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My pumping experiences, feel free to comment.

My pumping experiences, feel free to comment.

Hello gentlemen, I am just posting this thread because I have been an avid lurker on this site for the past two years and I feel it is time to divulge all I have tried and experience via pumping. Here it goes:

Attached is a picture of my homemade pump that I have been using. I built this in the fall of ‘04 out of a gravel cleaner, mity-vac pump and for the base I used a section of a foam kneeling pad. I cut a portion of the pad, filed/sanded it down and attached it to the base of the pump via epoxy. I have never had any problems with suction with this method. I got this idea from another member that posted his homemade pump back in ‘04.

I have tried all types of pumping. Granted, for about 10 months I was unable to pump (privacy circumstances prohibited this from even being an option), however I have noticed gains only in girth. I have been very consistent with my pumping for the past 5 months, and I am finally starting to recognize an increase in girth. Last night, I was having sex with a friend (female) and we hadn’t had sex in a few weeks. When we attempted anal sex, she made me stop because she said I was too thick (ego boost, I guess. However, I don’t feel like I’m anywhere near thick enough for personal satisfaction). Since then, she has made several comments as to how my cock feels ‘so much thicker’. HOWEVER, I have never packed my tube. Ever. No matter the duration of my routine, I have never ever packed my tube. I don’t understand this.

I have pumped while lubed, and while not lubed. I have never really noticed any difference between the two. As a matter of fact, as gross as it sounds, I will just use some saliva on the head and top of my shaft and use that as a lube when I enter my tube. Again, my base is good enough and there is enough suction so that I do not feel that lube at the base will make any impact anymore.

I have water pumped. In all honesty, this always seemed the best for me. I don’t know why, but it just seemed to be the most productive. However after reading what everyone has said about this style, I have stopped doing it.

I have tried condom pumping. No luck. I have tried inner tube pumping. No luck(this actually worried me because I could not see what was going on in the tube, it was really only a one time thing).

I always wrap my pump in a rice sock when I am pumping and I also will warm my cock up with a rice sock for about 5 minutes before I get hard and enter the pump.

My pumping routine typically consists of 4 sets of roughly 10 minutes, starting around 3hg and ending around 5hg. By now, I feel that my cock is conditioned to this amount of time and volume. I have never felt ‘overtrained’ or sore, so to speak. I have gone up as high as 7hg but it seems a little bit uncomfortable at this level of pressure(these higher levels were done in more of a temporary pumping at 7hg, then dropping back down to 4-5hg). Of course, I will take about 3-4 minutes break between sets to dry jelq before I get myself hard enough to re-enter the tube.

Sometimes I come out of the tube plump, sometimes I come out and I shrink up. I have no explanation for this.

Seldomly, I have noticed the red dots near the head of my cock, actually between the head and the shaft (I am cut by the way). This actually freaked me out one time because it pumped right before having sex, and thought that my partner had given me some weird rash. I was wrong, it went away.

I have NEVER experienced the ‘donut effect’ and I guess I’m happy that I haven’t had to.

Also, sometimes between sets I will tightly wrap my theraband wrist wrap around my cock and scrotum while I am still engorged. This usually makes my cock very pumped and shiny, yet not rock hard (very ‘shiny’ so to speak, due to the high level of blood forced into my cock).

Aside from pumping, I also dry jelq and manual stretch and I ‘fowfer’ a lot during the day (I drive a lot for work, I’ve tried to jelq while driving but that is just too hard/dangerous). I have not measured BPEL in a while, but I would estimate ~7.5 length right now. When I get the urge, I will measure and post a pic of it.

SO, in conclusion I would like to say this:

-First off, thank you Thundersplace for this wealth of info that is provided for free. This is a subject that I would not even fathom to bring up with my circle of offline friends, and this forum is a great place to come to and feel comfortable reading and discussing.

-I am still trying to find my way when it comes to pumping. Judging by what I have been doing for the past few months, the results are showing (eg last night).

-As much as I wish I could pack my tube, I don’t think it is ever going to happen. I know that people will say that it doesn’t matter if you can pack it, to me it does.

-I know that I will need to evenually get a professionally made tube. Until I can pack this gravel tube, it will have to do.

-I have noticed a drastic ability to ‘flex’ my cock via PC flexing while inside my partner’s vagina since going back to pumping. This was actually pretty cool, at least it seemed cool when my partner’s eyes would light up when I would contract and engorge my cock.

Again, if anyone has anything to comment on or ask questions about, I am all ears. Thank you.

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What is your girth and what is the inside diameter of your gravel tube?

I feel the same way about packing my tube. To think I will fill all that empty space around my shaft and touch the sides of the cylinder seems improbable but I certainly won’t stop trying. According to the numbers I would have to gain a full 0.5” from the lower-mid shaft to the glans in order to pack. That’s alot of girth.

It was pleasant to hear of the response you got from your partner though; I hope to receive the same reaction after a few more months of this. Too bad condom pumping didn’t work for you; it’s my new addiction.

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Are you saying you come out of the tube not hard? That’s supposed to happen, well at least it does to me. Try this I have just started doing this: I’ve read about clamping beforehand, but I clamp after pumping a few rounds then hit the tube again after I’m done and wear a skinny ace wrap I slimmed down afterwards and before I sleep I take it off.

Sorry for the late response, I haven’t measured EL or EG in a while and figured I’d check it just now:

Erect length = exactly 7 inches (no real gain since my last measurement). My cock has a pretty big upward curve to it by the way, that 7 inch measurement is taken from the base/pubic bone. I think I need to start stretching with more force.

Erect girth = 5.5 inches (up from 5.2 inches!) below head, 5.3 at base.

Last measurement was taken on 6/6/06. I’m happy to see my girth increase though, something is working.

As for the gravel tube, I believe it is 1 3/4 inch x 9 version. When I used to completely lube my cock, I would get too much skin from my scrotum that would slide up into the tube. Now that I do not lube, the skin does not slide in anymore (and there is still a very solid suction at the base).

If your girth is 5.5 and your tube is 1 3/4 inch, you should be packing it right now. You better use lube being that close to packing.

Harkening back to old geometry days, circumference equals pie times diameter.

Torch, my guess is that your pump is 2” across. Otherwise, as grprent said you’d be pretty much packed.

Key issue: Staying hard throughout the workout (easier said than done). Based on my pumping experience, it is the most important factor in ensuring that you get good, healthy expansion from pumping.

First off, I apologize. The diameter of the tube cannot possibly be correct. I bought it two years ago and I do not remember what the diameter was. I’m sorry for that.

Attached are pics that will show the true dimension:

1. measurement from the end. Again, it’s hard to see what the true measure is due to the kneeling pad attached to it.

2. just for proof that I am using this string to measure the outside.

3. string compared to measuring tape.

Again, this is outside measurement so I am not completely sure what the inside measurement.

Sorry for all the confusion, I want to be as definitive as possible.

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OK I have a 2 inch inside diameter tube. I can get about a 7 inch round dick.

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