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>>Does the vein run diagonally, so to speak, along the shaft or >>straight?
Sort of straight with a branch - the branch area is where i get the most problems. see pic.

>>Look at the blood channel pattern within the hanger, and see >> if you can align the hanger somewhat with this vein. You
>>might have to twist the hanger slightly, or place the shaft in >>the well at a diagonal, but there should be a way to relieve >>any pressure from that vein.

i will see if i can do this - also the vein is in the skin so maybe i can move it around to a better position. I’ll have a look tonight.

edit - i also find that with the amount of wrap i use i can’t really toe in or out the hanger as everything needs to be pretty much tightened up full to get any grip. So if i toe in for example the back part of the hanger isn’t contributing to the grip. Maybe i need to play with it more.

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From here on out I will post about this in the thread Jelktoid mentioned. Those multiple threads annoy the hell out of me.

Hanging , wrappless, at 10lbs as I write this. Tried 11.25, no go. Tried just thera, the stuff bunches up and really hurts. Think I have some thinner green thera aroung, will try that.

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Hi Thunder, have at it. i think it is easier for all of us, especially the new guys, if we dont have a poop load of threads, all about the same thing. Jelktoids started before this one, is longer and more comprehensive. Hanging wrap-less isn’t really a big enough topic to need its own thread if a current thread is discussing the same thing.

Merge away, thanks.

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I’m using three or four sections of Theraband. First one is wrapped paralell to head so to speak. The remaining two or three are spiraled down to the base with some overlap.

I’m pretty much using the method described in the wrapping thread on the top of the Hanger’s Forum.


if the wrap bunches try a little less thickness on the wrap pieces maybe 1.25” wide instead of 1.50”wide. Or using a lesser number of strips.

OK sounds like the goal is less is better when it comes to wrapping however the jump from less to none is a tough one.

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