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New look at Water Pumping


New look at Water Pumping

I’ve been encouraged by what is going on on the Condom Pumping thread, and it has led me to water pumping which in my opinion has all the benefits of Condom Pumping, and then some. I thought that it was worth starting a new thread to gather fresh info on water pumping from those who are doing it and those who have done it in the past. So far the benefits seem to be this
1. Can handle greater vacuums forces without fluid accumulation or discoloration to the skin.
2. I find that the shaft is expanded faster to the cylinder walls, than condom pumping with much less vacuum needed.
3. Done in the tub allows constant heat during the entire session.

I am starting to believe that the opposing forces that effect the outcome of pumping effectiveness is the vacuum force needed to create expansion verses the fluid migration into the skin and surrounding tissues. Water or condom pumping allows you to use enough force to allow tissue expansion, with minimum to no fluid accumulation in the unwanted areas. I like the water pumping better because it seems to be able to generate greater “effective” vacuum forces that expand the girth much quicker with a lower “absolute” vacuum force.
Further, the higher the vacuum for the longer period of time seems to cause the lymph and blood to create channels that don’t normally exist. By using lower pressures, or less time, you can avoid this in pumping. The water or condom allow the use of higher vacuum forces before this happens (I believe due to a counterforce to the surface tissues). I personally have been experimenting with cycling the pressure by either use of the pump and release valve or “jelqing” the tube. I have alternately experimented with a 3 sec jelque to a higher pressure, dropping back to a base line or using the pump to up the vacuum for 30-40 sec cycle dropping down to a lower pressure with the release valve for 30 seconds, then repeating the cycle for 10-20 minute session.
RESULTS; unfortunately I didn’t get a baseline measurement when I first started, but I SWEAR I am longer and thicker. It seemed I got the most results with the pump and release cycle of 30 seconds at 6-8 in hg, releasing down to 2-3 in hg. The only problem with the higher pressure is that it leaves me unable to get a real hard erection for 1-2 days. For me, at 8 in hg, seems to be the top of my range, I start to get some in tube darkening of the skin color, which normalizes as soon as I get out of the cylinder, but at 6 in hg, there is none of that. I also used a lower pressure “jelque” technique, using a baseline pressure of 2-3 in hg, jelqing up to 4-5 in hg. This technique allows me to get very hard in the tube which I believe should increase the results (just my guess), not to mention that it feels incredible! I think it is causing an Oxytocin release in the brain or something, which puts us at risk at getting hooked on this stuff. This in the long run might be bad, because I think it is quite possible that like strength training, less may be more. That is to say, the most effective routine for many of us may turn out to be short duration, 2-3X week with moderate to low pressures. Anyway the lower pressures with the tube jelque has no negative effect on me, it may even enhance the hardness of my erection later that evening. Possibly 1X/ week use a higher vacuum (6-8 in hg range) and the other 2-3 times, use the lower vacuum rangers (4-5 max) to cement the tissue stretch produce with the higher vacuum without causing any or very minor tissue damage.
Anyway, enough of my ramblings…I love to get feed back from those who have done it or know of others that have done it.

I agree, water pumping is way better than just air. For one, its more comfortable, i’ve noticed without the water, the unit starts to get a little cold for any time over 5 minutes. Another is the donut doesn’t form as fast, and like you said, you get more even vacuum over the entire unit instead of just on the head or base that typically happens with standard pumping practice.

Another very good reason is that it’s easy to seal when you’re waterpumping, i never have to shave or use lube. I think this is the number one reason for me personally, as i hate shaving, and lube is just too messy.



How long have you water pumped, and what kind of results have you noticed?


That pump pictured you can buy at autozone for around $40. It is just a mityvac with the brake bleeding attachment. Truthfully, that little cup isn’t enough for water pumping, fills so quickly.

What i do is to keep the tube somewhat above horizontal and leave 2-3 inches of air near the hose barb where your pump connects, that way you’re pumping air not water, but still getting the benefits of water pumping, while not having any messes (as long as you keep water out of the pump that is).

I’ve pumped on and off with water-pumping for the last year. I need to stick to a routine as i really just do it randomly, but have noticed a little bit of girth difference.



Thanks for the info. I will try that next time.

Start: EL: 5.8" EG: 4.8" Current: EL: Approx 7.0" EG: 5.7"

Thanks BJ2,

Yeah lets clear up this misconception right now!!! You DONT NEED a special pump to water pump! What you do is fill the cylinder so it just covers the top of your penis, leaving air at the top of the cylinder. Keep the cylinder fairly upright to keep the air at the top. In this manner, you are pumping air through your hoses and pump, which transfers the vacuum to the water, which then transfers it to the penis. An in-line cup is good to have, to avoid any mistakes. It can be bought, or probably easily made from pvc supplies. It does not need to me clear, just empty it out at the end of the session if you pulled some water in there.

There is one chap on line that doesn’t even use a pump! He just pulls a vacuum with his mouth on the tubing, clamps it off and has a good soak in the tub! If you use discomfort as a guide (avoid it!) it probably will work fine!


One more thing. I use the Mity-vac set up with the overflow cup ($30. at Auto Zone) and I don’t even get any water in the cup. Just be careful not to let the water level reach all the way to the top of the cylinder (I have a 2X10 in cylinder) and it should be no problem. If you are worried about damaging your pump, either buy or make an overflow cylinder or use the mouth vacuum method.


Yes sparkyx, I can confirm that. In fact when there is no air in the tube it takes very little sucking to remove the water and as you may know, you cannot put water under vacuum, so it automatically is replaced by pulling the penis into the chamber so be careful the first few times you try it. Without sounding to boastful, I think I first tried under water pumping in a bath about 1980 and was the one to promote the idea on this forum.

Regarding the ”clamping ” off of the hose/plastic tube, you can buy small plastic taps that push directly into the hose , from home brew shops. Try OZ / NZ brew shops on line.

I tried water pumping few times and it seems to give me much more temporary discoloration and much faster than regular pumping at equal vacuum level. Luckily it’s gone after few minutes, but that can’t be a good sign.

Water pumping does allow my shaft to reach the walls of the cylinder much faster and generates more girth than air pumping, but my erection is a little more spongy. I find that air pumping generates a harder erection for me. IMHO, water is better for show while air is better for performance. That being said, I enjoy both.

I also get considerably more expansion from water pumping, but I’m not sure is that actual expansion or is it only an illusion caused by refraction of light.

Some of the tube expansion in water pumping is due to an optical illusion.

However, water pumping does produce a larger and longer lasting flaciid than air. Also the gains on me last longer than air, for carrying into a sex act.

Its also more pain free, and I can think that there is more heat transfer into the unit through water pumping.

Also I would not think that we would literally cook the unit to a crisp like you can with a pump and a heating pad. Since the hot water will be hot to the touch, like a very warm to hot bath.

I don’t get jelqing the tube.

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