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DMSO + Iodine Experimental Treatment for Deflated Glans and Firm Flaccid

Posts 1 through 53 were split from the Deflated Glans/Firm Flaccid… thread. This 'split content' contains an explanation of the treatment, followed by a discussion on the individual components of the treatment, followed by a discussion on its scientific validity. Following this the protocol is detailed by a user who reported its success. Finally, several more users begin the experimental treatment and more questions are answered.

I found a great protocol to reverse internal scarring left from accumulated injuries: DMSO and iodine.

Over the last 15 years I’ve sustained a number of injuries from various ‘experiments’: pumping, stretching, hanging and other ‘adventures’, and as each injury healed everything seemed to come back pretty much as it was before. But the damage has been cumulative, and for the last few years, my EQ has been mediocre and declining with very poor engorgement of the head. I knew there was underlying scar tissue that was inhibiting blood flow so I tried the DMSO + ACV + castor oil mixture (Thacker’s) recommended for dissolving scar tissue associated with Peyronies. Didn’t see much improvement from that although I didn’t stick with it for the months and months it’s supposed to take. Having a vinegar-soaked dick got old real fast.

But last week I read about DMSO + iodine. I had already started taking nascent iodine for general health and I’d been using DMSO for other applications for over and year and was comfortable with it’s non-toxicity and general safety. So I thought I would try the combo topically. Using about 2 parts 99.9% DMSO and 1 part nascent iodine, I applied about 4 drops to the head and spread it all over with the side of the glass dropper. I also spread another 6-8 drops around the base of the shaft and about another 8-10 drops on the perineal and anal area as I knew my prostate was not in great shape. Right after applying the solution my penis shrivels a bit but I just let it soak in and dry. One application first thing in the morning and one more about 12 hours later. The whole solution is 8 drops nascent iodine, 4 drops MgCl2 and 12-15 drops 99.9% DMSO. (Always clean the skin well before using DMSO.)

Within 2 days I started noticing increased engorgement of the shaft and head! Waking up at night and morning with good hard wood, unusually hard by my standards. On the 3rd day I felt a slight pulling inside my shaft during an erection, like scar tissue letting go. That disappeared in a few hours and my EQ increased again. In another 2 days I felt a similar pulling inside the spongy glans tissue. I gently massaged that and it melted away in couple of hours. There is such a dramatic increase in glans engorgement now - I’ve gone from a less-than-half-full semi-mushy glans to a full, shiny and sensitive plum. In fact, I’m getting a little carried away with the revived sensation I’m getting, it’s like I’ve turned back the clock 15 years or more! ;) I’m late 40’s.

After the DMSO+ACV flop (it might have worked if I’d stuck it out longer), I certainly didn’t expect the rapid results I am getting with DMSO + iodine. The protocol I read for scar reduction talked about the SSKI form of iodine (Lugol’s), but nascent iodine is supposed to be much more powerful and at much lower doses too. Nascent is what I had on hand so that’s what I am using and enthusiastically recommending, but Lugol’s iodine would probably work well too.

I’ve had issues with venous leakage for even longer than the mushy glans which is why I’m applying it at the base as well. (Although DMSO penetrates into the bloodstream so well that I probably don’t need to spot-treat that close together.) I read that DMSO + iodine can dramatically heal hemorrhoids in just 3-4 days, not just reducing them but healing the weak and damaged blood vessels fast. I’ve never had hemorrhoids but it sure is making a big difference in my EQ from base to tip.

And my prostate has bounced back big time! For several years my urine flow has slowly been weakening, recently to a mere trickle that took forever to empty my bladder. That started changing after day 1. It’s been close to a week now and I’m able to piss a good stream that doesn’t feel restricted like before. Not with quite the force it had 20 years ago yet but definitely progressing daily in that direction. Needless to say, the improvement in my prostate coupled with the glans engorgement has given me an OQ that I’d never thought I’d experience again! Precum volume has increased a lot as well as ejaculation volume.

