Been Doing Kegels And Penile Tube Exercises Results So Far Almost No Jelq

I started with the idea that if I exercise my penile muscles with resistance type exercises that my side muscles of my penis will expand.

I started with 5’1 inches (circumference) girth, not really much beyond average. My length is 5’7 inches but I am not targeting length as I like my length, I am primarily targeting Girth.

So to start, I started with kegels to strengthen every part of the male penis anatomy. I would start every day with 15-20 kegels at a time, rest the pns, then continue until fatigue.

I would start from a little bit of effort knowing that it would not show results over one night, maybe not even for the month. But each movement I did, I knew will benefit the other parts of my penis, each exercises will benefit the next one and the function of my erections. This was stage 1, building the foundation. So I would need to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and find a way to target and expand the penile ROOT muscles at the base and inside the body from where the penis starts. Again this will not bear fruit until months later so day to day patience is key. Okay. So to target the root muscles, I got sexually aroused and put a heavy 2-3 fingers at each side (one targeted at a time) and flexed that part softly and strongly against the weight of whatever pressure I chose on my fingers. About 7-10 flexations (or until fatigue) then repeated on the otherside. For however long I chose to stay in arousal, I would then practice the kegels at the base of the sexual organ at the anal outlet. Then Id apply pressure on the part thats half way from the balls to the end and flex those.

When you are not aroused and or outside, you can just do kegels and no one would know. Also practicing No FAP and not bursting semen will make this practice much easier and faster. If you ejaculate, immedietly go back to kegels and flexing because ejaculation loosens the muscles very much as the penis organs retract.

To be continued.

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