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stretching ligs or skin?


stretching ligs or skin?

I’ve been using a “The Grip” hanger with some success for a while now, but in my quest to be able to hang more weight comfortably I recently built and started using an AFB hanger (when I get the opportunity I plan on trying to build a homemade Bib as well).

When I wear the AFB, I’ve noticed that it tends to pull the skin towards the head of my penis down to the point where it’s covering up a good portion of the head.

I’ve been trying to figure out… when this happens, doesn’t it mean that the skin is bearing the majority of the weight? If so, how do I remedy this?

I can definitely feel the pull of the weight more than with “The Grip”, with even less weight… but I have a hard time figuring out whether the pull I feel is more on the ligs or more on the skin.

Can’t speak about the Grip thing. I use the AFB for right now and it’s fine.

You gotta make sure you attach it well back of the head so that when the weight is applied it doesn’t slip down too far. Bib has mentioned that it needs to really get a ‘bite’ or grip on the internal structures. If you do this you’ll get the majority of the stress taken by the shaft and ligs and not the skin.

I assume you are cut? Do you have a healthy amount of skin left, though?

I attach the AFB about 1/2” - 1” behind the head. Maybe this is too close?
As far as slippage…. that really hasn’t been a problem. (In fact, the reverse is probably true… that I tend to tighten it so much that I need to monitor the head for loss of circulation too closely instead of being able to just put it on & “forget about it” for the session.)
The AFB seems to be gripping onto everything and pushing it downward… the skin being pushed over the head.

I am cut. I don’t think the amt. of skin left is unusual…

OK. Try setting the hanger further up the shaft. Experiment with positions. It should still be a good bit away from the corona when it’s attached and weight applied. You have to allow a little area for skin to naturally bunch up, and hopefully it’s slipping over the head a bit.

Be careful with the over-clamping. How is your wrap? What do you do for that?

I’m trying repositioning the AFB a bit farther back on the shaft… doesn’t seem to make much difference. Perhaps as you say “you have to allow a little area for skin to naturally bunch up”… and this is what I’m getting.

As far as the wrap… I’m currently not using any. For me, there doesn’t seem to be much difference in comfort… but the grip is much better.

(as an aside… part of what brought up my original question is how much difference there feels between the same weights with “The Grip” and my “AFB”. 12 lbs with the Grip feels light… the same weight with the AFB feels like a ton! I’m trying to figure out if the reason for that is that the Grip dispersed the weight evenly between skin/ligs/shaft while the AFB concentrates the weight on the ligs, or whether the additional weight being applied to the skin by the AFB causes the weight to feel heavier.)

Thanks Buster

Skin slipping

We have all had this problem. I think you could solve it using wrap, as well as taken the advice mentioned above. I am currently hanging 20lbs, have had problems in the past, but now I get a very ‘normal’ amount of skin bunching between hanger and rim (without it going over).

After wrapping, you can pull excess skin out, attach the hanger towards the base, tighten, place weight on, and continue tightening. Of course the hanger will ‘slid’ down somewhat, bunching the skin around the rim of the glan, but ideally the skin or the wrap should not cover the glan. Remember, you will need the skin to stretch for new growth, but unless you want to get into foreskin restoration, you don’t want too much skin between hanger and glan.

Give wrapping a go.


Lil' Johnny

Like I said I don’t know about the Grip or it’s structure. But the knock on the AFB is that weights over 10 lbs (from what others have said) feel really uncomfortable, nasty even. This is one of the things about the BibHanger - it distributes the weight very effectively, even at high rates, because it has such a good hold on your penis. The AFB doesn’t, but I think it suffices at lighter weights. I definitely hope to have a BibHanger by the time I am over 10 lbs in my workouts.

“Dood, how much can you lift?”
“Twenty pounds - I’m a freakin’ monster!!”

Guiri touched on it, but it bears repeating that you are going to have to stretch skin, especially in the beginning. As you grow you will alternate between stretching skin and ligs. Move the hanger closer to the base to concentrate on skin. When I first starting hanging (straight down off the edge of a chair) the skin seemed to be taking all the weight. Makes the skin at the base red, warm, itchy, and a little tender. I actually have a couple of stretch marks now.

Funny, I’ve not experienced that at all and I’ve had significant gains this month. But I think it’s cause I don’t have a tight cut. Most of the guys who hang, however, do have skin stretch issues to deal with, for the record.

To Buster

How much weight, and how many hours a day have you been hanging Buster ? how much gain?

Not gonna say ;)

Check back on July 10th for my progress update.

Hey Johnny,

What’s the weight at which The Grip wasn’t good enough for you any more? I’m doing 10 lbs right now (deh, newbie) without any problems but I’d like to know what’s gonna happen down the line, maybe I’ll have to throw it away when I hit 15lbs… that would suck, that shit wasn’t cheap!


The first one I got didn’t keep the vacuum very well… it would start to fail at 13 - 14 lbs. I got a replacement which seems to keep the vacuum… but the problem I’m experiencing now is that when I get up to heavier weights (say 15 - 17 lbs), the pull on the sheath somehow pinches the very tip of my penis. Very uncomfortable. I tried sweating it through an entire set once, and ended up with several small blisters on the tip. That’s when I decided to start researching alternatives.

I ordered some theraband, and am considering giving the Grip another try once it arrives, with the theraband in place of the inner sheaths. I do like the thing… at weights up to 12 lbs. it’s extremely comfortable… and I did manage to gain 1.25” erect length in 5 months of using it.


After reading your post last week, I did my own comparison between hanging 12# with the Grip and with the AFB.

With the Grip, the ligs were carrying about 95-99% of the weight, depending on position, but I didn’t feel any ligament stretch.

With AFB the ligs carried the same amount of weight for standing and bending forward, but the skin carried more weight while I was lying down. I felt ligament stretch until the pain in the skin got so great I couldn’t feel anything else (about 2 minutes).

I’ve gotten up to 18# with the Grip, but anything over 12# puts too much stress on the funnel tube and it ends up carrying a lot of the weight. I’ve had two of those things break while I was hanging, and it’s not fun.

I wish the Grip worked better, as it’s so easy to put on, but it does seem limited.



"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams

Thanks Johnny, let me know how the theraband thing is working out. I’ll keep my fingers crossed ‘cause I like this system myself, I wanna keep using it for heavier weights too.

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