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PE weights vs. Erections

PE weights vs. Erections

I was curious if one is better than the other during the day (to keep the tears from healing). With PE weights, you can’t have an erection, so the penis is in a different state of being than if there were no PE weights attached to the penis and a guy has erections all day long. Does one do something different that the other? I like the PE weights, but just had this thought in my head and thought I’d ask.

Personally, I wear an ADS all day, however there are times where I cant. Like when I’m at the gym or go to an event etc..

When I’m not wearing my ADS I wear a hair tie wrap and a thera-P wrist wrap around my scrotum. This keeps my unit at 80 to 90% extended and keep my ligaments stretched as well during healing.

In 3 months my flacid length went from 3 to 4 inch to 5.5 to 6.5 inch.


Congrats! :)

Don’t get me wrong. I like PE weights. I have a set. But, was just wondering if having erections throughout the day make the process of gaining length longer or if its good or if it really doesn’t matter.

I don’t recall anyone else talking about repeated or frequent erections as a means of assisting gains. Some believe some sort of ADS is the way to go. Others don’t do anything and still have gains. You do what you feel is best for you. Try it without anything, then try the weights. I think it’s a bit impractical to try to maintain an erection “all day.”

Originally Posted by westla90069
I think it’s a bit impractical to try to maintain an erection “all day.”

I guess. Unless you can grab yourself every 10 minutes and try to get it aroused. :D


You sound young and probably have a very healthy penis if it is getting hard by itself during the day. Us older guys don’t have that problem. I rarely have to remove my weight during the day for an erection unless I’m having sex or working girth. Whenever your dick gets hard on it’s own or with little provocation it is the body’s way of healing penile tissue, especially during the hours you are deep in sleep.(REM) Nighttime erections should never be encumbered with anything more binding than a gentle tuck between your legs as you sleep. Any nocturnal erections will be strong enough to pull your dick to freedom so oxygen rich blood can be distributed to all the damaged cells.

However, when you feel one of these :rolleyes: matinee boners coming on, slip off your pe weight and put it in your pocket until the erection subsides either by itself or after a serious wanking and or screwing session, then put the ADS back on. Never stop an erection if you can help it. Or even if you are just inconvenienced by the weight for the monument or sore, or going through Airport Security, take it off, Wrap with a mag-wrap for a while, or sit on Fowfers. Just do whatever you have to do to stay extended as much as possible. Also, you don’t have to wear all three weights all the time, you will only make yourself sore and increase the chance of one slipping down you pants leg and rolling across the floor. Three weights (two pounds) right after hanging heavy weights or the length work of your choice, wear three for as long as you can stand them, then taper down to two then one. You really only need one weight on most of the time, or the ADS of your choice.

Just don’t let it turtle.


The Gospel According to Girtha

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Originally Posted by Big Girtha
The Gospel According to Girtha

Thanks be to Girtha. :D

You said that oxygen gets to the penis during an erection which helps oxygen get to the damaged cells and also, nutrients get to the penis to help recover also. This is bad, isn’t it? I mean, isn’t the theory behind hanging to stretch the penis as much as possible and keep the damaged cells damaged so they don’t grow back stronger and make it harder to stretch?

Slack - Thanks for the input. I was leaning towards that thought in the first place. Thanks. :)

Healing extended

Negative: The more oxygen rich blood to the penis the better, the more erections the better, the more time engorged the better. This whole conception of the “Open wound” theory is vastly misunderstood. We do not necessarily want to keep micro-tears from ever healing, but want them to heal extended. Whatever means you use to keep extended during the 72 hours it takes connective tissue to heal is fine, whether it is pe weights, AutoExtender/ADS, neoprene wraps or simply sitting on your dick when you can and/or doing manual stretches as much as possible during the healing period. These are the best methods for gaining flaccid length and girth. Keeping ones penis hard/erect/engorged as much as possible is the best method for gaining both erect and flaccid girth as well as total penile volume. I have been very successful at these aspects of PE. As far as gaining Erect Length, your guess is as good as mine.

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Thanks, Girtha. That makes total sense.

The gospel has been spoken :)

Ahhhhhh! I remember when I used to get hard ons all the time.The wind would change and boom,Boner!Now sadly I have mild ED and erections rarely happen on their own.It sucks getting old.

Originally Posted by vegasvic

When I’m not wearing my ADS I wear a hair tie wrap and a thera-P wrist wrap around my scrotum. This keeps my unit at 80 to 90% extended and keep my ligaments stretched as well during healing.

Can you explain that a little bit more? I am interested about that it like you wear a wrapped cock ring behind your balls? Isn’t uncomfortable when you wear jeans or something?

Are there any threads about it?

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