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Cycling pressure up and those ligs baby!!!

Cycling pressure up and those ligs baby!!!

I have been experimenting with this method the last couple of sessions and would like to hear comments from others who have used it. What I have been doing is pumping up to pressure hold it for a 20sec. count then release the pressure for a 20sec. count then pump up topressure to repeat the cycling for all but the last 2min. of the session which I hold at static pressure. I am now doing 4 10min. sessions with a 5min. break of jelqing and squeezes in between using this method. What I have observed is that I now pack the tube after a couple of sessions whereas before with static pumping pressure I wasn’t. Second, by the time I finish the last session I have increased my length in the tube by at least 1/2”. My theory is that by cycling up and down I am taking full advantage of the body’s reflex mechanizm for tissue expansion and contraction, also I think this method may promote more efficient cell division by constantly supplying fresh oxygen to the cells through more constant blood exchange in the cc and cs. hence the faster expansion and lengthening without water retention in the tube (the balloon effect?). I’m no expert on this theory, but it seems to me that this is the logical way of thinking about it. Or am I wrong???

Has nobody tried this technique? After the original above post on this method I continued to search and found an article that describes this technique in a somewhat different manner over at Premiere manufacturer/provider of quality penis pumping equipment and other personal products related to vacuum enlargement in the library section under advanced techniques. They did a study with 2 individuals and posted results, although I can’t be certain on their findings since they pumped both penis and balls. Please check it out and post back. Also, in the routines section of this board Avocet8 briefly describes this method saying this was a topic for another thread…. perhaps now is an opportunity for him to post his findings and opinions on this technique. Help me out guys, I’d like to know what you think.


I replied to your thread a few days ago but the post didn’t “cement”. Maybe this one will.

What you are doing (pressure up-pressure down in very short sets) makes a good deal of sense to me for several reasons. I’ve noticed that when I do this, but not necessarily in the same time sequence as you, that my after-pump engorgement is larger and lasts longer. There is no doubt some good vascular “flushing” is occurring with these repetitions; the more rapid introduction of freshly-oxygenated blood has to be beneficial to tissue health, too.

I’ve been on a very long plateau - since early last summer - of no erect gains. Curiously, my flaccid size has gradually increased a lot during the past year. I don’t understand why that would be but I’m real happy with that. Because I got to where I wanted to be erect, sizewise, I haven’t put as much effort into pumping and PE as I used to, and I’ve unconsciously shortened my in-cylinder time by a great margin in order to be done with my workout and be able to move on to something else. I’m doing a lot more now of what you do but only as a time-saver.

In the past month, though, I’m getting a full half-inch more of length while under max pressure (for me, about 7 on my gauge) and girth packing has moved up farther by about an inch. So far I don’t see these differences translated into measureable erect gains. I do know for sure that my nocturnal erections are thicker and longer than sexual or PE ones, so maybe there’s an upward move in my future?

You might be on to something there, b1, is what I’m saying.



Recently on the mornings when I don’t have as much free time to do a longer pump routine, I use this technique of pumping at much higher pressure than normal for brief periods of time, releasing the vacuum and repeating again. This technique gives me a much quicker 80% pack up the shaft in my 2.00 inch tube, allowing me to move easily into the larger 2.50 inch tube to finish the job.

Today, in particular, was a good pump day. In my 2.50 inch diameter tube, I easily packed more than halfway up my shaft.
The girth increase result was incredible. Eight hours later, my base girth is still measuring flaccid at 6.75 inches around. I’m going to continue to experiment with this routine for awhile. I already notice that my next day unpumped size is getting steadily larger.


Thanks for the input Av.& Pe. It sounds like there is a lot of potential with positive advantages to this technique. I myself have noticed that I am packing the tube a lot faster and have measured a 1/8” increase in erect girth pre pump since starting with this about a week ago,so I don’t think this gain has cemented yet.And you are right Pe, the girth increase in the tube is nothing short of amazing compared to static pressure al though I am only 6 weeks into a serious pumping routine so my gains don’t stick around as long as someone that has been at it for awhile. I do tend to build the anticipation still expecting to wake up with a monster between my legs and telling myself “maybe tommorrow?”I can’t complain though, since I started pe back around the middle of Oct.2002 I have had fast initial gains. I started at 4”eg x4.75” el and now I’m at 5” eg x 6”el which shocked the hell out of me since it’s only been just past 4 months. I suppose I could attribute this progress to constantly keeping my dick guessing as I am always doing the same basic routine ,I’ll vary the workout by by throwing in something a little different every few days (constant state of alert like what the hell is he going to do today???). I think by constantly changing every few days gives enough time to adapt’ but not settled into a solid regiment of pe. Who knows?, maybe this pumping technique will make fast gainers out of all of us and be a good plateau breaker.

