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Better results without heat

Better results without heat


I am always hanging with a heat pad from Totalman. Since i am trying to get another baby, i stopped using the heatpad for the last 3 months. And now i notice that i got 8mm gains within that period. Much more then i had before. Didn’t want to post it too early, because i know how important heat is and i don’t want people to not use heat because of my post, but maybe someone had similar experiences?

Interesting. Have you changed anything else in your routine?

Why do the newbies get to have all the gains?

Goal: 21x15cm

I’ve never used ANY heat in my PE exercises/routine… personally, I don’t think it’s necessary 🤷‍♂️.

Start: BPEL 6.7" MSEG 4.8"

Now: BPEL 8.4" MSEG 5.6"

Goal: BPEL 9.0" MSEG 6.0"

I didn’t change anything in my routine.

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