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Cyclic Pumping Routine

Cyclic Pumping Routine

I am new to pumping, but I have been PEing since april, I know my penis very well and I know the kind of routine that give me a good workout. When I got my pump a couple weeks ago I thought I would try a basic routine, I don’t have a guage so I just pumped until I felt a good amount of “engorgement”. I would go into the tube erect and then hold the pressure for 5-10 minutes, then I would release teh pressure and then massage and jelq to get the blood flowing again. then repeat the session. But I kept getting the “doughnut” between my circumcision scar and the head. This doughnut was the limiting factor in how much pumping I could do, I tried using a wrap, but I coulnn’t wrap tight enough to prevent the gradual buildup of this “fluid”.

Then I had a thought, what if I used the pump to do the same thing that I do when I jelq? What if I go into the pump at 75-80% erect, and then use the pump to draw more blood into the penis, hold it for a few seconds and then release pressure until I feel my penis subside, then apply more suction. I would repeat this in a cyclic routine just as if I were using my hand to jelq.
I have done this routine for three days now and do not get the fluid buildup that I got when holding pressure for several minutes. Wehn my penis comes out of the tube it is slightly purple, indicating to me that it is filled with blood on the surface instead of fluid (this was one indication that I had of the fluid buildup with the first routine, the pale color indicates fluid)

I was just wondering if anyone else uses a similar routine. I can do this routine almost indefinitely, I use a tube that is not much larger than my own girth, and I use my mouth instead of the hand pump, that way I can walk around with the tube in my mouth, freeing my hands to do other things.


Yeah that is basically what my CTC XL-3000 electric pump does. Except way more effective then when I was doing it manually of course. It helps big time on fluid build up but more importantly it helps keep oxygen rich blood flowing into the penis.

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