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Paul H.'s progress log


Paul H.'s progress log

I started PE in mid-June but didn’t measure for maybe a week or so.

I started with one set of basic stretches in 5 directions followed by 80 gentle low erection dry jelqs. I also do 20 JAI stretches at work before urinating once or twice a day on PE days.

I warm up with an electric heating pad & finish with a minute long Firegoat roll. Schedule is either 2 or 3 on, one off, depending on the feedback my dick gives me. I only include the jelqs every other session for now. Last week I upped the stretch hold time to 40 seconds, but still just one set of each.

I’m starting with 6 1/8 BPEL & 5 1/8 mid-EG. I didn’t get the ruler & tailor’s tape until I was roughly a week into my routine, so some of that size may be due to temporary swelling & stretched tissue. I measured after a session too. My next measurement will be after 2 days off to minimize this factor somewhat.

I’m going primary for length first but expect incidental girth gains along the way from what I’ve read.

My goal is mostly just gaining at this point, but the generic 8x6 will be as good a goal as any if this takes off.

I’ll update this log in a month.

Good luck!

Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 8.2” x 5.1” (5.3" BEG)

My pictures


Added 20 JAI stretches to the end of my routine. Also doing 20 Jais first thing in the morning. Moved up to 60 seconds on the 5 basic stretches. Still 1 set of each. I’ve read a few guys stressing the usefulness of heating between exercises & even during a stretch so an IR lamp is in the mail.

Measured 5 1/4 BPEL & 5 1/4 MEG at the end of the session while edging. Not sure if it means anything, given what I was doing at the time, but I did take several measurements to try to confirm it. Could just be well stretched tissue. I’ll decide when I measure after a few off days next month.

My promised month-later update:

I didn’t have privacy yesterday so I measured today. Did no PE other than a set of 20 JAI stretches each day for the past 2 days. I measured while pretty close to the PONR (but never during a kegel), but I always do this. Going to measure later after PE tonight to confirm the numbers.

So.. BPEL is now exactly 6 1/2. I remeasured 3 times to confirm it. MEG is 5 1/4. I’ve gained .375 in length & .125 in girth in the last month (& a little less than 2 months of steady PE total). It’s real. It works. I’m convinced. I had forgotten that I started at 6 1/8 BPEL until I reread my first entry today after I measured. I’m a serious skeptic & was happy with gaining .25 in a month. .375 is way more than I expected this soon.

This week I’m up to 90 seconds on my basic stretches & I now repeat the downward direction after hitting the other 4. I’ve also added a set of behind-the-cheek stretches in both directions for the same duration. I have a cheap “infrared” mas-sager that I half suspect is just a red incandescent light. After warming up I apply the mas-sager directly to my ligs &/or the base of my penis as I stretch. I’ve decided to do my kegels after PE from now on after forgetting to do them at work a few times. I’m up to 45 3 second kegels & always try to hold the last one for 10 seconds. I do these every other day.

I read everything online that I can on PE while at work & came close to adding girth exercises into my routine but have managed to temper my enthusiasm a bit. I’m sticking to my original goal of getting at least most of the length I want first.

From my reading I gather that 5 1/4 MEG is above average already so I could stand to gain an inch in length & still be in decent proportions. And I seem to have gained girth anyway. I’m not sure how I feel about this, as the PE community never seems to have settled the length-before-girth issue. I’m favoring the theory just to be on the safe side, since I need more length than I do girth & worry about incidental girth gains slowing my length gains. I’m putting the issue on the back burner for now, pending next month’s numbers. If I gain any more girth, I’ll lower the erection level of my jelqs & freeze their number.

Incidentally, I have trouble gripping for stretches & use an unusual grip that amounts to a mini fulcrum stretch. With my OK grips, the second bone of my index finger hinges across my thumbnail & I twist my wrist a bit, bending my penis over my thumb at roughly a right angle as I stretch. If this grip happens to stretch the tunica a bit, so much the better, but I always focus to feel the stretch where I want it. Upward pulls are hardest, as my glans is in my palm & I have to adjust carefully to keep from squeezing it.

I plan to keep doing what seems to be working for now. I’ll continue to gradually add time to my stretches & may or may not add numbers to my dry jelqs. More likely, I’ll just tighten up on my form & slow them down & that should up the intensity enough. I may move to 5 on, 2 off, still jelqing every other session. I’ll update again next month.

Hey Paul H,

.375”! You lucky dog, congratulations! Keep it up, it’s working.

I had some small questions. Do you edge at all? Do you still do jelqs every other day or each day now? Are you planning any decon?

Good luck!

