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Should penis extenders have springs?

Should penis extenders have springs?

I lost a part out of my penis extender after only a week of experimentation, so I am thinking of buying a new one.

Intuitively, the springs seem like a good idea, but a lot of extenders don’t have springs.

I liked the springs on my extenders, because I could exercise my pelvic floor muscles by using them to pull against the springs’ resistance.

What do people here think about the springs?

Your thoughts on LeLuv's springless extenders

My original extender from LeLuv has springs, I lost a part out of it after only a week of use (ugh), and now it seems to be discontinued.

The current LeLuv extenders don’t have springs, and their advertisement claims:
“Most Penis Extenders in the market are Spring-loaded Style. Before you put the Extender on, you have to pre-configure the tension using the fixed length bars which makes configuring and adjustment much more inconvenient. With the NEW LeLuvĀ® SLIDER, you will be able to adjust the adjustable Tension nuts up and down while you are wearing it which makes for easy and very convenient adjustments.”

Any opinions? I personally think the springs would help to maintain a more constant tension as the length of the penis varies from walking, sitting, and so on. The springless extender would probably have sudden increases and decreases in the tension, because there is no give in the device.

I like LeLuv as a vendor, and their prices are within my budget. I just don’t know about the spring issue.

I just bought a set of springs from Lowe’s and use them. Works perfectly.

Originally Posted by biglefty

I just bought a set of springs from Lowe’s and use them. Works perfectly.

Thanks, maybe I will try that too. I didn’t know that Lowes would carry such tiny springs.

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