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Unfair handicap match?: Hanging + Traction Wrap + Heating vs Fowfer

Unfair handicap match?: Hanging + Traction Wrap + Heating vs Fowfer

I follow up hanging with traction wrapping because of the chance that the wrapping will be necessary for the new growth to settle in, or at least may enhance the results. I haven’t done any hanging in over 2 weeks because of lack of good opportunity to be consistent lately.

So today, until I can get back to hanging regularly, I thought about returning to fowfers. With fowfers in the past I have gained some erect length and a good result in flaccid gain. And this was without following up fowfers with any traction wrapping.

I’m a believer in traction wrapping (or golf weights or penimaster, etc), yet now realise I never did wrapping after fowfers and gained anyway. Perhaps it worked without the wrapping because I fowfered at various times each day—- a while after fowfering my dick would slowly loose the extra elongated state it was in, but since I would fowfer again within hours (or sooner) it never got to lock in and remained in an unstable state that would slowly increase in length even more as weeks went by.

Relating this to hanging, perhaps hangers should either hang several sessions in a row and then traction wrap, golf weight, etc., or they can hang one session at a time throughout the day and skip the afterwards stretch if they need or wish to —-still utilising the afterwards stretch anyway if they think it still might enhance the effects.

Maybe traction wrapping, or other stretches, after fowfers has been discussed before. I know I’ve read plenty of discussions on this after hanging, but don’t recall right off having read about this with fowfers. Maybe this is the case because others have already realised that with the convenience of fowfers everything remains unstable (provided fowfers are done throughout the day) and the wrapping might could be skipped?

Just in case the fowfer effects can be enhanced by following it up with traction wrapping, I’m going to be wrapping afterwards whenever I can. My fowfer gains had slowed when I tried just doing fowfers for a month (several months back I did this). I still gained in flaccid, but I didn’t gain any in erect length that month if I recall correctly. Before that, I had been doing fowfers irregularly and I was aware my gains had become extremely slow from jelqing and fowfers.

I think many hangers do all their sessions close together and then wrap. But if someone hangs through out the day (or morning and then night) and then wraps each time, why would they not wrap after each fowfer? Perhaps fowfers should get the same treatment in this case, to be fair about it. :)

What do you guys think about this for getting best results from routines?:

1) Hangers that hang 2-3 sessions in a row, and then no more that day, should apply stretch afterwards.

2)Hangers that hang once in the morning and once in the evening can skip the stretch afterwards (though the effects could possibly be even better by stretching afterwards).

3)The above logic for hanging should also apply to fowfers.

This has me thinking about something else also. I had always fowered without any preheating. I heat before hanging and have recently become an advocate for extended heating before the hanging begins.
Maybe fowfers can be greatly enhanced by heating before beginning. Of course, I always considered fowfers a quick convenient way to PE, and having to start heating before beginning would mess up the attractiveness of this very quick and convenience way to PE. Is this another case of why fowfers seem so underated—- not only do many fowferers leave out heating, they don’t do any wrapping either ?(Though as I mentioned, perhaps the wrapping is not necessary with fowfers because of the constant unstableness).

Here what I would like to try at this time. I’m going to do fowfers at various times doing the day, sitting on my dick for 15 minutes at a time, and one of those fowfers will be done after extended heating. I’ll traction wrap at least one fowfer a day. Probably two will be traction wrapped—one cold fowfer and the heated fowfer. No traction wrapping for the other cold fowfers. I’m going to give this a go for a month, and depending on results, I’ll then evaluate whether I want to continue with this or not.

So move over hanging, fowfer is tired of being treated unfairly. :)

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Sounds good. It seems like in that time doing fowfers you could hang instead, but fowfers are a lot more convenient, so it sounds cool to me.

I modified the fowfer by squeezing it when it’s between my legs,resulting in a larger flaccid penis and I mixed it with stretching my now both my penis and my balls hang and swing.

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