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Best Products for Increasing Libido


kbvk: I looked at the ingredients of the Prolab horny goat weed and it seems that there are so many ingredients that it is hard to tell if horny goat weed really has any effects. A number of ingredients are very powerful (maca, yohimbe, etc) and they themselves can bring about the pro-sexual effects.


You are right it has many ingredients that work for you. I remember you mentioned in one of your posts that GB, Maca, yohimbe did work for you. So I suggested this product. It has only 50 mg of yohimbe bark in it. I think it is very low dose and wouldn’t cause any side effect that you said. It helped me with girth workouts.

Hey. I just posted this in the fish oil thread, but if you guys are looking for a good fatty acid suppliment you should look into Hemp Oil.

it has omega 3, 6, and 9 in good quantities. the taste isn’t bad. kind of nutty.

…. I got one for all of you….

works for me all the time….

2 Guinness beers… 1 red bull


libido works great :)

if pills are not working for you, you may have a problem with absorption. I did and now I drink fresh juice with ginger and have been absorbing all nutrients better.

Be mindful even when your mind is full

Bump. Any others?

I have had numerous reports over the years that a DHEA supplement in high doses causes cardiac arrhythmia or skipped heart beats. From a website.

I’ve taken all these supplements except lecethin. My loads have been pitiful lately but I got hooked on opiates again after busting ribs. So I’m off of them and combating the depression it created with amino acid therapy and diets.

Save your money on this CRAP guys. All of this stuff is absolutely useless.

The guy in the first page said it best.

Where’s your mind? I find that when I’m talking to women I’m going to have sex with and then talk to my wife about it, I can shoot holes through the drywall. Coupled with NO STRESS in your life, good sleep, plenty of complex carbo’s, fresh steamed vegetables, meats for protein and water is all you really need.

This is really disorganized, like my brain so bear with me, however I’ve been into this crap for years. I’ve bought all the volume pills and all the rest of the CRAP. CRAP CRAP CRAP is all it is. Naps too. If you can do 2 10-15 min naps thoughout the day it will work wonders for your energy.


Below? This is based on what works best for me and I’ve helped several others with this as well.

My loads have been the best, when combined with sleep, water, dirty thoughts 24/7 and the following during the day. Not in any particular order. Eat 5-7 small meals throughout the day. Ever see a cat eat? Nibble here, nibble there. We’re not cats, but they are smarter than us. Ever see a bird starve all day and eat 3 lbs of food in the evening? Nature can tell us a lot.

1 cup oat meal, straight oatmeal, not the packaged sugary bullshit
3 apples (best thing in the world for proper digestion / heartburn - macintosh) 3 a day. 1 before bed. Best thing in the world for nice 1 piece solid shits with almost no wiping.
2 eggs (free range) scrambled in the am. Eggs are the best frign thing in the world for mental health / energy. Don’t listen to the BULLSHIT about eggs. Eggs are natural and encased in a shell. So, there’s no way for some ASSHOLES to contaminate them.
Tuna for lunch with 1 piece whole grain bread. Tuna is not the best for omegas, but protein is good.
I take omega 3 fish oils, Carlsons I think is the brand - best brand out there but expensive - don’t waste your money on wal mart fish oil. Better off with water than most brands of bullshit fish oil.
Tomatos - I find cherry tomatos are the best. Up in the north east, most folks don’t know what a F’N tomato or fresh vegatble. Restaraunts and pizza joints? They give you green hard tomatos in your salad and lettuce with brown edges, and I feel like going in the kitchen with an AK47 and spraying eveyrone. No excuse for crap vegetables. So I find the cherry tomatos that are imported are a lot redder and fresher.

Cottage Cheese. I know below I say stay away from cheese, but if you get a good organic (not lowfat) cottage cheese this has lots of protein in it. I can’t eat it much because I get mad gas from dairy. So it’s my body telling me to stay away from it. It’s not for me.

Stay off the milk / cheese. There’s no such thing as cheese in the USA. Velveta and all the kraft bullcrap? It’s processed shit. They should be executed for selling this GARBAGE to the nation. If your going to drink milk, drink whole organic milk. 1% and 2% turns into sugar in the blood believe it or not.

