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Extreme Extreme Ulis


Extreme Extreme Ulis

Penismith and I have had a private conversation running for several weeks. Stuff like this should really be in public, so we agreed to stick our messages in a thread so others can join in.

I still haven’t used weight. The pressure created from re-engorging halfway through each EU set has been plenty.

Warning: Extreme Ulis are not for newbies. Weighted Extreme Ulis may not be for anyone.

Originally Posted by hobby

I remember you said you had done weighted EU’s. Did they prove beneficial? I’ve been hitting girth quite hard and constantly lately. I gained a tiny bit of girth long ago from long-duration mild PE, but everytime I’ve tried intense EU’s they haven’t resulted in any permanent gains.

My current strategy is to treat girth similar to hanging - stay on it at a decent level of intensity and ride the fatigue. The more the better, mostly. When I get sore I ease off of the EU’s and spend more time wrapped. I’m also heating during most EU sets, which I hadn’t bothered with before.

I’ve been doing EU’s roughly twice per day and wrapping for girth after and between EU sessions at varying intensities. Wrapping alone can be somewhat extreme, bordering on EU intensity. The more the constriction the more often you have to either unwrap at intervals or at least squeeze the blood back and then re-engorge with fresh blood. It depends on how tight the wrap is.

I’m getting a great deal of temporary expansion. A good portion of it is actual internal expansion, but there is also some superficial fluid bloat, especially in the later sets. I try to keep the pressure up during each set even as the tunica expands. Usually at around the 5-6 minute mark I work up a semi-erection, loosen the clamp slightly, and kegel while pulling the clamp backward. This forces in even more blood. Then I retighten. Yeow! The pressure after that can be quite intense.

I haven’t tried using a hanger for EU’s yet.

Originally Posted by penismith
Yes, they are far superior to normal EU’s in terms of the gains I have made. After awhile, it becomes very easy to expand you penis by a half inch or more in girth and maintain that for several hours; the penis is permanently changed in that way. I also made some permanent basal gains but I am not sure how much.

I have wrapped pretty tight and in the beginning that can feel pretty extreme, but as my penis adapted, I didn’t feel much unless I had upwards of 15 lb hanging form it at the base. That is when I believe my penis started to change. The tunica just can’t resist that kind of force, not even with the most serious case of fibrosis.

Originally Posted by hobby

Thanks for the feedback. Makes sense, but it’s nice to hear from others.

What kind of schedule produced the best results? Any different strategy from hanging?

Originally Posted by penismith
I have never gone as heavy and as for long as I did then. It is also the only time I made any real gains with it. I am going to have to check my notes because I am a little forgetful. I am really glad I wrote all of that down.

To be honest, I don’t know if I will ever try and repeat those results. I think I should have been more scared than I was and because I think I can make better gains with a lot less weight if I can figure out this fibrosis/collagen build up thing.

Originally Posted by penismith
Day 1:
I am doing e. uli sets but I hung 10 lb/ 10 min. I wait for the portion of penis between the body and the Bib starter to go flaccid before attaching the weight. I felt no acute pain, it actually felt pleasurable. I did it at night and my penis did not feel terribly sore afterward. I did notice that it was far more engorged the next morning than it has ever been after a e. uli session with out weight. I took advantage of this engorgement by doing a 10 min uli by hand session and I was able to achieve my max (estimated by hand) e. uli girth w/in these 10 min.

My goal became to do these weighted e. ulis 1x/day and uli by hand 1x/day. If one is done in the evening, the other will be done in the morning. I did these uli by hand sessions close to 1x/day since mentioning them.

I am extremely careful with the weighted e. ulis. Heck, that is what the e. is for, right? I will slowly work my way up and pay attention. I want a big dick, not an exploded dick. I made sure that the portion between the clamp and body is soft; I have seen too many guys walk that lonely road.

Day 3:
Right before bed I did 1 weighted e. uli w/ 12.5 lb. It seems I am reaching a new max clamped girth with the weight.

