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Beginner In Desperate Need For Help And Advice

Beginner In Desperate Need For Help And Advice

I first started my PE career about a year ago. I purchased a cheap electric pump of amazon and used it for a while until I found out there was a way to get length with hangers. Doing my research I saw that its better to dedicate to length then girth so I switched to hanging . I purchased a bib hanger and started hanging and I couldn’t see any real results until I started going heavy for a beginner .I got up 17.5lbs and started seeing some results and noticed some base girth. I wasn’t doing it everyday like I wanted but I built up some strength. I even got up to 30lbs but I wasn’t lifting everyday like others on here and I think that was a mistake. I had stopped hanging for months and when I got back to it I started with 10lbs and noticed gains the next day .Even my girlfriend was telling me it got to big and it hurt so she told me to slow down on the hanging. So I stopped again but this time was extremely frustrating. Chasing after those gains I got after I started again I chose to go heavy. I didn’t get the results I wanted this time and was even harder than before. I tried going even heavier and noticed I started getting dark blood spots on my penis and they haven’t gone away. With a few jelqs or attempting to hang again they burst out again .I don’t know if my PE career is over or if anyone has experienced something like this and can give me some help on it .Id greatly appreciate it.

Sorry about posting it here .I tried posting it in the injuries forum ,but it wasn’t letting me .Thanks again for the advice.

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Starting out heavy likely toughened your tissues & made them resistant to growth. Strength isn’t what you want in a growing penis. Have you tried applying heat before & during your routine? That will lessen the force required to elicit growth and make injuries less likely.

Also, a decon break will likely be recommended by others to allow your toughened tissues to return to normal & be responsive to PE again. And those blood spots indicate that you have an injury that needs to fully heal before moving forward.

I’m in the middle of a regularly scheduled decon myself. In my first year I gained fast at first but the gains gradually slowed to a crawl, but never actually stopped. Due to life circumstances I fell off completely for a few years. When I picked it back up I immediately gained like my initial noobie phase.

This time I’m taking regularly scheduled decon of 5 or 6 weeks every 4 to 6 months to keep my tissues from toughening all the way, & to let any creeping minor injuries heal.

Your PE career is far from over if you still want to move forward. You just need a hard reset & a little more basic information to prevent this sort of thing from happening again. You have plenty of gains left in you. You came here looking for answers so you’re likely the type that will learn & improve your craft & achieve your goals. Best wishes, good luck, and welcome to Thunders.

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So I haven’t been doing any PE for about a week and a half and the spots are getting lighter ,but how long would y’all recommend I take off? Also is this time to heal also a deconditioning break because it isn’t being trained?

Originally Posted by lucklessjon
So I haven’t been doing any PE for about a week and a half and the spots are getting lighter ,but how long would y’all recommend I take off? Also is this time to heal also a deconditioning break because it isn’t being trained?

No, deconditioning would take several months, if it is reversible. If not, you’ll need other routes to work on your septum.

In terms of the dark spots, after over a week those tiny blood vessels should be already healed, but the discoloration on those spots might remain for a while. Overall discoloration is a side effect of PE in the long term.

First you gotta read. Read about al exercises, routines, newbie routines, etc. You have 2 posts, cannot expect to start a thread and have all the answers for you because it is too much information that you need to study and learn.

Take it like anything else. If you decide to do mechanic work yourself in your own car, you cant expect to go to a forum and expect everybody to train you and teach you like a princess. No. You will have to spend hours reading, studying, learning and then attempt to do it yourself.

Period 1: 06/08/2020 BPFSL: 22cm (8.66") BPEL: 22cm (8.66") EG: 15.8cm (6.25") => 09/07/2020 BPFSL: 23.9cm (9.40")

Period 2: 05/01/2021 BPFSL: 24cm (9.44") BPEL: 22cm (8.66") EG: 15.8cm (6.25") => 07/24/2021 BPFSL: 25.4cm (10.00") BPEL: 23.5cm (9.25")

Goal: 1 Foot x 7.5 Inches (30.48cm x 19.05cm) NBPEL

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