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LeLuv Pump Cylinders


I have the round flange, I find it quite comfortable.

I only have experience with the round flange. They are comfortable and seal well.

The wide-flange would only become too wide if you’re using a very large cylinder.

Thanks guys. Sounds like the round flange would be comfortable without being too wide. I currently have a cheaper cylinder, with the smaller edge, that tends to dig into the left side of my public area near the end of my session.

I assume you guys are only using the pump, without any covering over the flange, and it’s still very comfortable?

Can someone verify that my previous question is correct and no sleeve is needed over the round flange for a comfortable seal?

Originally Posted by Spontaneous1

I assume you guys are only using the pump, without any covering over the flange, and it’s still very comfortable?

Hey spontaneous,

Yeah no sleeve. Very comfortable at 10 hg, no discomfort at all, even UpTo 20 hg there’s a little pressure on the skin between the pubic bone, but isn’t painful at all.

Before you buy, if you’re pumping for length get one size down from the recommend size for your girth, I wish I had. I’m at 5.5 in girth so I got the 2" tube, my gut told me to get the 1.3/4 but I went with the recommendation. I find it a bit big for my liking and get an all around pull and begins to suck my scrotum in. I rigged an insert to take up the extra space to keep my balls out and have more pull on my glands only. If you want girth go for the recommend size.

Maybe the more experienced pumpers can advise better.

Just some food for thought

I have the round flange cylinder and I’m thinking about getting the wide flange because I find the round flange to be uncomfortable, maybe its because I got the cylinder one size too big to try n focus on girth but still, I think a wide flange would be more comfortable because the round one digs into me way more than I would like and I use a rubber sleeve for it.

I would recommend getting the size their chart says, not a size bigger or smaller.

If anything Iwould go for a little more girth, presently 6", but mainly pumping for ED/EQ health. I don’t want the testicles pulled in so I was looking more toward the wide Flange in the 2 14" i.d..

Thanks for all the replies.

I was wondering, if I did go with the wide-flange would I have to shave more of the pubic area because of that wider flange area?

Andy J, do you have any issues with your testicles being pulled in with the rolled flange?

The wide flange should be slightly more comfortable; however, the round flange, which I use, is quire comfortable.

Start 11/09 BPEL: 5.5", EG: 4.4"

Current. BPEL: 6:4", EG: 5.5"

Ordered the wide flange, we’ll see.

I received the wide flange setup but I’m having an issue with getting into seal. I used a good amount of coconut oil around the flange, and my pubic area, but it still leaks down. I tried it on my stomach and it does seal there so it’s not the pump. I have a wide silicone seal that will fit the flange but I don’t want to have to use it. I have shaved my pubic area some but don’t want to shave it anymore than I have. Anyone else have the same problem?

Some has to do with the particular shape of your pubic area. And a "baseball bat" shape will also make it harder to seal.

Some guys get a good seal that lasts indefinitely. I could only do that rarely; usually I had to pump the handle every minute or so. The aquarium pump conversion was well worth the $30 or so it cost; it has more than enough zip to compensate for any leaks.

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