Day 8:
I had to drop down to 10lb for the 1st 8 min and then 12.5 for the last two as I was beginning to feel a slightly scary amount of pressure. No point in injuring myself. I have noticed that it is a little harder to attach because I have a little more wrapped girth. This is a good sign. I am not measuring, but my erect girth is was clearly larger at ALL times, but I fear I will not know if this is permanent unless I stop PE for a week.

I am also still doing a lot of quick by-hand uli sessions. On some occasions I can get a post e uli girth in about 5 min even if I have not done an e uli session in say the last 15 or 16 hours. Who knows, maybe one day it will just stay that way

Day 16:
In terms of the weight I use while doing the, I went with what is comfortable. Weird, some days 12.5lb felt comfortable, other days my dick feels like it is going to explode at 10lb. I have not yet been able to draw a satisfactory correlation.

I have backed off the short uli by hand sessions because of skin soreness. I took a few measures to combat the skin soreness. I applied a small amount of Neosporin a few times to the sorest areas. I also continued to apply arnica and/or vit. e lotion at least 1X/day.

I then started applying grape seed oil as I am doing the w.e.u. (I remember Bib applying stuff during the session). The grape seed oil seems to work very well. The skin soreness very much diminished.

I measured my girth toward the end of the 10min while still clamped.
I am definitely having some sort of skin problem. I might take a few days off and apply a lot of moisturizer. If that doesn’t work, I will experiment with different wraps.

Day 22:
The skin itchiness problem continued and I tried applying more Lotrimin but still itchy skin.
That night I started to think about the fact that I have been heavily stressing my skin and the fact that it was covered with lubes and lotions for 24hrs/day for the last few weeks. I washed my penis with soap and water, dried it and went to bed.

Day 27
The soreness and itchiness was almost completely gone when I awoke. It could have been the jock itch cream, the drying out or a combination of those two and possibly other factors.
I did a little manual uli work yesterday morning and felt some discomfort in the affected area.
I tried a little more manual uli work in that area last night when I got home. Again, it was sore enough that I didn’t feel it prudent to resume any sort of extreme uli.

Note: This may be partially stress related. When I am under a lot of pressure (I am now), I get a little itchy. Just scratched my leg while thinking about it. I think a lot of people do. Anyway, I might be hyper sensitized to the discomfort I am feeling in the affected area.

Day 29:
I am worked on a combination of using the medication for part of the day and keeping dry for the rest.

My penis continued to hang long and full on my recovery days. It was also unmistakably thicker when erect than it was a couple of months ago.

Note: The skin problem very much improved. The key seemed to be keeping my penis cool and dry. I also applied (just about the thinest coat possible) grape seed oil while doing the I left the oil on after I finished.

Now, when I am experiencing itchiness, I splash my penis with a little cool water and then dry it immediately. That has helped a lot.

Day 42: Quit
Well, I took a long break to let the skin heal completely.

The odd thing is, my penis is not the same as it was on day one. My penis is more or less the same as it was when not wearing a cock ring, but is much fuller while wearing one that it was while wearing one in on day one. I hope that makes sense.

I gained a whole lot just below the head; maybe 0.5 in. I just realized this yesterday. I didn’t notice this at first because I think I only measured mid shaft in my last post. I think the head is a little (0.25in) larger as well. I am doing PE again and I measured below the head before starting. I hardly did any PE in the last 3 months so I think it is safe to say it was permanent growth.

For a short period of time I started doing eus again and I went up in weight pretty quickly and I am exceeded 6.5 inch mid shaft girth while clamped. I also did a whole lot of pan squeezes. The skin got sore again. I think the sore skin is what did in my routine last time, when it gets beyond a certain point, it takes forever to heal.

The skin is looser but I also wonder if the tunica has memory of what I did before. This suggests some sort of long term change although there was not significant permanent enlargement mid shaft, but still, the tissue may have changed somehow mid-shaft.

Originally Posted by hobby
Were you only doing one weighted set?