February '16: 173 mm BPEL (6.81") 132 mm MEG (5.20")

November '18: 190 mm BPEL (7.48") 137 mm MEG (5.39")

Goal: A sustained 7.7" by 5.8" during intercourse

Originally Posted by CrusherBrooks
Hey Paul H,
.375”! You lucky dog, congratulations! Keep it up, it’s working.
I had some small questions. Do you edge at all? Do you still do jelqs every other day or each day now? Are you planning any decon?
Good luck!

Thanks. Yeah, I’m pretty fired up. This was a big surprise to me. I was expecting a quarter inch every 3-6 months or so. I guess these are the noobie gains I’ve heard about.

Edging? Maybe 5 minutes or so after a session & I’m not real reliable about it. I have privacy issues, so I go into cleanup mode after the PE session pretty quickly afterward. I’m going to try to add a regular amount to every session, though.

Still doing dry jelqs every other PE session. I’m not wanting girth just yet, but it seems wrong to cut them out entirely & I need the EQ benefits. I keep the erection level low.

I also just discovered the power of the overhand (pinkie toward the glans) version & had to shave off reps. My glans felt like it was going to explode on 3 second reps at a sub-50% erection level. I had to slow it down even more. I gotta feel these out more & dial back my grip because those were intense.

Decon? I don’t have any planned right now. I assumed that those were for getting through a plateau. Is there a reason to work them into a regular schedule? Thanks.

Monthly update: Still at 6 1/2 BPEL & 5 1/4 MEG. My schedule is basically the same, but not at all firm. I stretch most days & do jelqs every other day, with off days popping up at random due to a lack of privacy or life otherwise getting in the way. I’m working an edging session in at the end of the routine. I also added a daily stretch to stave off turkey neck.

Updating a few random details:
I’ve been experimenting with using DMSO cream before sessions these past few weeks. I have no way of knowing if it works even if it does without a cloned dick to use as a control for the experiment, but it sounded promising, so I’m trying it out.

I went through a week or so of deciding that I wanted girth bad enough to work Uli holds into my routine after dry jelqs. From reading tons of PE forum threads all day at work, I gathered that 5.5 is about where big girth begins. I’m only a quarter inch from that & the temptation to be officially girthy is tough to resist.

What snapped me out of it was accurately measuring my NBPEL. I caught myself cheating. After I placed the ruler in that crease where the fat pad ends, my eyes shot quickly to the 6in mark of the ruler as I pressed my penis against the ruler. And surprise, I managed to barely get 6 inches.

But this last time, after I got the measurement I noticed the bottom of the ruler digging in a bit. After I took more care to correct for this, I got roughly 5 3/4 every time. It hits a different note psychologically than that 6 1/2 BPEL I was focusing on & puts my priorities into a better perspective.

So I’m back to a length-focused outlook again & settling in for the long haul. For me, long begins at 7 NBP, so I’ve got a ways to go & I’m sure I’ll pick up girth along the way without trying for it. I’ve also gained a healthy respect for the havoc frequent measurements can cause. Once a month max from here on out.

Originally Posted by Paul H.
Decon? I don’t have any planned right now. I assumed that those were for getting through a plateau. Is there a reason to work them into a regular schedule? Thanks.

To your Decon question, that depends on who you ask. In my opinion, there’s use in it. But as early as you are into PE I wouldn’t stress it just yet. You could benefit from it but in my opinion you wouldn’t be losing out if you didn’t.

Basically, my theory is that doing anything enough reduces it’s effectiveness in PE. Thus, we stop doing an exercise for a prolonged period of time so that the strain the exercise used to cause returns. And in some cases, a penis is so adjusted to the stress of PE that none works. Thus a plateau. But I elaborate on all of that here.

thoughtfulgold’s Penis Enlargement as “Scheduled Trauma” theory

Still, you’re doing awesome right now. Very happy for you.

Now: 9" BPEL x 6.25" MSEG as of 11/10/2019 This is my story, a few progress pics of me here, and all my methods.

Then: 6.25" x 4.37" in 8/2009 Are you new to PE? Here's some advice I wish someone had given me when I first started.

My Extender and forward to 10" and balls enhancement project. There is no "Holy Grail" of Penis Enlargement. Only time and effort works. I'm *10* years in and counting. All you have to do is put the work in and keep the faith.

Thanks. I’ve been following your thread & got a lot out of it.

I assumed I’d take some sort of decon after a solid month of no gains but I’m hoping these noobie gains keep coming for at least a few more months.

I also like the idea of switching focus as an active decon. I could just give girth a go for a couple of months once my noobie length spurt plateaus. I just hate the idea of not PEing for months when I could be gaining somewhere.

I’m not near where I want to be lengthwise yet but I bet I could rationalize my way to doing that at a plateau once I’m above 7 NBPEL.

