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Hang or stretch?

Hang or stretch?

Well..I’ve been doing manual stretches for around 6 months now. I havent gained a great deal, only about 1/4 an inch. My goal is about another 2 inches. Right now I stretch as hard as I physically can and feel that I could take alot more than my arms can provide.

Question I’ve been wrestling with is should I go ahead and grab a bib and some weights….I know the gains I’m looking for can (and have) been done by manual stretching, but what do you guys think? Is it reasonable to say that if done properly hanging can produce somewhat faster results than just manual stretching. It seems logical to me, as you can put much more stress on the ligs for a much longer period of time.

I dunno, just wondering if I should keep going like this or hang, any input is good.

Thanks in advance.

Hey Orgazmo,

if you have time to hang, then by all means - buy a hanger!

All your streching should have tuned your dick for hanging without much, or any, discomfort. I had a hard time when I started hanging but a few weeks of stretching helped with that.

Nothing prevents you from doing both btw, when you hit the ligs with the weights your manual stretching should be easier for you again. Or so I reckon. Since the ligs should be weakend.

This is the feeling I get when I wear a ADS after hanging, it feels in my ligs much more than before.


I was afraid of hanging at first…thought those guys were crazy.

Nothing wrong with manual stretching, but hanging (with care) applies more weight constantly over a longer period, and logically, for me, this means a better stretch.


Good points, thanks

I have been stretching for some time so I think my snake is nicely tuned….I know the risks of hanging and I’m not scared.

Think I’m just going to throw down and get one, if the goal is to stretch the ligs beyond their normal limit then I think hanging would be more effective.

Or…you could also check into my “new” stretching idea in the Main Members forum. Sure, you can hang for 15 or 20 minutes at a time with weights ….you also have to wrap/attach hanger/hang/unwrap/take a break/re apply hanger/repeat every 15 or 20 minutes…..not to mention having to set aside 1 or 2 or more hours a day….but, you still cant approach anywhere near the resistance with manual stretching. If you think you CAN, you have not thoroughly looked into all the manual stretching techniques.

Still is right, you cant use as much force with hanging as you can with manual stretching. If you could, you wouldnt be strong enough to put the weights on the hanger.

But I still think hanging is a better option by far, despite the inconvenience.


I have been jelqing, stretching, tugging, pulling, and everything else for over a year. I have gained a little over an inch in length and the same in girth, and have worked very hard to get it. I just recently started hanging, and broke the guide lines by starting off at 15 lbs. and then going to 20 lbs. a week after that. I have gained a 1/4 of an inch in just 3 weeks. I can hardly believe it, and at this rate who knows how much more I will gain.



I’d suggest reading everything about stretching, especially Johan’s JAI type stretches, before abandoning them.

Also, Johan stated that JAIs should be somewhat light, (not pulling as hard as you can).
Here’s the link to that thread, and some others on stretching you may find useful if you haven’t read them yet:


glad to see you posting again. I seem to recall that your wife is a aware of pe but seemed a little leary of the need for it. Is her attitude still the same, does she like the increased size or is it all the same to her?

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


You don’t have to choose one over the other - do both. I hang and do manual stretching every day. I stretch in the shower and a couple more times throughout the day. Hanging is, by far, the most effective way to stretch the ligs. Manual stretching seems to do better on the shaft, at least for me. If you can hang 1-2 hours a day and also stretch, I predict that you will have some nice gains. Good luck!

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

I dont want anyone getting the wrong idea, I have been stretching for awhile now and I am versed in JAIs(use them),blasters(use them), and A-stretches, etc… And I am not putting manual stretching down, I know there are people here with amazing gains who have never touched a hanger. If I do decide to start hanging I’m still going to throw stretches into the routine. I was just looking at it from a physics standpoint, I may be able to put plenty of force on my wang with my hands but theres no way I could maintain that force for 3 sets of 20 minutes.

It’s all the same to me. He could stop now and I wouldn’t mind. I love him for so much more than his penis, if you know what I mean. What he has gained is great and it has made making love even more intense. But our intimacy is so much more than physical and it would not bother me if he stopped now. But for his own happiness and the fact that it makes him feel good about himself is worth it. I want him to do what makes him happy, as long as it does not turn into an obsession. (1 Quest’s wife) He asked me to reply to this because you asked what I think. I still think that men need to realize that a good emotional state of mind is important too. No one can feel good about themself on the outside if the don’t feel good about themself inside.

1 Quest’s wife


Yeah I’ve always been stretching since I’ve started. Even though I just started hanging I continue to do the streching.


Originally posted by 1 quest´s wife
I still think that men need to realize that a good emotional state of mind is important too. No one can feel good about themself on the outside if the don't feel good about themself inside.

This is a good point, goes for women too for that matter. Working on the exterior is a nice addition but can´t replace feeling good on the inside. I think it´s a common mistake to feel bad about oneself and then think the feeling will go away if I only fix this physical flaw. Then when item one is fixed it´s just another thing that needs fixing, and so on.

Just look at people having cosmetic surgery, they´re very rarely satisfied just because they fixed one thing. “Oh no, now my mouth doesn´t go with my new nose”.

Self Image

Rocco et al,

The otherside of that coin may be the observations of the plastic surgeon who after noting the complete change in personality of satisfied customers(patients) wrote the immensely popular book “Psychocybernetics”. The jist of this book was that if one can improve his self image, he can make huge changes in his whole life. Just food for thought.

Gotta go hang 10—


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