I’ve been generally doing a minimum of 3 EU sets per session based on measurements while Ulied and also from guestimating how much internal expansion I feel when jelqing in between. 3 seem to result in maximum or near maximum expansion. Not sure if more are necessarily better. Maybe. I’ve done as many as 9 sets spread out over an evening, but the combination of internal expansion and fluid bloat are limiting primarily due to skin stretch. When I’m pacing around counting down the seconds barely tolerating the stinging skin pain I know I’m about done. :)

Interestingly, by doing EU’s several times a day I don’t get red or purple spots. My dick is slightly more discolored than before I began this girth routine, but not nearly as much as I would have expected or have had from other schedules. I suspect the frequency is mostly responsible, though longish periods of wrapping may also be helping.

Did you use heat?

Originally Posted by penismith
I did different numbers on different days. The important thing is how much fluid free expansion you get while clamped. You want to work up to more than an inch of fluid free girth while clamped. When I got used to doing these, my penis was a half an inch thicker at all times (including erection) throughout the day.

I will have to go back and see how often I used a rice sock. I defiantly think it helps from both and experience and theoretical standpoint.

The most important thing with these is massive lympth free girth increases while clamped and between clamping. Remember to pay close attention to your penile skin, I developed a condition which I think resulted from stretching it too fast.

Be careful!

Originally Posted by hobby

> When I got used to doing these, my penis was a half an inch thicker at all times (including erection) throughout the day.

Wow, that’s pretty good. With regular EU’s I’m getting some good internal expansion during a session, but unless I wrap or do some manual Ulis every so often it shrinks back down to normal size over a period of several hours. I’ve been trying to keep it expanded as much as possible.

Fluid buildup limits how many EU sets I can do in a row (and how long I can stay wrapped during the day), but I’m getting slightly less fluid as time goes on.

I hear you on the skin issue. Lately the skin just below my head has been sort of uncomfortably itchy, similar to the beginnings of a fungal infection. I’m trying to keep it clean and dry. I’ve also been regularly washing the cloth and Theraband I use for wrapping.

Originally Posted by penismith
Yes, the penis changes and you get less fluid as time goes on. I do remember that.

Yes, take care of the itchiness. That is what ended my run and I never really got going at full speed again. For me the skin became the limiting factor. This is inflammation.

You know, the more I think about this, the more I think this type of PE just isn’t worth it. If I had that kind of inflammation in the skin of my penis, who knows what was taking place in the other tissues. I may have been a few weeks away from ED.

If you wish to proceed, I will help you, but know that I am not of the “well, mine still works so it must be safe” camp.

Also remember that it is not like I gained 2 inches of girth while doing this. I don’t know exactly how much I gained but it was nothing spectacular.

Originally Posted by hobby
So far I’m only doing regular extreme Ulis - same as Bib did. I haven’t tried using a hanger for them yet, though I do sometimes lightly squeeze in front of the clamp to add a little more pressure. Resetting the EU halfway through each set by loosening and forcing in more blood also boosts the pressure considerably.

I’m not in a rush to use higher and higher pressures. I see it as probably an inevitable necessity for me sooner or later.

When hanging one needs to use a minimum effective weight. Some will gain at first using only 3-5 lbs. Others won’t progress until they reach much higher weights. The same thing is at play here with girth, I think. Some will gain from doing a few manual Ulis. Others will need extreme Ulis. Those with even more stubborn tissues will need weighted Ulis.

As always, use the least force or pressure necessary. But I’ve done my fair share of EU’s in the past with nothing to show for them. I may need to use weight to gain. First I’m extending the volume/time. When that fails, as I suspect it will, I’ll increase the intensity.

Originally Posted by penismith
I agree with all of this. I think you might have some really good gains if you track your engorgement with a tape measure while clamped. You know the drill. Drink lots of water to keep the skin healthy while stretching. Maybe look into those creams pregnant women use to help with it.

If over time, you get substantial lymph free clamped engorgement and can maintain it through out the day for a couple of weeks, I think you will gain.

If I remember correctly (not my strongest point) I did a lot of Pans and manual Uli through out the day as well.