The only ‘side-effect’ I’ve noticed is sometimes my prostate feels a little tingly during the day like it’s looking for an opportunity to expel an excess of seminal fluid. Maybe this is what an unmilked cow feels like. Could be scar tissue is dissolving there too, I don’t know, but the remedy is delightful ;) Haven’t noticed any increase in sperm production, but the tadpoles are definitely swimming in a much bigger lake.

I’ve also been doing some dietary changes too: more raw food, minimal sugar. Those changes are very helpful but they are not new for me. It’s the DMSO + iodine that is making a dramatic and rapid difference!

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Might I ask what exactly is DSMO?

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Dimethyl sulfoxide I’m assuming

Originally Posted by Tweaking
Very interesting X10d, that sounds like quite a remarkable turnaround. Where did you get the iodine from?

Hmm , looks justified too.http://www.acne .org/messageboa … ar-t253325.html

Well I think I’ll give it ago if this carnitine vit c and vit e doesn’t heal me

X10D, did you used to have hard flaccid penis and an erection which would die quickly if you didn’t constantly stimulate it ?

I wouldn’t call a random post on an acne forum ‘justification’, but it certainly warrants further investigation.

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Certainly not justification. If you look around the web about DMSO there are, however, a very large body of claims of DMSO’s medicial properties, mostly by hippies, though there’s nothing wrong with that IMO:) It’s been around for a long time.

I’m still having troubles with my internet connect so have not been able to search all resources, but so far I have been able to find zero studies about iodine and fibrosis. I am interested, but it is looking like an old wives tale at the moment.

Also what the fark is the word for when your connect gets throttled back when you go over the bandwidth limit? It is on the tip of my tongue but seems anchored there.

Starting Stats - 5.5 BPEL x 5.6 EG

Current Stats - 5.7 BPEL x 6.5 EG

Goal - 7 x 6 (with hopefully a large flaccid hang)

I bought the nascent iodine from Highest Quality Thyroid Nascent Iodine! although there are several other sources, all around $40 /oz. That 1 oz will last a long time though. You can get 16oz of 2% Lugol’s iodine for $50 at J.CROW’S® Lugol’s Solution,J.CROW’S® Marketplace, (800)878 1965, The Original. Nascent iodine is mono-atomic though and supposed to be far more active at lower amounts than the diatomic and potassium compounds (Lugol’s).

DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) is widely available online. I got mine at DMSO Liquid / Dimethylsulfoxide, 99.9% Pure Concentrate - 16 fl. oz.

Yes, venomx, my erection would need pretty constant fluffing to maintain a 8 o’clock angle, especially weak at the base. Much better in just the last week but certainly not 100% yet. The hardness is much better and so is the softness. My flaccid hang is taking on a fuller more spongy, floppy feel. I ‘ve been focusing on the glans and right around the base and these areas are the most improved. Based on results so far I think I’ll start using broader coverage. I have a bit of narrowing up 1/3 the way up the shaft that is the least spongy section and would like to loosen that up, if possible.

One caution is that while iodine is an essential metabolic element, it is only needed in very small quantities. There are instructions with the nascent iodine to start with just a 2 drops (orally in water first thing in the am) and gradually work up, 1 drop more every 2-3 days to where you start getting a bit headachy or foggy brained. This is too much and then you stop for 2 days and resume at drop or two less. It takes a month or so to gradually supplement to normal levels. It shouldn’t be rushed. Iodine is powerful stuff on several levels. I was already taking the oral drops for over a month before I found out about it’s topical use for scars, so I was up to 10-12 drops.

Almost everyone is iodine (and magnesium) deficient because our soils are. The form iodine of iodine in most commercial salt can prevent goiter but cannot substitute for the full benefits of natural forms of iodine and will displace natural iodine (as will fluorine/fluoride, chlorine and bromine). I stopped using fluoride years ago and cut out all iodized salt a few months back (except for what I get in commercially prepared foods, which I avoid) and now only use sun/wind dried pure sea salt with no additives.

I found my "headache level" to be about 12-13 drops of nascent (mono-atomic) iodine. I’m using 8-10 in my daily topical mix and not taking any orally. If using Lugol’s you use quite a bit more, but I haven’t tried that so can’t comment. Encouraged by my results, I’m now also applying my formula to some old, small acne bumps as well. Thanks for the link venomx, hadn’t seen that.

