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Iodine Journal


Originally Posted by Golddinger
Do you mean 70/30 DMSO/Iodine? Or 70% concentration DMSO? I’m assuming the latter but what’s your reasoning for that? I was assuming that we wanted the most pure form available, with the fewest possible unknown additives. I thought I’d read that in the big DMSO iodine thread… But regardless I don’t mess around with DMSO anymore for a few reasons, it’s just too aggressive a substance for my comfort zone, and I feel that I’m getting good results without it anyway. I think daily DMSO application for any extended time frame could be a very bad idea. Someone somewhere put forward the idea that we really don’t know how effective it is at breaking down collagenous structures, and if it’s too good at that, that we might potentially be able to slowly undifferentiate crucial tissue structures or collagen fiber orientations beyond what would be helpful. But don’t take my word for it. I can’t remember the source of any of that info.

Iodine is used externally as a disinfectant. It kills bacteria, fungi, etc. But it’s quite harsh to skin. It dries it out. I wouldn’t use iodine on my skin unless to heal a wound. Iodine’s lower concentrations are made just by adding water, no mysterious additives. I don’t think Iodine improves skin layers, tissues, never heard of that…

Some use iodine internally, it might affect some hormone levels and metabolic activities.

To improve EQ I would always first improve pelvic floor muscles and internally head for remedies improving blood circulation, as Ginseng and Ginkgo. There are more specific ones, mentioned in posts throughout the forum.

Good to hear, that the problem is obviously no particular injury, but rather a general EQ problem, and that you are on the way to improve.

Stats: 06/2011: BPEL: 13 cm; MSEG: 10 cm; 04/2022: BPEL: 20 cm; MSEG: 14 cm

Goal would be: BPEL: 20 cm => reached 03/2022; MSEG: 15 cm

Bangel77's Journey More pictures: Post full body pics here (p. 216)

Originally Posted by Bangel77
I don’t think Iodine improves skin layers, tissues, never heard of that…

Hey Bangel,
There are quite a few posts on this and other forums touting Iodine for its scar-dissolving properties, which are exactly what I’m counting on in this case. Appreciate the concern, but my understanding has lead me to view this as the safest available topical option for scar remediation. I haven’t experienced any skin flakiness or other negative side effects. My understanding is that Iodine overdoses can cause thyroid issues, but these cases are the consequences of exponentially higher intakes than anything I’m approaching, which amounts to a few drops a day, topically.

I do take ginkgo however, as well as vitamin D and fish oil. I love the ginkgo, but the iodine seems to be what’s helping with my injury so far.

As far as pelvic floor, I definitely have an overtrained PC muscle if anything, but I do some BC/Reverse kegel exercises these days and I don’t think they’ve helped this particular issue but I do attribute some EQ increases to these.


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