I think the main advantage to all of this is sex. Once your penis undergoes the changes, you can put a cock and ball ring on a few hours after your last set and have sex with a hard and considerably thinker penis. I have not done it in awhile but I fondly remember what it was like to have sex with a pretty solid erection exceedig six inches in girth. I heard sounds I have never heard before.

Originally Posted by hobby
I had to reduce the number and frequency of EU sets, and lately have also eliminated wrapping. My skin stays somewhat swollen and bloated all the time. I don’t want to push it too far.

I have a line of small scabs (?) along the left side of my circ scar (presumably from it being stretched so hard - the skin ripping apart there), and also a “bump” in the skin on the bottom of the shaft, also located along the circ scar. The bump appears to be a weak spot that was overly strained. I’m keeping an eye on it but not worried. My skin has been under a tremendous amount of tension and is showing the wear. Discoloration is extremely bad. The middle part of my dick is an appropriate shade for a black guy. Oh well. From past experience, it will clear after I lay off of the girth work, but it will take many months.

Hard to tell if I’ve gained any permanent size yet from this. I get so used to my dick being inflated from the EU’s that anything smaller seems, well, small.

Since I dropped the wrapping and cut down on the number of EU’s, I’ve added what I’ve been calling in my journal “Ulijelqs.” These are basically Ulis with max engorgement, but I do a very slow jelq forward to maintain the pressure that I would otherwise have trouble maintaining. These work best standing, and bent over, allowing the weight of my arm to help hold the pressure.

I do these as a warmup for my EU sessions, between sets, and afterward. I’m also throwing in a few 10 minute sessions of them and regular Ulis throughout the day to help maintain the stretch attained from the EU’s.

My last non-PE’d girth measurements were a little over 5” at the base, 4.75” midshaft, and about 4 7/8” behind the head. The head was roughly the same as midshaft, though it depended somewhat on erection intensity.

During my 3rd EU set this afternoon, the shaft in front of the Uli thing measured 5.75”, the foreshaft 5 7/8”, and the head itself just a hair under 5 5/8”. A portion of the increased shaft size was fluid, but the numbers should provide an idea of the strain my skin is taking. I’m blowing everything up a full inch over “normal” now during the EU’s. Wow. I hope a bit of this will eventually set in permanently.

I’ve been focused on girth for about 8 weeks in this stint. The past 4 weeks have been quite intense.

BTW, I smeared some vitamin E on the shaft skin today during my last EU set while the skin was under tension. I think I’ll make this a regular practice.

Vit E is sticky and gooey. It was so sticky that I later applied some hand lotion to prevent my dick from sticking to my underwear. The combo seemed to solve the sticky issue.

Originally Posted by penismith
The skin will likely be the limiting factor. Watch the itchiness closely because it will shut your experiment down fast. I had the scabs as well, but I don’t know about the bump. Yes, my penis was very black as well. When you are done, you might consider doing what I am doing now as the discoloring is fading very fast.

The most important question is, is your girth larger (non edema) at all times when you get an erection? I think that is very important. I think the Ulijelqs are good, I did something similar and they should help keep the tunica expanded beyond your previous girth.

Three goals:
Continue to get larger and larger while doing the exercises.
Watch itchiness closely.
Do a lot of Ulijelqs so that you might heal in the expanded state.

I know you know all of this.

I think you will need to do a major de-fib when you are done with this. When that time comes, I will be able to tell you if it results in a loss of gains.

Originally Posted by hobby
I’m taking a few days off to allow all bloat/swelling to go down so I can measure and see if I’ve gained anything yet. Then I’ll probably give this routine another month.

>When you are done, you might consider doing what I am doing now as the discoloring is fading very fast.

What are you doing?

Originally Posted by penismith
Nothing to extreme. I am using:

a loofah soap once every two days
Arnica Gel (Boiron brand) 2 applications over entire penis/day

At night:
Vitamin E 1000 IU
L-Arginine 1g

Alpha Lipoic Acid 300mg
Acetyl L-Carnitine 500mg
L-Carnitine Tartrate 500mg

I am not super quantitative with this. Some days I forget to take stuff which I don’t worry about because I think one should give their bodys a break every few days at least.

