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Different angles and degrees of angles

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No I didnt read them but im sure their ver interesting. I dont have the energy to read them now!

Originally posted by SS4Jelq

maybe te reason you gain little from BTC is because the ligs affected by that stretch are at the same length (for want of a better explantion) as the other ligs so when you hang this way, the stress is divided among these, so youwould need more weight to lengthen them. But by doing the other angles you avoid this and the stress is isolated to a particular area, so you can stretch these seperatly.

Eventually the same thing would happen with these other angles and you would need to hang BTC.

Good wording SS4Jelq…

making sense now

o.k. I think this angle stuff is all starting to make sense to me now. I’ve abandoned btc for the time being, and I hang mostly ots and straight down. While laying face down, with my unit in between a one foot gap between my bed and a stool, I felt around in there. Searching for the lig with the most resistence, and I found it, it is by far a lig that is at the upper left portion of the shaft.

So after realizing this I tilted my body a little to the right, putting even more pressure on this lig. I believe this to be my first limiting factor, none of the other ligs were pulling close to as much as that one. In my opinion from the difference in resistence, I think if I stretch out that lig to the length of the others that I will definitely gain a quick 1/4 inch, taking me to 6 in. nbpel. In other words I think that this tight lig is approx. 1/4 inch shorter than the others.

I find it amazing at the information you can find here.this is good some good stuff.

Damn Ram, I need to follow you around.LOL

Lots of good archives here. Many times, I have re-read a thread several months later and can pull out more nuggets of information than I did when the first time I read it.

I really like this idea of face down Straight Out hanging. I have tried a few sets of SO and the main problem I see with it is that I tend to lose tension quickly. The reason is because I’m sliding my butt down the chair, or pointing my hips to relieve the tension. It’s a natural, subconscious reaction. With BTC, I never have to worry about losing tension.

The face down SO position is fool proof. Therefore, it is good for Ramrod. It sounds like it would be very comfortable too, with the right table, of course. Looks like it I am off to E-Bay to look for an old massage table.

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Good point Ram and I have noticed the same problem. SO hanging is not a concentrated pull as BTC or OTS. I think of it as more of just a secondary and not a primary hang.

I do see your point with the SO hang laying face down. I will have to try it.

Good to see bib back on the screen. Do I read you guys right that changing the angles may negate the need for deconditioning breaks? I like that concept. I have notice that the light changes in angle (hanging SD) caused by shifting my hips side to side or contracting the abs makes a difference in where the stretching forces are directed. Most of the progress I make seems to come from this. Often it feels like micro-tears are occuring—of course what would I care—the doctors would cut all the suspensatory ligs if they had their way.

Originally Posted by swinglow
Do I read you guys right that changing the angles may negate the need for deconditioning breaks?

That’s one way to look at it. I am of the opinion that we hangers will benefit more from a consistent routine for a continuous strain on our penises. Keep pulling, stretching, steady stress, progress every day. Slow and steady wins the race.

Your other point of adjusting your body position during a session is also something I agree with. I noticed that, in the middle of a session, if I did leaned over a little to the left/right side (sort of like Under the Leg, UTL) for a couple of sets, that when I returned to regular BTC it was more intense.

Recently, for a warm-up set, I’ve been doing a 5 minute OTS set. I noticed I’ll feel fatigue more quickly while hanging BTC after that set of OTS. And my last set is a 5 minute OTS set as well, to set the tone for my next hanging session.

Only a 5 minute OTS set, you ask?
More than 5 minutes will result in a black dick, for me. Since I use 20+ lbs. and kegel/reverse kegel while doing it, I get a good stretch. It’s like doing a Mega DLD Blaster. Hey look, I made up an exercise. Can I name it the “Ramblaster?” :smack:

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh! ~Howard Dean Illustrations & Diagrams PE -- What's it all about? Read this.

Bump this thread for any newbie hangers.

This is good stuff


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