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Taking ViagraCialis for ED for 3 months

Taking ViagraCialis for ED for 3 months

Has anyone heard of this or done this? I found this on another site

Viagra Daily Treatement

I haven’t done this myself yet but judging from medical studies in recent years it looks pretty promising.

Here is a link to the study:

http://www.wjac … 717/detail.html

Basically the idea is to take Viagra regularly everynight before bed. For at least 3 months for the effects to be permanent. Studies over the years have confirmed that men with mild ED who took Viagra prior to sleep each night for 3-6 months found they were cured of ED, they no longer needed to take Viagra, the blood flow improvement was permanent and they regained spontaneous erections. Apparently Viaga also works well even for men with more servere forms of ED. I believe regularly use of Cialis can have the same results as well. I think this Viagra/Cialis routine is worth a try for sure.

Well I hope this thread is of some use and like I said if you have any other ideas I am all ears. I have had mild ED for around 4 years but my goal to get my erection quality back as best as I can naturally.


Does anyone think this could work?


It has been said it will improve things. I cannot point to the exact studies, but the general idea was to use viagara or cialis for several months and trian the mind to be accostomed to having erections during sex. After the time period is up, mild ED will have gone away and the user will be rewarded with stronger erections. I would like to hear some testimonies.

In Cialis website, it does say Cialis DOES NOT CURE ED. Wouldn’t this be untrue then? I really don’t believe this works.


The premise was if you had a “mental block” the medications can help provide confidence in your erect state. Once the medication is stopped, you retain the confidence. Some of the users on thunders have used the medication to “retrain” their mentality in such an approach.

My problem is not mental. I even had nocturnal erection test that showed that it is physical according to my urologist. Does that mean it will definitely not work for me?

Westell, trauma that caused your ED was sudden and abrupt if I recall correctly. This I believe is more for older men who’s penile function could benefit from extra exercise. But if it’s a low risk low cost, why not try? There doesn’t seem much to lose.

PS you should make a thread for yourself and post all your new stuff there where we could comment it. Really


I hadn’t realized that you were previously writing posts, questioning perhaps a malfunction of erections. Maybe you hurt yourself through PE. Owen33 is right though, that it should not be able to “hurt” you by trying with the Viagra or Cialis route. I’d talk with doctors who are familiar with the circumstances.

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