I am also doing a lot of semi erect deep tissue penile massages for about 10 min. in the shower under the hot water. No constriction or pain, just very much loosing up the tissue. These are interesting and I think a new PE exercise might develop out of it. If you get hard enough, you are actually stretching the tunica as you push in, however, you are not forcing fluids across barriers or causing trauma so fibrosis is less likely. I am nowhere near ready to call it a PE exercise although I do hang fuller afterward.

I am thinking of using DMSO but I want to see where I can get with this other stuff first because I know it is all healthy and safe as long as I don’t overdo it.

Although I hang fuller during my shower massages, I am loosing flaccid gains. This is a little disappointing, however, I am not loosing erect gains. In fact, my penis seems harder erect than it has in a long time. Also, oddly enough, I have regained some of my erection angle without a loss in length. This is of course all very anecdotal and I don’t know what is doing what and how much is in or stimulated by my mind.

We will see what happens.

Originally Posted by penismith
Two more thoughts:

When I stopped doing the eus, I didn’t think I had gained anything but latter realized that I had gained some mid shaft and a lot under the head. Don’t make any decision until something like a month goes by after quiting.

Also, I forgot to mention something about my fading. It is not fading uniformly. This is a little disconcerting at first because I have pink, brown, yellow and black patches now. The circumcision scar is still black, the ridge on the head looks brand new but there are brown and yellow areas between the pee hole and the ridge. The area immediately around the pee hole is pink, which suggests the acid in the urine might be speeding up the turnover of skin. Rich and famous people get acid peels for the same reason, to speed the turnover. Disgusting I know, but someone might consider peeing in a condom and letting my shaft soak in it (not for me). The shaft is white at the base. This is my shaft point of reference, I have a distinct line separating the coloring of the base and the rest of the shaft behind the head.

IOW, my penis is starting to look really weird but I am heading in the right direction.

Originally Posted by hobby
In the past I’ve tried mild exfoliation - a daily scrub with abrasive face cleansing glop containing ground up bits of apricot pits, and application of a mild alpha hydroxy acid lotion.

Neither helped much, if at all. Time seems to be the key. Generally the discoloration worsens for a week or two after stopping whatever was causing it. It may take this long for the gunk stuck in place from the last few workouts to fully oxidize. Then it seems to stay about the same shade for quite a while. I suppose it is actually clearing during this time, I just don’t notice. The change from pretty dark to slightly less pretty dark isn’t very obvious.

At about the 3-4 month mark I notice improvement. After 6-8 months it’s usually back pretty close to where it was before the intense girth exercises. I’ve hung during this time and/or done other PE that doesn’t build pressure under tight skin. I don’t know if this slows the clearing or helps it along.

I’m guessing with no PE the skin would lighten to pre-PE pristineness in 12-24 months. I may never find out. ;)

Originally Posted by penismith
I forgot what my penis was supposed to look like. It had been a long time since I had seen new healthy skin. This is kind of hard because I am used to doing some girth work before sex which I have stopped doing. When my wife and I have sex, I can tell she feels the difference because she is starting to move her hips from side to side to get greater wall stimulation.

That reminds me, have you tried applying a cock and ball ring a few hours (you have to find the window) post workout? You should be getting a very thick, relatively fluid free and hard enough to use with out bending upon insertion, penis.

It is something else. Oh, and don’t use viagra, there is a sweet spot, and viagra will get you a little too hard, resulting in less girth.

Originally Posted by hobby
I have to be careful with cock rings. My veins don’t like long periods of mild constriction. Wrapping for girth generally isn’t a problem as long as there is enough pressure to keep the veins expanded. But, one of the reasons I stopped wrapping is my “bad” vein was starting to get irritated. Too much time I guess.

