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Red Light Therapy Wrap

I think you can find actual red light/near infra red pads from actual specialized companies for around the same price, maybe a bit more, but likely better quality. See Novaalabs (yes two a) as an example. There are numerous articles in the web about benefits of red light/NIR (versus far infra red) including for the penis.

Hello, I actually just ordered a similar one on Aliexpress. It is 5.9inch * 9.8inch and just cost me 35$. If you are willing to wait 15 day you can really have a steal here.

I like the idea, but that’s one expensive piece of kit. My 660/850nm bulb and articulated lamp arm only cost about $65.

If anyone buys it, I’d be interested in how hot it gets while running.

I question how much cowbell the Dr.K IR wrap puts out; there’s not much power available from a USB port. The bulb I’m using has a big grid of thumb-sized LEDs, a giant finned heat sink, and pulls 35W at 110VAC. I

In a way, the marketing on the website, with the women with exposed cleavage and hair extensions, and then the other gimmicks they are pulling with the discounts and whatever. It seems like an opportunistic money grab. That’s not to say red light doesn’t work on human tissue. I use a body-sized red lamp each morning. However, as far as the dick is concerned, is it optimal to buy a thing like this, especially for $250? My opinion is no. Especially given for what you use the red light. I know guys on this forum use it for heat, but that’s wrong. Red lights are better suited for healing the body and allowing the cells to release carbon dioxide which is precursor to releasing stress. Red lights are meant for healing purposes. Use it for that. How much you spend is up to you, but for $250 I’d buy a bigger lamp that can service bigger areas of the body. Something more reputable as well. I’m not sure if low-cost solutions (which this seems to be) - that is low cost high price markup - will actually hit therapeutic Red light ranges (680nm, 810nm with some deviation).

Starting Dick Size: BPEL 16cm (6.3") MSEG 12cm (4.7")

9 Month Progress: BPEL 17cm (6.7") MSEG 13cm (5.1")

Long Term Goals : BPEL: 23cm (9”) MSEG: 17cm (6.7”)

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