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Girth key variable to hanging weight

Girth key variable to hanging weight

Time to address the white elephant in the room.

Every time I see somebody ask to copy another guys routine I just roll my eyes. I understand where they are coming from but then again we are in the quick fix society.

One reason why copying another individuals routine is not a great idea. If subject ¨A” has a flaccid girth of 4 inches  and individual “B” has a flaccid girth of 5 inches you can expect “B to handle more weight. The thicker the rope the more weight it can handle. 

Something that has been very interesting to me is the threads on ultra sound and this whole heating the penis to attack the chord. Great stuff. But the cool thing about that thread has been the ability to tailor the weight to the individual. I believe one has to take starting girth into account first. Second one needs to establish the weight goals to get you into plastic region. The big mystery is figuring out the plastic region or at least the start of that region. Thanks to Kyrpa it seems you can use the load calculator he facilitated to establish that lower entrance point into the plastic region. This can be lowered by heating  but that is a whole other subject. One that is very well debated and explained in several threads on this forum. BTW, I believe that heat can lower that amount but I find that at best 25% based on other articles on similar structures such as ligaments and tendons. Either way, depending on your flaccid girth, the amount of weight will vary from individual to individual.

I am probably not saying anything new but it is something that should be taken into consideration.

So anybody find that Kyrpa 0.5 Mpa a solid start to the plastic region and plastic deformation?


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