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Not sure if I'll ever gain again

Not sure if I'll ever gain again

A couple years ago I tried to get into PE and managed to get the basic benefits of the exercises when I first started off but after a while the tissues started to react differently to the workouts. At the beginning I got all the typical reactions, morning wood, edema, red spots, fuller flaccid hang. After a few months of this however the opposite started to happen, I stopped getting thicker and fuller girth with edema after a workout and instead my dick would contract hard, fully erect or flaccid it would just shrink and get hard like a steel beam. This was all doing uli exercises. During this time my dick would stay fully erect after I came for about 5 to 10 minutes but in a way that was induced entirely from the incredibly hard and contracted state of the tissues taking a much longer time to fully deflate. I ended up giving myself a long time off and took a break from everything. I went over 400 days with no sex or masturbation, I just wanted everything to heal up and get back to normal, I had read on a PE forum that it was a good idea to wait out injuries until you started getting morning wood again and started getting wet dreams. It took over 400 days for that to happen but eventually I got a wet dream, I ended up testing it out to see if I would still be hard and erected after cumming and when I beat off that morning everything looked like it was back to normal. I gave it a few more months after that of no more sex or masturbation just to be sure.

Then, I decided to see if I could get back into a PE routine. I started off with some basic piss pulls. Things seemed fine, I couldn’t really tell if they were doing anything one way or the other. After that I tried some low intensity squash jelqs, couldn’t really tell on those either if they were doing anything. After those I decided to try out a uli again to see if I could get a positive reaction. I started off with just 20 or 30 seconds and got some good morning wood after those. Decided to try to up it to a couple minutes but I just ended up getting the old results I used to get, I don’t get fuller hangs and massive girth expansion post workout, my dick contracts really hard and just shuts down. It seems to be how my body decides to handle the pressure, instead of the edema it just goes straight into hardening and contracting. So I stopped doing all these exercises entirely and just gave up.

I came across the angion methods which are suppose to be much safer and lower intensity with a whole bunch of side benefits so I decided to try those out. I mostly stuck to angion 1.0 and did a few workouts with 3.0 but the results were similar to traditional exercises for me, initially I get all the positive benefits with morning wood and tingling the next day, but after trying to do a one day on - one day off routine I stop getting the positive PI’s and get negative ones like hard, contracting erections and no morning wood and a dead dick. The only way I get positive results are when I give it a week or two off and try a workout for the first time after the break. After that I always try to give it a day off and try the workout again but that’s when I start getting negative PI’s and everything shuts down, the tissues harden up and fully erect girth shrinks instead of expanding. Even trying to do a one day on - three days off routine is still too much just doing angion exercises.

I feel like that’s basically where I’ll be stuck at forever, anytime I try to get into a routine my body is just going to lay down to exact same strategy to deal with the pressure which is to harden the tissues up and contract everything. Not really sure if there’s anything I can do at this point, I can’t find anyone else on these types of forums who has had the same thing happen to them so I’m at a loss as to how to get around this. Should I just give up?

It sounds like your intensity level is too high. Have you ever tried constant heat?

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Originally Posted by Titleist
It sounds like your intensity level is too high. Have you ever tried constant heat?

Yeah, the intensity might be a little high now that you mentioned it. I noticed that after the 400 day break that masturbation was really rough on the skin, it would rip and tear easily even with lube. Never had that happen before and I never used to use lotion ever. Maybe the tissues are too sensitive now from infrequent use? I’m not sure about what constant heating is, I used to do the exercises in a hot shower or right after. I stopped doing that because I wanted to shower after to wash the lotion off, wasn’t sure if it was bad to leave on over night. Is a hot shower good for constant heat?

You got some crazy size dude, that’s a monster. I started off at 7 x 4.6”, all I ever wanted from this was to get to 5 inches of girth. I managed that when I first started with the ulis temporarily right when I ended up with a bunch of problems. It was really frustrating, hit my goal and had to stop completely. Lost pretty much all of it too, went back down to 4.7 - 4.75” of girth. After trying to get back into a new routine I’m even thinner than that now with erect girth. Sucks.

I suggest infra red lamp and soft massage for a while. Clamp like routines are dreadful. After all set, try low tension ADS.

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