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Problems with a lot of loose skin when hanging

Problems with a lot of loose skin when hanging

I’ve been hanging for a couple months now and when my circumsized penis is flaccid I see more and more skin covering the head. I try to pull back as much skin as possible before wrapping but in the end when I am hanging there is still a lot of skin around the head. And I think I’m getting more of a skin stretch than a lig stretch because it feels like a big burn. Any ideas I can do? I am afraid that if I continue to hang that all the skin will cover my head when it’s flaccid :(

Sometimes I get so mad that I want to cut off my excess skin.

Okay I hang with a swimcaphanger, so no skin is stretched when hanging. :-)

Do you know where I can get one?

See Tom Hubbards site.

I know you’ve asked questions about efficacy of the Bib hanger, did you buy one? What are you using now.

If you haven’t checked out lil12big1’s wrapping tutorial thats worth a look.

I am using the regular bib hanger not the starter. I checked lilbig tutorial but it doesn’t work for me. I still got a lot excess skin. And recently its gotten more stretched.

Stick with the Bib. For your size the normal one seems fine.

You should only really get around 2 weeks hanging that is primarily skin stretch but it the skin stretches ahead of the everything else thats ok and kind of how the Bib works. After a weekend off you should notice much less excess skin. Does this happen?

If you think that you are only stretching skin an nothing else are you tightening the bib enough to gain good purchase?

There are also some good threads on wrapping here already you should try reading if you haven’t. It seems that wrapping is the black art of hanging and that a bad wrap can cause many problems.

Anyone else got some better info to add here?

I remember a post one time where a fella (who was uncut) said he started the wrap at the bottom instead of the top and that it solved alot of his problems. I know youre circumsized but maybe it will work for you.

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If you see thomas’s flaccid pictures in the member forum you’ll get an idea as how my stretched skin looks on my penis, behind the glans. But I think i have a bit more extra skin than that.


where are you placing the hanger on your penis….higher towards the base really stretches more skin, lower towards the head hits the ligs more…….Also, make sure you tighten the hanger really good.

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