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For BIB and other bib hanger users....


For BIB and other bib hanger users....

Hey all,

OK here’s the deal:

I recently got back to hanging after a bout off due to injury. i was taking it easy (low weights and not too long) but this morning i managed to irritate the vein on the right hand side of my penis again. It is not thrombosed, thank god, but i know from bitter experience that i will have to take a few days off hanging (and jelqing) to let it get back to itself.

The question i have is does anyone else get this sort of recurring nonsense using the bib hanger?

When i was using my modified bib i had no problems like this (i think becoase the pressure is even around the whole shaft) whereas using the production bib i have to tighten it really, really tight to get it to grip the internals and i think this cuts off the supply in my superficial veins and may even be damaging them - hence the fact that it is a bit swollen and tender.

What is the solution? Any ideas?

I don’t want to stop hanging forever.

so its back to manual stretching for a few days……. ho hum……

See Ya,



I have also had problems hanging with the Bib hanger. It is an engineering marvel, but you have to do it right. I had a bad problem with my dick twisting in the regular Bib. I got a Bib Starter and that solved the twisting problem, but the starter does not grip the length of the internal structures the same way as the regular Bib. I have also found that you can over-tighten the Bib. I have been backing off of the wingnut a little. I found that I was getting an inflamed or puffed up vein on the right side. Reducing the pressure slightly seemed to solve this. Also, I have yet to experience Biggers claim that a very tight hanger improves circulation. It has never worked that way for me. In addition, your wrap is very important. You may have to experiment in order to get enough cushioning to keep the right side of your unit from getting inflamed.

Good luck and let me know if you solve the problem


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BigJ and Jtoid,

Interesting. I have not heard of many, if any problems with veins concerning the production hangers. I do not know physiologically how it could produce a thrombosis, unless you had a lot of blood in the area below where the hanger was attached.

On the issue of circulation, I never said increased tightness would improve circulation. Unless you are comparing a loose hanger riding down on the head and acting like a noose vs a tighter hanger which does not ride down.

However, the less amount of wrap used, the better the circulation. Excessive wrap tends to plug the channels in the hanger which inhibits local blood flow. So if blood flow is the problem, try a little less wrap.


BigJ & JT,

While this is no help at all in solving your issues. I will say this, I have logged more than 500 hours of hanging time with the Bib Original model without incident.

Maximum set weight for one set 35 pounds. I hang with a single Tband wrap once over. I don’t state this in order to toot my own horn but rather to make the point that it used correctly and with enough patience hanging is probably one of the safest methods of PE going today.

Take the time to learn how to use the equipment and let your dick get use to hanging weight off it. YOU CAN NOT RUSH THIS PROCESS WITHOUT A RISK OF INJURY.

BigJ why not go back to the mod Bib till you can sort things out?

Wasn’t your previous injury a thormbose vein caused by jelqing ? Because you have been away from PE for 5 months you need to be particularly careful moving forward.

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Thanks for the replies guys.... ;)

I do not attribute the thrombus to the BIB hanger, i know what it was that did that and it was my own fault.

I do find exactly as Jelktoid said that i have an inflamed vein also, curiously, on the right hand side.

When i get back to hanging at the weekend (the vein has calmed down already but i’m not gonna push it!) i will try more wrap - and if that doesnt help, less wrap.

I am having trouble getting the hanger to grip the internal structures without tightening the thing so much that my dick is practically flat inside it. I think some experimentation is needed on my part as surely this isn’t the way everyone else does it? Plus my dick is around 5.5” girth so its not like its particularly thin.

ledzep - i don’t think i will ever go back to the mod bib - i paid a lot of cash for a vastly improved (and more comfortable) device which i will persevere with until i have an 8” cock (sometime next week :) lol)

well - pleased to say the vein was just inflamed and is healed up already so - manual stretching til the weekend (and while i’m doing that i’ll reread the hanger guide)

Thanks for the help - i will let you know how i solve the problem….:)

See Ya,


Hey Zep,

I’m assuming that you use silver Theraband. You said that you wrap “once over”. Does that mean just 1 layer of Thera? Also, do you have some discomfort when unwrapping do to the Thera sticking to your skin? I wrapped with Thera underneath and a thin sweatshirt strip over top in order to solve my twisting problem. It solved the problem, but it hurt when I removed the Thera because it stuck to the skin. I have been hanging the last couple of days with an ace bandage under Thera. This also seemed to stop the twisting and was less traumatic when removing the wrap.

Happy hangin


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Yes, I’m back to silver, was using black for a while. My entire wrap consists of four 18x1.5 inch strips of theraband wraped barber pole style as described in the wrapping thread above.

You know for the longest time I use to wrap a cloth material UNDER the Theraband. And even use an ace bandage over it for more comfort with heavier weight thinking this is a good thing.

Well aproximately six months ago I decided to give straight Theraband a try and I have never looked back. It’s more comfortable and you get a much better grip on the internal structure of the penis.

Like all hanging principles it takes some trial and error but in the long run I’m thinking it’s definately the way to go.