This is my 4th day off. All fluid bloat appears to be gone, so I measured. My last girth entry was on Feb. 3. I didn’t gain any between then and starting this routine except maybe a tiny bit at the base, so consider those numbers starting measurements. My spreadsheet is set up to convert fractions to decimals. I obviously can’t measure with accuracy to 3 decimal places. I go by 1/16” increments.

Feb. 3, 2004:

5.063 base
4.750 mid
4.875 foreshaft


5.250 base
4.813 mid
4.938 foreshaft

My dick looks and feels smaller than when I started because I’m spoiled from the EU temp size increases. I haven’t done any length stuff at all for several months. BPEL is down about 1/16”. BPFSL is down 1/8”. I’m sure the length will come back quickly (plus some extra) when I switch to a dedicated length routine.

So, an increase of 1/16” midshaft. I was hoping for 1/8”, but I’ll take whatever I can get. The base sure has increased though, I think mostly from the CS being larger. The Uli thing attaches at the base, yet the part under it grew. Weren’t you hanging or using a stretcher when your foreshaft grew from the EU’s? Piet has mentioned shaft gains where his hanger attaches. There must be something to this “meat tenderizing” effect.

I’ll have to experiment with tenderizing my midshaft. A cable clamp attached ahead of the Uli thing might work. That’s Piet’s approach. I’m thinking a more active technique may work better. I’ll rig up some hinged, padded sticks (like a nut cracker) and see how painful they feel while EU’d. :)

My midshaft girth is slightly smaller than foreshaft because my right CC narrows slightly in the middle. I also have a slight curve to the right. It has been that way for as long as I can remember. Probably a bit of plaque from an old injury. PE hasn’t affected it. Injecting Verapamil might help, but I have no desire to stick needles in my pecker.

The screwed vein made for a slow PE year.

BPEL, base, mid, fore, BPFSL

Oct. 4, 2003…6.938…5.063…4.750…4.875…7.625
Feb. 3, 2004…7.188…5.063…4.750…4.875…7.750
March 1, 2004…7.250………………………………7. 875
Oct. 5, 2004…7.188…5.250…4.813…4.938…7.750

Originally Posted by penismith
Wow, great post and great results! You have got me thinking about doing this again.

I think there is something to the tenderizing thing. I talked with Bib about it once and he thought thought there was something to it as well. I wonder if one even needs pressure ahead of the wrap? I bet wrapping it down so small sheers some of the collagen bonds without inducing inflammation because blood vessels are not broken and no fluids are forced across tissues in this region. Hmm, this explanation is incomplete but maybe we can figure it out.

What are you going to do now? Are you going to do a maintenance routine, de-fib, jump right back in, go to Disneyland?

Originally Posted by penismith
Shit, fist wrap the whole penis down tight like we do at the base with eus for 10 min with some sort of heated sleeve fastened over it. Then double wrapped condom pumping or maybe a wrap with less give like thera with a heating pad around the tube. 10 min at high pressure, maybe 5 or 10 times/day. The tunica gets crushed with the tight whole shaft wrap and then it gets expanded with the condom pumping. There is not much fluid build up with condom pumping.

Of course, consider Bib’s advice and do the second 1/2 of each set with out heat. Or, shit, why not ice it for the last few seconds. We always think about making collagen more elastic with heat but we just might be able to make it brittle with cold.

Could it work?

Of course, we are among the PE educated here, I would not throwout a half cocked idea like icing the penis anywhere else until I had thought about it for longer than 2 minutes.

Your observations are really inspiring, thank you.

Originally Posted by hobby
I think I’ll continue this for a few more weeks, maybe a month. My hanger is calling, but I’m half afraid the girth I’ve gained so far isn’t fully cemented.

I don’t remember if I mentioned it earlier, but for the last 10 days or so I added kegels during parts of some EU sets. The idea is to help expand the base behind the Uli thing. One guy reported excellent base girth gains from kegeling while doing Bruiser 360’s. EU’s are somewhat similar. In both cases circulation is completely cut off near the base.

