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Extender Routine


Originally Posted by YaWhat25
ThePi0neer - when you say 4 hours, just to be specific, you mean with a traditional extender like the X4 and not an ADS right? With the Phallosan Forte, I can easily log 10 hour days, but I think it fits more in the category of an ADS, right?

Yeah, those numbers are based on clinical studies with traditional extenders.
PF is more of an ADS.
10 hours with PF is good my guy.

Start : 7 BPEL, 4.8 mseg

Now : 8 BPEL, 5.43 mseg, 8.375 BPFSL

Originally Posted by YaWhat25
Hi DJ- out of curiosity, how many hours do you think you’ve logged in total with your Extender? Have you made most of your gains with just the Extender? And last question, hehe, how many hours do you try for per day/week? Thanks! :D

Hi YaWhat25!

Total logged with my extender: 5000 hours (2014 - 2020)
I’m sure that most of my gains came from the mix between my manual exercises and my extender.
(I have never used only my extender)

I started use my extender for 1 to 3 hours per day the first months.
If i remember well, 6 months later: 4-6 hours per day.

Maximum: 4 hours during the day and another 4 hours in the evening.
(at that time, I worked from home)

Since few weeks I wear it 2-3 hours only but, I use my stealth sleeve at work for 8 hours.
Presently, I do more exercises for the girth.


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