I have a few questions, I hope you don’t mind answering them.

How much DMSO are you using?

Are you mixing DMSO and iodine together before rubbing it into your penis or DMSO first and then iodine?

How long do you intend to use this mix?

Aren’t you concerned about the iodine possibly affecting your thyroid?

My DMSO formula is in my post from yesterday. Basically just 1.5 to 2 times more DMSO than nascent iodine. Your maximum daily dose for iodine will determine how much DMSO you add. DMSO seems to be most effective from between 50% to 90% concentrations. For me, 10-12 drops of 2% nascent iodine is my maximum so that means 15 to 24 drops DMSO mixed with it first, with an eyedropper and applied with same. Just wet the area with it and let it soak in on it’s own, don’t rub or massage it in.

I started taking the iodine for overall health about 6 weeks ago and plan to continue indefinitely. The only thing I have changed since is that I am absorbing the same dose transdermally now, with DMSO added, instead of taking it orally with water. I expect to stick with the transdermal penis application for the foreseeable future as long as I continue to feel special localized benefits from using it this way. There will likely be a time when my penis has recovered all it’s going to (hopefully at the full potency of an 18 yr old ;) )and, once that plateau becomes clear, then I’ll return to the more convenient oral consumption of iodine in plain water and maybe just anoint the boys with it now and then as a preventative.

My concern about thyroid health and general disease resistance was what got me started with oral iodine. As long as you don’t exceed the dose which your body is telling you is beneficial, there is no reason to be concerned about negative effects from iodine - far from it!

I recommend a web search for Dr Brownstein, Dr Mark Sircus and iodine. You’ll find out lots about iodine’s anti-cancer properties especially when it comes to breast and prostate cancers (both of which seem to be stimulated by sex hormones and readily destroyed by iodine). In particular, iodine has been found to achieve miraculous results in curing fibroid breast disease - yet another testimony to it’s ability to dissolve fibrous scar tissue.

All that I have been learning about iodine seems to be proving true in my own experiment. My penis works markedly better in just days and the change in my prostate is nothing short of amazing! I was probably on my way to prostate cancer in the not-far-enough future, but the clock has been in reverse ever since the first day I applied the iodine + DMSO.

x10d… Some questions for you, I hope you can answer them….

Would it be ok to make up a batch of iodine and DSMO and leave in the cupboard for daily use, or does it have to be mixed for each application? I’m concerned about some sort of reaction happening if it is not used straight away…

Also I have minor steroid induced gynecomastia- pea sized lumps behind each nipple. Do you think iodine and DSMO would do anything to my gyno?

Any info would be greatly appreciated :)

Oops, I should have double checked your original post before asking my questions.

I was aware of DMSO being used on its own for treatment in scar tissue and was going to try it but I’ve read that most DMSO on sale is animal grade, this put me off a little although I still am interested in trying it.

I’m going to read up on the doctors you mentioned but for now I think it’s best that I avoid iodine, at least until my free t3 comes down. Hopefully I would have found a good source for human/medical grade DMSO by then.

Thanks for answering my questions and please keep us updated with your situation :) .

I don’t know of any reason why the solution could not be prepared in advance and stored. Both DMSO and iodine are shelf stable indefinitely and I doubt there is any kind of chemical reaction between the two that would require a fresh solution each time. DMSO does react exothermically with water as it restructures it. DMSO breaks up the common 10-12 molecule H2O clusters into clusters of 6 molecules (hexagonal water). This releases heat during the breakdown and results in a more hydrating form of water.

Not sure about the gyno. I assume it would depend on the composition of the underlying tissue. If it were fibrous it might work. I really can’t say though, except that it would not hurt (as long as you stayed within the maximum limits for safe iodine use). For fatty deposits though I think I would l look at PGF2a combined with DMSO and applied topically.

X10d does this DMSO look good ?

By the looks of it, dmso by itself will do the trick as it says” DMSO Gel is unlike any other compound having the ability to pass through membranes helping to repair injuries by increasing the amount of oxygen to that area by oxidizing any toxins that may be hindering repair “


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