I’ll try out the nutcracker. It may be too uncomfortable. I can tolerate some discomfort, but if too miserable I’m not likely to stick with it. Intense massage techniques for stretching fascia on other parts of the body are often somewhat painful. Have to be careful with my dick and try to discern ok pain from screwing something up pain.

I doubt wrapping by itself would work. Poor analogy, but wrapping meat won’t tenderize it. Whacking with a tenderizing hammer does. Maybe the goodness that happens when using a hose clamp occurs mostly at the edges of the clamp?

Piet suggested making a full shaft length clamp for tenderizing, with the ridges he uses for his hanger inside. It may be worth a shot. Not sure how you’d work that into a routine. Maybe alternate regular EU’s with 5-10 minute sets of smashing. Or smash for several sets in one session and then do most of the EU’s in another.

I’ve been heating for the first 5-6 minutes of my EU sets. I think the heat helps the underlying tissues expand, but an unfortunate side effect is it also causes lymph fluid to accumulate more rapidly. Since fluid buildup is what limits how many sets I can do in a session, I split the difference and only heat for half. Hey, it was good enough for Bib.

I heat my rice sock, attach the Uli thing, wrap an old t-shirt around my dick (the sock is usually quite warm), and apply the sock. While seated, I lean forward slightly as time goes on to help maintain the pressure. After about 5-6 minutes the tunica has stretched out and the pressure isn’t as great as when the set began. I remove the heat, get about half an erection, loosen the hose clamp a bit, and kegel while pulling the clamp rearward. Repeat a few times and then retighten. This creates a great deal of pressure, enough that I often pace around while counting down the seconds. My sets usually run 9 minutes.

Icing at the end (last set only) might help “freeze” the tissues into their stretched position and help maintain the expansion a bit longer. Might also help prevent more fluid from building after the session, as it tends to. When water pumping a few ice cubes and cool water in the tube work fine for a final freeze set.

I haven’t iced on a regular basis mostly because it is extra hassle. I should get a bag of frozen peas or something equally convenient to use. Also, I’ve been a little concerned that it may worsen discoloration. Less circulation = less flushing of the nasty crap lodged where it shouldn’t be. Just a hunch.

Originally Posted by penismith
I think I agree with all of this. After I wrote my last message, the logic of the idea started unraveling as I drifted of to sleep. Again, congratulations on your gains.

Originally Posted by hobby
I did some manual Ulis and one set of EU’s today. The bruising is horrible again, even worse than before. It seems the more intense the workouts before taking a short break, the more sensitive the skin becomes. Even one day off is enough to cause a hypersensitive response, though it’s worse after 4-5 days off.

This is puzzling. A short break should allow everything to heal and toughen. What is happening to the deeper tissues? Are they as beat up as my skin? Could be. Maybe the hypersensitivity is why rest days help some guys. If the tissues take much more of a beating after a couple days off, the brief rest itself (as in allowing time off for growth to occur) may not be what’s doing the trick. The same or even a milder routine may be more effective afterward because it is relatively more intense.

Does some sort of protective response develop over a period of several days of constant “abuse”? If so, what is it, and does it affect tissues deeper than the skin? If this is the case, the half life of whatever is involved is pretty short.

The word “thrombosis” keeps spinning in my head.

Ouch. This is some extremely risky shit. Careful, fellas.

I really think all these extremes you guys are going though are totally unnecessary and damaging. It is still my firm belief that macro damaged tissue of the kind you bring on has no chance for growth and all you experience is swelling and bloat. If you guys were to stop today, it might be a year before your cocks returned to healthy tissue status. But I think you are too addicted to what you are doing to see it for what it is.

Originally Posted by gprent101
I really think all these extremes you guys are going though are totally unnecessary and damaging. It is still my firm belief that macro damaged tissue of the kind you bring on has no chance for growth and all you experience is swelling and bloat. If you guys were to stop today, it might be a year before your cocks returned to healthy tissue status. But I think you are too addicted to what you are doing to see it for what it is.

