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Skin being sucked into tube w pumping

Skin being sucked into tube w pumping

I know this has been discussed before, but I’ve tried almost everything and still haven’t found a solution. I think the problem is that my penis is more oval in shape (wide), but vertically thin. My girth measures about 4.5 and I seem to pack a 1.75” inch tube. However, with a 2.00” the top of my skin from my balls seems to be pulled in making the turkey effect. I’ve bought latex sleeves (doesn’t work because of the thinness of my penis),, and tried strapping my balls with a leather strap, but nothing prevents the skin from being sucked in. Should I just deal with it?

Hi Zmike. One quick question: are you shaved around the base of your dick where the tube is trying to make a seal with the skin? If not, you might try it. Shave around the base, and then as you create the vaccum in the tube, press it down hard into your body. See if that creates a better seal.

Also, do you have a guage to measure pressure in inches of hg? If so, what pressure are you pumping at? That information will help the vets answer your question.

With your girth of 4.5, I find it hard to believe you are packing your 1.75 tube. I think the solution to your problem is to just stick with your 1.75 tube until your girth is at least up to around 5.25.

I’m going to move this over to the pumping forum if you don’t mind.

I am fully shaven.. The reason why I dislike using the smaller 1.75” tube is because my glans swell very large and become crushed at the top making it a cone shape, and somewhat unpleasant. I am just under 7” bpel. I’ve tried making a seal with lubes and lotions and pressing very hard, but it seems after a few minutes the skin just slowly starts to slip into the tube. I pump between 2hg and 6hg, variating. I use a kaplan pump and tubes.

You have to keep the lube off of your scrotum. In addition to doing that, when it still gets sucked in a bit, use a dry wash cloth when you pull it out and that will also act to wipe off the excess lube.

That is one reason I don’t like the tapered Kaplan tubes, because big headed guys like you have a problem just like you describe. A constant diameter tube would give you more room.

Ah. Thank you. I’ll look into buying a different tube then.


Cool site. I wonder if they get much call for that 17” tube.

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a guys what do you think about eh pumps at https://www.pum … rod/velseal.php

i was thinking about one of those because of the cushion and the laser cut ruler built into the pump a
I think this one is cool to what do you think gprent

I have never had one, but I think those Velseal cylinders look state of the art. Probably one of the best.

As I understood the cylinder should be a little bit wider than the penis. My base girth is around 5.5”. In my case the horizontal width is about 4.5 cm (1.77”) and the tube is 5 cm (2”) in diameter. But the vertical width is less which gives some room in the cylinder below and above the penis.

I press the cylinder hard into my body when I start pumping. Then when i reach the 5”HG vacuum I stop presing it. The skin stays out for the first 3-4 mins then it starts to go in slowly up to 2 inches inside the cylinder. the balls stay out. The vacuum level on the gauge is constant at 5” HG.

I hope I didn’t order a wrong sized cylinder. :S


The seal on those cylinders look perfect for the job. BTW, did you notice that Avocet8’s Pumping 101 article is in thier pumpers library too? :cool:

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You have the right size cylinder. It’s normal for your scrotum to start creeping into the tube. When you first start, try to keep the lube off of your scrotum when you apply it. After you start pumping, use a dry washcloth or small towel to pull the skin out and that acts to wipe off the lube. If the skin creeps back in, just keep using the washcloth to pull it out. After awhile, your base girth will expand enough and the skin will pretty much stay out. The most uncomfortable is when your balls get sucked in, but you have avoided that so far. Your technique will improve with time and practice, but for your girth, the 2” cylinder is perfect.

Can I pump with only a four inch girth?


I’ve been at it for about 9 years—Yea, I know—Seen it all; done it all. What you’re experiencing is typical. Stick with you 1.75” tube and things will begin to even out. A good solution to keeping the glans from expanding first is to use a condom over the glans down about halfway. Or, use one of those sleeves that packages plastic forks,ie. Wendy’s. But only use about 3’ of it. I used to wrap the sleeve with masking tape and save if for the next sesssion. I could reuse it about 3/4 times. As mentioned, this will keep the glans from bloating and let the base and mid-shaft expand. Eventually the whole penis will tend to expand at the same rate but mind you—it will take a while. See the fountain of youth string on the “Supplement” forum. That stuff really works and will help heal the micro tears and you’ll stay fuller longer. I’ve found that pumping (Pardon me fellow pumpers) only two times a week with about 2/3 days in between is better (For Me) I also use the Auto-Extender every day. Anyway, stick with your 1.75” TUBE for a while—Steve

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