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A new great wrap!!

A new great wrap!!

I have been using a home made Bib and it needs a really good wrap otherwise it pinches my skin!! (BAD) So for a long time I have been trying new wraps and none worked too good, there was still discomfort. Untill today!! Today I got some silly puddy (yes the stuff that you buy at Toys R Us) and put it half way around my penis (around the part that whould be pinched) it is awsome!! No pain no discomfort hell I don’t even feel the thing on me! :) And it comes off easy and will mold to your size so you don’t have to cut it or mesure or wrap it around very carfully this stuff is great. I recommend trying it if you are having wrap problems. It fixed mine.

Note this is a bib hanget that I have made out of soft rubber and feels great (when it doesn’t pinch me and now it doesen’t)

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SP mania


I think what he is saying is he uses the SP in addition to the traditional wrap.

Maybe not.

ok I have hung up to 10Lbs and no slip or discomfort well on my skin. I usaly hang 3-5 Lbs so it was a major strain on my penis and could only have it there for about a minute. It worked well. I have found that you only want a very thin layer of SP to go on your penis or it will slip. Bty I have been using a belt to hold on my homemade bib is there someting easyer to use that a belt it is very annoying to have it there and I am looking for some thing new to hold it on.

The band hose clamps I have you have to use with a screw driver. Is there a diffrent type of band clamp??

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