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arginine/Nitric Oxide tolerance?

arginine/Nitric Oxide tolerance?

Hey guys, happy easter :)

There’s no doubt whatsoever in my mind that l-arginine (in its many forms) causes an increase in Nitric Oxide within the penis. My experience with l-arginine so far have been superb. Rock solid erections (better than even my early teenage years), increased libido, ability to ‘hold on’ longer, much better flaccid hang and so on. All in all, I can see no downsides other than the fact it makes me feel hungrier than usual!

What do you guys think about it’s potential long term effects though? I am concerned that perhaps the penis can become ‘reliant’ upon the extra l-arginine and may possibly ‘forget’ how to work without it? does anyone have any info/advice regarding this area?

Also, can the body/penis become ‘tolerant’ to l-arginine and therefore need continually higher doses to gain the same effects? if this was the case, then wouldnt impotence, or at the very least, extreme dependency be the result?

I love the effects I am currently experiencing, but my long term concerns are starting to bug me out….

many thanks as ever you guys

I’ve read of no long term tolerance issues from L-a except in cases where men have taken very high doses (15 - 30 grams/day); some of these experienced herpes outbreaks and gastric distress.

I think it’s been two years since I started using it; now at 3 grams/day. My experience continues to be like yours.



thanks avocet8 for putting my mind at rest bud


I have been taking nitric oxcide for the past 6-7 months & have seen the positive affects it has had on my penis. It seems to hang much longer when flaccid while maintaining a very vascular state. I have also been able to keep a highly “pumped” body overall. I’ve been asked ,more than once, in the locker room if I take anything for my nice cock size. What an ego booster! I’ve felt no draw backs from taking nitric oxcide what so ever & at one point cycled off it for a short time but felt a lose of energy & a somewhat “deflated” state of body. Good Luck Fellas, Oli

Oli, you mention taking nitric oxcide. Do you mean L-arginine, or one of the NO2X type products that use arginine salts as pre-cursors to NO production?

Or something else entirely?

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Do you guys experience better result from using Arginine one or two hours before sex ? Also what dosage do you use. I dont use it on a daily basis but will occasionally take one dose of 3.25g which is one tea spoon before sex, and find that I can keep it up easier after I cum.

Has anyone developed a tolerance to Arginine?

I recall that every time I added 1g of Arginine to my supplements, my erections were better, obviously. However, it doesn’t seem to be the same and am I still experiencing identical benefits now as I was months ago, or do I need to up the dosage again?

I have a question here. Istarted taking l-arginine yesterday, i bought it at gnc here in Mexico, it was quite cheap (about 15 USD), the pills are 500 mg, what dose should I take, it says on their website that one pill a day is enough, but I would like to go higher, let’s say, 2 pills a day, what do you guys think? what was your experience with 1 gr?

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People I would strongly advise to cycle the use of this supplement. Your body also has many substances that dillate or constrict the bloodvessels and pretty much everything works with a feedback mechanism.

I cannot say how long you should be on or off the substance, and I think no one can.

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Will mixing the arginine with 1/2 the amount of lysine take care of the herpes contraindications?


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