Damaging? No doubt. I had a bad skin condition and may have been close to rupturing my penis. Fibrosis? I think so.

I did grow though. It has been over a year and I still have the gains. Unnecessary? Maybe, but I know PE as well as the next guy and nothing else worked.

Will I do this again? Probably not, it scared the shit out of me.

Bib gained a lot of girth doing EU’s regularly for well over a year. My version isn’t much different from his, except for maintaining slightly(?) higher pressure during the sets and probably using more frequency. My shaft skin is taking a hell of a beating.

Bib’s head skin split and bled several times from EU’s. He said it was like a paper cut below the piss hole. Extreme Ulis are extreme, thus the name.

The most interesting part of the results so far is the area under the clamp for me, and the foreshaft where penismith was applying a hanger/stretcher concurrent with his weighted EU routine, grew the most. Also see Piet’s thread.

The growth in areas where localized “tenderizing” occurred may be from existing cross links being broken and/or new ones being prevented from forming. This deserves further investigation.

Originally Posted by wadzilla
The word “thrombosis” keeps spinning in my head.

Ouch. This is some extremely risky shit. Careful, fellas.

I keep hearing about this “thrombosis” but I’ve never seen what one looks like, have never had one, and just in general don’t know what one is. Could someone please point me to relevant information? Does it result from too much pressure from girth excercizes?

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

Originally Posted by gprent101
…all you experience is swelling and bloat.

There is definitely a lot of bloat with this routine, which I would love to minimize. But I also get a good amount of internal expansion.

Maybe you don’t trust my subjective estimation of the degree of internal expansion vs. bloat. Fair enough. The head can’t bloat with fluid, so it provides a more objective gauge. My best measurement around the coronal ridge while EU’d: 5 5/8”. Non-PE’d it’s usually about the same as my shaft. Figure 5” at most when wearing a cock ring with a super erection.

Alrdybig, check out the sticky in the Injuries and Treatments Forum.

My opinion… Your PE career will be very short lived if do these “exercises”.

No offense Hobby.


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

No offense taken.

Back when Bib introduced Extreme Ulis he warned they are intense and possibly dangerous. I agree. There are risks in doing this sort of thing.

So far I’ve had only minor troubles (and haven’t used added weight like penismith did), but that doesn’t mean the next guy who does an intense EU routine won’t suffer a serious injury.

FWIW, I use a plain hose clamp applied over a short wrap of suede leather, not a specially made “Uli Thing.”

Extreme Ulies are great. I use a 1 inch section of pipe insulation as a “wrap” and a multiclamp for them. I own a metal hoseclamp, but I just like the multiclamp better. I’ve probably been doing these types of exercises for over a year now.

I believe that weighted Ulies are unneccessary and most likely do more damage than good. Even Bib didn’t do them.

If it’s more intensity and expansion you want, you’d be better off doing different manual squeezes while clamped.

What I’ve been doing lately is switching on and off between jelqing with manual squeezes and clamp-only workouts and it’s working good. I do it one way for a few months till I get bored then do it the other way. Works good. I can fit in “Large” condoms now.

The thing about Ulies that’s annoying is the bruising and discoloration I get from them, but they work though.

My philosophy is that I have one dick, and I don’t want to destroy it. Maybe it’s easy for me to talk since I’ve gained girth easily, and went over 6” midshaft just from jelqing….but still, I cringe when I read shit like that.

I wish you guys luck and I hope you stay safe (a 4.75” EG on a working cock is better than a cock that’s been destroyed).

weighted clamping?

Has anybody else tried this? I haven’t i am still way to new.

nobody no comments , sounds or looks very similar to multiple clamps and squeezes all that pressure on the glands.

I personally don’t have the balls. Maybe one day if and when my penis adapts so much to clamping that nothing else seems to work?

Note: Clamplover is a pseudonym of Stillwantmore, a previously banned member. He has a commercial interest in "The Penis Clamp" and previously had an interest in the “malehanger”. Please treat any of his posts with suspicion.

I also think this is similar to marinera’s extreme girth routine .

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