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Hanging with heavy or light weight?


Originally Posted by Big_Dick_Rick
Long hang times are hard unless you are using a vac hanger like Total Man or LG. You can gain from high weight but gains seem to stop faster at a lower overall gain amount than if you hang for more time with less weight.

I think this is because high weight tends to cause scar tissue buildup a lot more than lower tension over long periods of time. I have gained over 1.5”, with pictures to verify in my profile, and still gaining at relatively the same rate hanging at low weight for 3 hours a day in two 1.5hr sets and then using an ADS for the rest of the time. The ADS is so comfortable it is actually more comfortable for me to wear it then to not wear it which is kinda weird to say out loud.

Long story short, less weight, more time under tension.

That is good gain you’ve got! My starting point is similar to yours so far I’ve gained 0.5” BPEL so that gives me more incentive to hang longer hours. It takes lot of steadfast effort to set aside 3 to 4 hrs daily hanging and I average about 2 -3 hrs. Definitely need to hang longer. How much weight are you at now with the vacuum hanger, and what ADS you use? Finding an ADS that is comfortable to wear all day would be a real plus to keep it extended.

I don’t really understand the point of this thread. I am new to hanging but was introduced to the concept of strain, I.e. Putting pre and post BPFSL in relation to each other, by hanging with FIRe.

Now a noobish question: Why all the discussion about light vs heavy if the percentage of strain is supposed to be the key indicator of appropriate applied weight? Be it then considered ‘heavy’ or ‘light’.

Basically this thread is a discussion of the similarities and differences between the historical theory of hanging (“heavy”) and the newer theory hanging with lesser weights as espoused in “Hanging with FIRe’, which in itself is an adaption of hanging using ultrasound as a heat source.

Some think they are two theories separated by a huge gulf, and others think they have some similarities.

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