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Beware Heat light just exploded!


A space heater is so much better than the heat bulb. It’s the best heat for PE I ever tried.

That’s a scary sight! I’ve used an IR lamp which has an auto shut-off after 15 minutes.

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Try LED based infrared lamps.

That’s pretty terrifying. Don’t want glass shards in your dick. By the way, you guys with the light bulbs, to what temperature are you heating your dicks? I don’t think a bulb can get the dick to the 104-110F range which is the efficient zone for deforming tissue. Certainly, it won’t heat just the dick, but everything surrounded the dick including the testicles.

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I’ve been using lamp like that with metal housing for MANY years, never has that happened. Def going to be more cautious now though. Good call on the LED bulb. Now to find one that’s compatible with my bulb housing/fitting.


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