5.00" (12.5 cm) BPEL, 4.00" EG (10 cm)

Now : 2013-12-21 - 7.08" (18 cm) BPEL, 5.50" EG (13.9 cm)

Goal : BPEL 8.0 ", 6.5 EG

With PE I always set my immediate goal the same as my ultimate goal, with nothing in between, then I do all I can to make it happen, believing almost every night that the routine I’ve just done WILL get me closer. And my goal will be sooner.

Hi comrades! That’s my 1st post on a PE-related site.

And please accept my sincere “sorry” for my imperfect and awkward English, cause my first language is Russian. Have been reading this forum for 7 months and am really very grateful for some tips and opinions. And even more grateful for being included in the 5000 of newcomers.

I started consistent PE workouts 2 years and 3 months ago. Though in 1999 I practiced “milking” (about which I’d read in a book about men’s health and different oriental techniques) for several months and got 0,4-0,5” in length. Over the last 2 and a quarter years I’ve gone from 7,6” to 9,5” BPEL and from 5,7” to 6,1” EG. So, given my cumulative gains (including 1999), I’m in the 2-inch club. Partly, owing to my genetics, partly because of the efforts I’ve put into this stuff. Normally, I only jelq and stretch. Kinda Old School of PE, so to speak.

The most interesting, strange and unexpected thing is that I’ve acquired 0,8” in the last 4 months due to quite aggressive and prolonged PE sessions. “More is more” works for me.

My goals?

Girth is really hard for me. Squeezes and pumping, which I use occasionally, help me very little. I hope to be 6,2-6,3” to the end of the year 2010. But I won’t be astonished if fail to get anything at all.

Length - 10,2” BPEL (9,6” NBPEL) would be very nice. I’ll be bending over the backwards to do it. And I’ll be there unless hit a plateau. Though I’m afraid that after my recent successes it’s quite probable that I can hit the wall rather soon.

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I’ve made markings on my tube for length measurements, and my goal for the year is to exceed the 8” mark while pumping. It can’t get any more bone-pressed than this measurement! So in my opinion this will give me a consistent, objective length measurement through the year. I’m hoping to post some pics while in the tube with the markings for public record.

As for girth, I’m not looking to gain much more than what I have, which is about 5.75”. After my pump routine I measure very close to 6.5”!!! It’s incredible, but I know it’s short-lived! Exciting nonetheless.

I guess ultimately I’m looking to see me hit 8.5” length while in the tube and 6.5” girth once I come out of it. That would make me feel comfy that I’m right in the area of the coveted 8x6 that we all seek!

STARTED: 6.5 BPEL, MSEG 5.25 (Unofficial long ago) *** 3/4/08: BPEL 6.875, MSEG 5.5 *** 1/19/09: BPEL 7.0, MSEG 5.75 *** 3/16/09: BPEL 7.375, MSEG 5.75


I’ve set my goal already for 2010 by the beginning of summer I hopeful will be 8” BPEL. I’m currently 7.5” BPEL. .5” shouldn’t too hard. as for girth i good with what I have 5.5”.

"I came here to get back what I lost!" 01/06/07: NBPEL [15.8CM] BPEL [6.75] EG [5.5]02/10/07: NBPEL [16.2CM] BPEL [7.0] EG [5.75] 05/07/07: NBPEL [17.1CM] BPEL [7.25] EG [5.5]I GOT IT BACK!!! AS OF MAY 2007 NEW GOAL NBPEL 7.5!


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