Intially my dick hurt a little from the Bib attachment but now it’s pain free. Maybe try some baby powder first for an eaiser unwrap.

The ace bandage may creating other issues with circulation, so be careful.

Hanging without wrap

Working better than I thought. I had to adjust the toe, of course; also, I am not hanging as heavy as I would with the wrap. Anyone do this on a regular basis?

Went out for coffee with a friend from school. A coupla women were discretely checking her out. I told her, asked her had she ever… Went over and talked to them… Introductions were made…

Well, one thing led to another and we didn’t leave the apartment of one of them till almost 2 am. We came back to my place in my school friends car. my car is at her house, my wrapping stuff doubles as my ADS, and all that is back in my car. So, Here I sit at 3:00 am, hanging without a wrap.

Anyone hang wrap-less? If I can get this to work I might like it. I know that the wrapping hinders circulation. The Bib has those nifty channels in the gel lining to let the blood circulate. I normally use cloth, then therebrand. I have tried just the there. OUCH!!! If I hang over 10lbs taking the there off is not a nice experience. Perhaps talc or baby powder on my unit would help hanging wrap-less? Any input would be appreciated.

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%$#& it!! I just posted a wrapping question in a different thread and it looks like you may have just answered my question, thanks Ledzep. When I get my wrapping gear back I will try talc with my thera brand.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

BIB - i'd appreciate your thoughts on this one...

I think the problem with my hanging is that i am damaging the vein slightly due to high compression. I think this is due to the fact that i have to tighten it so much to get a good enough grip on the internal structures.

Currently i wrap with a strip from a sport sock about 1.5” by 10” then silver thera about 1.5” by 15”.

Curiously i also used to use red thera which seemed to be better? maybe because its thinner?

my question is - to reduce the amount of tightening i need to do, or at least reduce the pressure on the veins should i use more or less wrap?

I can see how more wrap would cushion more - but would less wrap mean i’d have to tighten less?

Thanks again,

See Ya,


Hey Zep,

I’m still a little confused. You originally said that you wrap “once over” with silver Thera. In your last post you said:

>My entire wrap consists of four 18x1.5 inch strips of theraband wraped barber pole style as described in the wrapping thread above. <

Does this mean that you wrap four layers of Thera? An 18 inch strip will wrap my member one full layer. Unless I am misinterpreting you, you must be wrapping four layers. Thanks in advance for your feedback.


I’m really looking into Ledzep’s practice of wrapping only with Thera. I had a bad twisting problem that I tried just about everything to remedy. Then I read Goingdeep’s post about wrapping first with Thera. I tried it and it totally stopped the twisting. I think that wrapping only with Thera will allow for better gripping of the internal structures as Zep stated. This may also require less compression in order to keep the hanger in place. I am going to try it today and I’ll let you know.


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I always enjoy your posts. To answer your question, check out the thread in this forum:

For Bib and Other Bib Hanger Users

Take care


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

I hang without a wrap at this point-only up to 7-8 lbs right now. As I increase the weight, will probably try the baby sock idea.

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"Nietzsche is dead"-God


> I think the problem with my hanging is that i am damaging the vein slightly due to high compression. I think this is due to the fact that i have to tighten it so much to get a good enough grip on the internal structures.<

Does the vein run diagonally, so to speak, along the shaft or straight?

>Currently i wrap with a strip from a sport sock about 1.5” by 10” then silver thera about 1.5” by 15”.<

That should not be too much.

>my question is - to reduce the amount of tightening i need to do, or at least reduce the pressure on the veins should i use more or less wrap? <

The more air within the wrapped bundle, the tigher you will have to tighten. So if you wrap less, you will have to tighen less.

Look at the blood channel pattern within the hanger, and see if you can align the hanger somewhat with this vein. You might have to twist the hanger slightly, or place the shaft in the well at a diagonal, but there should be a way to relieve any pressure from that vein.

On another note, you need to realize how the hanger works. It is not simple compression as with a modified Bib, but rather, allowing some stuff to get out of the way, while other stuff takes the stress. Technical, I know. So, if you wrap looser, and with less material, it allows stuff to move around and for the hanger to get a truer grip.

It is truly amazing what a move of a sixteenth of an inch, one way or another, can make with the hanger.


I dont know how you guys can hang without a wrap. Ive tried it on numerous occasions and man was it painful. Pinches here, pinches there, pinches everywhere. The elastic cloth underwrap is working very good for me. It gives a good cushion for the hanger and the thereband wraps very easy on top of it. I find that with the good cushion wrap, you are able to hang more weights with more comfort. I adjusted the toe in for a better grip and also helps with the slippage problem and I am able to hang up to 18 lbs. No pain, no teeth gritting, just good effective dickstretching hanging. I mean, the no wrap sure makes life alot easier, but is it effective enough for a good lig pull or are we not able to hang as much because of the skin pulling pain, thus cutting back on the effectiveness of our hanging routine. Anyway, whatever works for you, I wish you all the best. What works for you, doesnt have to work for me and viseversa.


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