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Let's Experiment (Stretcher / Penimaster Users PLEASE LOOK)

Let's Experiment (Stretcher / Penimaster Users PLEASE LOOK)

There has been a lot of interest lately about these stretching devices (quite possibly because of the low cost Penimaster hitting the market).

I have a penimaster now and have been using it for a few days (see below for my full routine).

I can’t imagine this device not working (though I’m skeptical about the claim that it will improve girth as well), but in the scientific spirit of PE inspired by DLD, perhaps we should arrange for a bit of an experiment?

(NOTE: the benefit of using this device over other devicse seems great. That is, you can put it on and do other activities - most other PE seems to require quite a bit of dedicated time.)

I don’t know how one starts up experiments on this board, or if there is any way to throw out bogus data (I highly suspect that the makers of many devices troll these boards and post with shills touting the usefulness of their products), but I’d like to participate in one.

Can anyone here get that going? It should include data about:

Traction tension used in each session
Hours used in each session
Average traction tension
Total hours used
Erect Length Gain
Erect Girth Gain
Other methods used

I don’t have time to organize it or analyze the data, but I’d be happy to participate.

Meanwhile, has anyone here experienced definite gains using a stretching device? (Like the Penimaster, the JES extender, the Penis Stretcher)?

Anyone experienced girth gains with it?


P.S. Here’s my routine (just started, so no gains yet):


10-15 minute squeeze session (10x10 Uli’s, 10 horses [squeezing for 10 seconds] - I kegel in tons of blood, do 10 uls, then kegel more blood and do a 10 second horse squees [I think it’s a horse - I clamp down at the base and then push down blood from the head and engorge the shaft between the two tourniquets)

15 minutes in the CTC pump - fairly high pressure

(Sometimes) 3 hours in penimaster


15 minutes in the CTC pump - fairly high pressure

3 hours in the penimaster

I do two days on and one day off. 3-6 hours in penimaster per day

(Is this a good routine? I’m more interested in girth than length - though I won’t throw any length gains away!)

looks good

Hmm, sounds like it might be a good Poll question, I’ll try to think of a good way of writing it up.

Here’s my reply to your questions (done 5 to 7 days a week):

Traction tension used in each session: Approximately 90%

Hours used in each session: 2 hours in morning then 1 to 3 1 hour sessions

Average traction tension: 90%

Total hours used: 3 to 5 per day

Erect Length Gain: dont know

Erect Girth Gain: dont know

Other methods used: Jelqing, golf weights and occasional hanging

cead mile failte :lep:

Maybe I need a better routine but all I do is put on my PM for about 3 hours, take an hour break then another 3 hours
I go home and do about 100 jelqs in the shower and a set of stretches.

Since my newbie gains of .5 inches in the first week, I’ve plateaued.

Techniques you recomend

Hello Rambone,

1.) Are you using the JELQ device to do your 100 JELQING or are you doing it manually?
2.) Is PE really more effective if Penimaster and JELQ device are used together in a progam?

Thanks a lot.

what’s he low cost penimaser hiing the market?

Originally Posted by tps
Check the date on his post smkan, it was 2 years ago.

Twas Peter that revived this thread.


The Penimaster can be bought on average in the mid $100’s (130-180). I have one, and it is very useful.

Originally Posted by xlmagnum

Twas Peter that revived this thread.

Saw that. Was Smkan2 that asked what low cost penimaster was hitting the market so I was pointing out that the penimaster hit the market 2 years ago. This type of thing happens frequently. One person will dig out an old post and others will come along after and not realize it’s an old discussion :)

Well let me know when you get the PM thing going, I have one, and would be happy to submit numbers.


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