Potential Injury - Need An Advice

Hey Thunders,
Sorry it’s in this group, I’m a newbie so can’t post on the injury group - if someone can drag the thread there it’ll be great. Also, sorry for any misspellings, English is not my mother-tongue language.

I’ll try to be concise as I can.

I started using an extender about 2 months ago. Things felt good, there were signs of a very good EQ and I’m pretty sure I gained. After 3-4 weeks, EQ started to decrease to the point it got hard to ejaculate and erections weren’t 100%. Hence, I’ve decided to take some time off extending, though I’ve continued to jerk-off on a daily basis.

After about two weeks, things felt quite normal again, so I decided to go back on the horse. I did two 15 minutes of low-tense session with the extender (with 2-3 days between the sessions). Unfortunately, things didn’t felt so great. I mean, there wasn’t that EQ boost like in the first period. Maybe there was even a minor decrease in EQ. So again, I made a decision to take some time off.

In the 2 upcoming weeks, I’ve continued to jerk-off regularly (like once, even twice, a day), and had sex twice, until one day I jerk-off and felt a bit funny tingling after I ejaculate (this was about a week and a half ago).

In the next morning, my penis looked like a very old turtle, there were some pains/aching feeling in the glans area and in the testicles, and at evening time, the pains got stiffened in the glans and it (the glans) felt kind of cold along with the testicles sack which also get coldish. This went on for a couple of days.

I stopped touching myself or having sex. At Monday I went to see an urologist. He checked my penis and said everything looks fine. Hearing my story, he said I might have torn a blood vessel and it will heal in a couple of week-some months (he added that there is no chance for a nerve damage).

Since that appointment its been five days.. I feel better, I guess. I still think that sometimes at evening-times my glans get a bit coldish (The thing is, I don’t have “control group” because before it all happened I haven’t been aware to the temperature of my penis, I’ve only read about the subject in the last couple of weeks); I had sex today and it felt great like always; the pains that I felt the days after that jerk-off incident mostly gone.

So all in all, I’m kind of confuse.

It would mean the world to me if any of you super-thunders have any advice/thought/input/information on the matter. Seriously, if you guys read about it, or experienced something similar - please share!

Do you think it’s something serious? Does it sounds like an overzealous-case or an actual blood vessel torn, or even worse?

What would you recommend further? (Beside resting, stay off PE for a while, and avoid masturbation)