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Percussion / Massage gun???


I been using a tens machine with great success in terms of better erections and stamina. I use it on a low setting for 20 mins a day for PE recovery and my girth has even gone up and I only focus on length.

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Says it is a 8 mm stroke.

12mm is the starting point for percussive therapy. Some guns have 16mm. At 8mm it’s more like a heavy vibration than percussive therapy.

I use these with a dildo attachment on my gf.

It works stretching her out

Currently injured

Stats: BPEL 8.75” BEG 6” MSEG 5.5” GLANS G 5”. Flaccid 6.5” girth 3.5-4”

I bought a renpho massage gun. It comes with a number of attachments. One in particular caught my eye. It was in the form of a you shape head. Well it fitted perfectly around the shaft. At a very low rev, I was able to move it up and down until I got a hard on which by the way didn’t take long.

Yes it does work as long as you keep the revs at a reasonable level. I crank it up a few times oh my what a sensation and the benefits of massaging the ligaments.

I would highly recommend. Whether it increases the girth and length only time will tell. In the meantime I am enjoying the sensation.

It could break up scar tissue or new tissue

Sounds a bit dangerous

02/22:BPEL 7.00,MEG 5.00

05/22:BPEL 7.36,MEG 5.35

Next Goal: 7.5 x 5.5

I use the sonic brand from Amazon. I use it prior to hanging to loosen the ligs. Provides a 1-2 mm increase in flaccid stretch for me. I also noticed that when used on the shaft it helps get rid of the darkening of the skin from pumping.

Originally Posted by rinnegan870
Sounds a bit dangerous

At a low moderate level around ligs it’s been fine.

I’m going to try this.

My shaft flares sharply at the base. When pumping, the mouth of my tube sits mostly on the side flares, which I am assuming are ligament tissue - I can feel them when flaccid, and they’re hard enough when erect that the mouth of the tube sits on the sides of the flares instead of up against the public bone. That gives enough “base bite” that I sometimes cut pumping sessions short due to the discomfort.

I don’t even care if it works to get more length. If it can soften/stretch/reshape the flares so the tube rides more comfortably, that’s a win. If I get anything else, that’s a bonus win. If I get nothing, well, that’s a data point to share.


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