You’re certainly on some right track because those are very significant gains for such a short period of time. Keep at it and keep us posted.




Great results in such a short period of time! I agree with you strongly on the value of “keeping your dick guessing”. I think variety in techniques, time and pressure can be quite instrumental in keeping erect and/or flaccid gains coming steadily.


Maxwell, it sounds like you might be having a lot of fun with this method and it is. There’s nothing like putting your dick in a tube with a 1/4” clearance all around and then after a couple of short sessions of this method the tube is full and you’re nice and fat and you know its blood engorgement, not water retention. There are a few things I would like to know about how you are employing this method so here’s a list of ?’s. How does your dick feel under pressure,are you pumping so that you can feel a good stretch in your ligs on top and down the sides of your shaft? How long have you been holding the vacuum for, 20 secs. as laid out in the post or have you been varying with longer or shorter periods to obtain maximum fatigue? What manual exercises do you prefer or think are giving you the best/fastest results between pumping sessions? How long have you been applying this method and have any gains cemented yet?

I’ m new to the forum but not new to PE. I have been “playing around” with almost every technique mentioned in these forums, but never very diligently until recently.

I also have spent the last several weeks reading the tremendous volumes of good information here before posting. That said, I have been thinking of some kind of electronically controlled method of implementing this idea of changing pressure.

A bit off topic, but related I have been doing sort of “manual ULI’s” but similarly varying the pressure and as well switching hands each 30 sec or so. I have much less discoloration and as Avocet8 says a better retention of fullness. My 2cents

i agree with perforeal….
did the same thing last night with a 1.75 and 2.00
the next day the girth was still there

also use power-jelg and hand jelg

i found best to switch tube disconnect small size from top…pressure
will stay…..get larger connected to pump
release pressure in small creating small vent at base of small tube
put large one on…..plump like a hot dog

Blood or fluid?

Are you sure this isn’t just promoring more fluid buildup rather than blood engorgement. The fluid could be helping you to pack more quickly, but overall this wouldn’t be productive.

One foot to go

Hi guys,

I’ve been using the cycling technique for a couple months now and have seen some very good results from it. I’m now into my 5th month pumping along with jelking for 1 hr every other day. So far girth increases appear to
be cemented in. Today I hit (for the first time) 6” hg in the tube and looking longer than usual, just for the fun of it I measured and I actually measured 1/16” longer! in the tube. Usually measure 6 3/8”, today 6 7/16”. That don’t sound like much I know, but it was a big deal to me.

Now if I can just hit 6.5” @ 5” hg I’ll really be happy! So I have a question. Is there anything else I can do to help increase length besides pumping and jelking? I always wear my Thera-P strap after each session for at least 2 hrs.
Current routine is, hot wrap, jelk 15 mins w/ power jelk- pump 15 min (cycling pressure up-down between 4.5- 6 hg for 2 min holds)- jelk 5 min, pump..etc for 1 hr total.

So far I’m really happy with the results I’ve been getting from pumping. Nocturnal erections feel huge, morning “surprise” erections feel huge and flaccid hang is also much improved. I’m staying the course and feel the length will come with time. Also been looking at the CTC XL 3000 electric pump. Sounds like a fantastic machine but a little pricy?!


i heard it good to pump after power-jelging but not to
power jelg again after pumping

i read a few posts people ran into problems

most do all the power- jelg first then end with the pumping

I have just completed my 3rd day of cyclic pumping and the results have been very good. Using this technique I pump up faster and longer and with less discoloration, almost zero. I go for two 25 minute long cycles with a 5 minute girth blaster jelq inbetween and at the end. I pump up slowly to my target pressure and hold for a count of 20-25 kegels and then release pressure slowly while milking the tube. It is a lot of activity, but it passes the time, and like I said, the results in both girth and length are better. And yes, I still wrap my tube with an electric heat pad. The technique has definite merit.

i also find the some kegels while pumping really helps

and the heating pad is a must


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