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pumping newb

pumping newb

Hello there pumpers

I would really like to get into pumping, because I am gettting kinnda fed up with pulling, pushing, bending etc my snake. I would really like to know some first person experiences and info about pumping and yeah I already read the sticky thread. What can I expect from pumping? I want to increase my base and overall girth also. Are there any possibilities of ED? I looked through some our sex shops and all they got is the pumps with tube and this little pump that you are pumping with the hand. How do you know the correct preassure on that pumps? How does pumping work and what are the sensations when you do pumping? Can i get Peter North cock with pumping hehehe (wishes). I think he is a pumper too, don’t you think. How about the question of the hygiene in the pumps? Sorry to drop with all the questions but I would really like to know all about it. Is the privacy an issue with pumping? Thanks guys and see ya.


Vacuum Pumping 101 answers a couple of your questions, but here’s how it’s gone for me so far (about 3-1/2 weeks):

-I’m using it to help with ED, so I’m not worried about it making it worse, and have never heard of that happening.
-A handheld pump is fine, but you’ll want it to have a vacuum gauge so you can monitor the pressure accurately (5 inHg is a common vac, but I started with 3 due to pain).
-The tube is washable, like a coffee cup, so that should solve the hygiene issue.
-Privacy is an issue, because even if you detach the pump (via a quick release valve, like the good pumps have), you’re still sporting a big clear tube on your dick—hard to hide that.
-I’ve gained (or rather, regained) about 1/2” in length since I started. I don’t think girth is bigger, but the overall feel is that of being longer, meatier, and harder, which is what I wanted.

I can’t speak from experience about long term gains in length or girth, but others will have tales to tell, no doubt. The main things I’ve learned are, get a good setup (mine was about $165 out the door, from, use KY or similar lube, try to be somewhat erect going in, don’t overdo the pressure, and start gently then work up as comfort permits.

Keep reading other pumping threads. It’s slow, but very educational.

Thanks kandu. I will do some reading. I appreciate your help. I will give pumping a try I think. Just one question. What are the sensations while you pump. Is it similar to jerking off or something like that?


I find the sensation of vacuum oddly similar to vaginal pressure, though more uniform. Also, the flange at the base of the tube can, If I cause it to, press at the place between shaft and nutsack, which is like going deep, so feels pretty good.

I forgot to mention earlier that it’s important to maintain an erection while you’re in there, so use whatever works for you in that regard. It’s easy to blow your load while finding the right amount of stimulation without overdoing it, so if that happens either stay put and try to regain your erection, or release the pressure and start over.

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