Length or girth next.. This will be a nice problem to have.

I’m a day late for my monthly report again due to no privacy yesterday. I measured before my session today. Still holding at 6 1/2 BPEL, but I see a little progress that didn’t seem worth straining my eyes on to quantify. I’m a bit above 6 1/2 instead of just barely reaching it on my best measurement.

MEG is 5 3/8, but just barely, with base girth at 5 1/8 (probably where it started). BPFSL was 6 3/4 before today’s session & 7 afterward. I do like to round down to the nearest 1/8 increments. Smaller measurements are too easy to write off as EQ or measurement fluctuations.

I measured that MEG a week or so ago & am cutting out the dry jelqs for a while to see if that’s the culprit in my MEG growth, as I don’t want any new girth until I reach most of my length goals. My particular gripping style could also be at fault (it’s functionally a fulcrum stretch over my thumb in that girthy spot) & I need to isolate the cause. I’ve eased up a bit on my grip & am gripping lower when I can, too.

I was trying to PE most days & letting days off happen on their own due to random life interruptions to my privacy. I felt that I overdid it a bit last week & took a few days off. Nothing bad. Just felt a little raw & numb while I pissed at work one morning & I took the hint. I’m going to let that be a lesson & restrict myself to a 3 on, 1 off stretching only routine for a while & see how it goes. If I don’t gain any during this next month I’ll consider either a week off, adding more sets, or both.

Current routine:

Warm up for 10 minutes with the electric pad (the infrared wand died)
One set each of:
60 seconds straight out. Reheat.
30-60 seconds tunica tug straight out. Reheat.
60-90 seconds to both sides. Reheat.
90 seconds behind the cheeks, both sides. Reheat.
60-90 straight down. Reheat.
60-90 seconds fulcrum A-stretch with my first 2 fingers hooking & pulling up near the base.
Roughly 10 minutes of edging.
Firegoat rolls & anti-turkey neck stretch, then apply cocoa butter lotion.

My phone’s camera doesn’t work, but I have a brand new phone on it’s way & will try to get pictures of my next measurement. Better late than never & I think I have big enough gains in my future to make pictures worthwhile.

I took a week of decon but haven’t changed anything else. My gains seem to have slowed down & I’m hoping the decon will give me a little boost. 7 BPEL is where long begins to me & I really want this next half inch.

I measured yesterday at 6 5/8, but I’m not ready to log it yet. If it’s there next month it’ll be official. Didn’t measure girth. I’ll try to remember tonight & report if it moved any.

I’ve purchased a few Autoxtender sleeves to help me heal in an extended state & will try to remember to use them. My life is very routine oriented & I live mostly on autopilot, so making this part of my routine will take some doing.

I read a thread where guys mentioned that their rulers had space before the first inch begins. Yesterday I checked my ruler & it has what looks like 1/8th of an inch of material before the first inch starts. I’ll measure it & post a pic tonight to document this.

I considered sanding it down for that ego boost but decided that I have to leave it to keep my photo log accurate. I’m definitely measuring it closely tonight so I know how much that ruler is shorting me. This feels like discovering a few hundred bucks under my couch cushions.

Last edited by Paul H. : 12-04-2016 at .

6 months in! I measured today after my PE session. I’m up to 6 5/8 BPEL, 7.0 BPFSL, & still at 5 3/8 MEG. I haven’t changed anything with my routine, aside from cutting the schedule back to no more than 2 on, 1 off. The week of decon may have given me a bit of a bump, too. Adding in that extra space at the edge of the ruler puts me at 6 3/4 BPEL, but I gotta stick to what the ruler says. Besides, for all I know everyone’s ruler has a similar flaw & everyone is that much bigger than their measurement as well. So I’ve picked up 1/2 inch in length & 1/4 inch in girth in my first 6 months.

All the little things are coming together. My grips have gotten better. I don’t slip as much or have to re-grip too often. I’m more able to focus on where I’m feeling the stretch (analogous to the mind-muscle connection in strength training). My skin doesn’t feel as raw & roughed up as it did a few months ago after a few days of PE.

I’m still growing with the same single sets & times, so I’m going to hold to them. I may be increasing the intensity by pulling harder on account of my improving grip & technique. Or I may still be unconditioned enough to keep growing from the same level of stimulation. I don’t know. No reason to add or change anything yet, so I’m leaving things as they are.

I’m doing a few light dry jelqs & short Uli squeezes during edging at the end of my routine. I’ve noticed that I get noticeably better PIs the next morning when I do this. That, & I need all the help with EQ that I can get. It tanked when I went to a pure stretching routine. So I’m hesitantly adding in those few light girth moves for this reason. The improved flaccid hang doesn’t hurt my outlook any, either.

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