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Correcting a base twist

Correcting a base twist

I haven’t been able to find info about this anywhere, if you can find an appropriate link please just drop it in thread.. Anyways I have a rather unique instance, where my penis is twisted about 30 degrees, but not over the course of the shaft, it is at the base and then the shaft goes straight at that angle. If that doesn’t make sense, the penis shaft is straight, but looks like it was mounted to my pelvis at the wrong angle. What is my course of action to fix this? Should I focus on fixing it before doing length work or just work the different activities in together?

I would put this in injuries and treatments but I cannot post there yet :(

Have you discussed this with your doctor? I wonder if your issue is with your ligaments- perhaps one is tighter than the other causing the twist.

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I have the same thing. Dick is straight but exits with a slight twist. Unfortunately jelqing has made it a little bit worse over the years as well as pumping.

I literally just noticed the other night how my pump is sitting and helping the twist.

I have since started to do lots of manuals only stretching the tighter, higher sitting tendon. Mine is on the left side so I slightly twist my entire penis and stretch downwards. Not like a full on bundled stretch, im just rolling to the side enough to focus the stretch on the tighter ligament.

I’ve done a bit of searching on this and the only thing I found was one guy who said in passing, that hanging inadvertently fixed his twist. Best of luck to you and I will report back in a year or so if I see any improvement from my stretching methods

I have acquired a twist, I believe it’s called “penile torsion.” There isn’t much info about it, as it’s generally something that occurs in infants. I believe I got mine after getting a P-Shot 18 months ago. I had just started pumping using a Bathmate and wasn’t aware of the pressure, so I was getting a lot of red dots. When I went for the shot, the guy, who was also a urologist, remarked on all the red dots. I wish I’d gone home and waited for my dick to return to normal before getting the shot. A week after I got the shot, my penis head rested to the side. Erect it was straight. Then a few months ago I was having sex and the girl was very aggressively going at it on top of me and landed hard at the wrong angle. About a week or two later my penis was twisted erect.

I went to see a different urologist to see if I’d gotten Peyronie’s. He said it wasn’t and I asked for an ultrasound to make sure. Fortunately I am clear of scarring, so what’s left to do is figure out a way to correct this, or at the least, improve it. I have been pumping for the last month after taking a long break. No more Bathmate for me, just a regular pump. I have been twisting the pump in the other direction which I hope can imrpove it over time. It’s possible that stretching could help, bundled stretches, and perhaps hanging or traction? I don’t really know and there’s no success stories on any of the forums because it’s so uncommon. A traction device can help a curve, but I don’t really have a curve even though it does bend to the left.

If I clamp and twist with my hand at the base, my penis goes straight. Even if I just press on the top right side of my dick, it will go straight. I’m not so much concerned about looks as much as how it feels during sex. It’s weird having the penis head angled to the left and it’s noticeable during intercourse.

Thank you for posting this link! Now I have at least a theory about what could be done to correct this twist! In the thread, it is postulated that if the rotation is (counter clockwise) to the left, that the ligaments on the left side are loose, and one must stretch to the left in order to loosen up the ligaments on the right side to even things out.

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