Don’t believe all the BULLSHIT about fat. Fat is what we are made of. Whole foods folks. Eat the fat in the meat. That’s where all the good stuff is, despite what the IDIOTS IN THE MEDIA tell you. REAL butter, not the tub of bullshit butter. I buy Kays Natural butter. Ingredients ? BUTTER AND SALT.

So next time you are popping your healthy choice in the micro, look at the ingredients on the box and ask yourself how healthy it is.

Steam your veggies and eat them fresh. Anything in a can or box is dead. Eat live foods and coupled with sleep, exercize and healthy thoughts will do more for you libido / load size than any of the BULLSHIT pills. That’s what they are, BULLSHIT

Also, if you’ve been eating doughnuts and lots of breads and stuff that does not digest, your intestinal walls could be caked with crap, literally. This prohibits nutrient absorption from food. Seratonin is actually synthesized in the gut, but most people, including guessers (doctors) don’t know this. So when I’m feeling like I’m not getting what I should be out of food, I use P+B shakes. Psyllium husk (1tbsp) and bentonite clay (liquid - Sonnes brand) (1tbsp) with water. Drink this mix with a cup of water and down another cup after. Do these every 3 hours, about 5 shakes per day. Don’t be eating frign ribs yo when your doing this. Eat light. Oatmeal, apples and stuff that digests easily.

First time I did P+B shakes for 2 days I was astounded at what came out of me. Go to to learn more about P+B shakes. Be a man, don’t be afraid to try this, as well as a gall cleanse too. I had several super ball sized gall stones come out my ass first time I did a liver / gall cleanse with olive oil. If your eating doughnuts and fried crap, you got stones, no way around it. Question is whether you want this crap shacking up in your liver inviting all their friends over. NOT. The way I look at any invader is “It’s my body and your out”

If you do these things, you’ll get more out of the foods that your eating = more vitamins and nutrients = more energy = more horny = more load = better performance.

Spend your money on good foods and cleansing, not these garbage bullshit pills. THEY ARE NO BETTER THEN SUGAR PILLS. ALL OF THEM.

Since you are my property, the contents of your mind are also my property, and you will give them to me when I ask.

Originally Posted by Ike
W1, how old are you?

I ask because I’m 46, and my libido has increased since I started taking 25 mg of DHEA every morning. I’ve recently started taking ZMA every night, but don’t know what effect it may have on libido yet.

Also, being horny starts in your brain. You also have to get yourself mentally to a place where sexy thoughts are more frequent and to where you can spend longer dwelling on them before some other thought intrudes. So, if you’re tired, distracted, depressed, stressed, obsessed, or whatever, you need to work on those conditions too.

Actually, I find frequent visits to college campuses, health clubs, pubs, shopping malls and anywhere attractive women congregate is about the best thing I can do to increase my libido.well, that and lots of porn.

Replace dhea by maca
Try to find bois bandé or muara puama if you prefer and taking it before sex act.taoism and tantrism could be a good way too.

I really like your post kfarrelldba. However, I do about 95% of the stuff you suggest, and I still have a very bad sex drive. I’m not depressed either, so it just don’t make any sense. I just can’t see how some people who eats a McDonald’s everyday can have a better libido than me, who is exercising and eating extremely healthy. But who said the world was fair?

Start: 6.3 BPEL x 4.5 MSEG & 4.5 BSEG

Now: 7.7 x 4.7 x 5.5 BSEG

Goal: 8 x 6

Reviving this thread.

From my experience, increased libido as we get older is a combination of things. I’m nearly 50 and know my body is not the same as 20-30 years ago. But I’m not dead yet and not going willingly.

For men, much about increased libido is fairly common sense. If you’re in poor shape and/or obese don’t expect a high quality of life in any area.

Get in shape. Lose weight. Build some muscle. Do a little cardio. A little goes a long way and you may be surprised how quickly this alone will see results.

Nutrition. Again, common sense. Drop the junk food and sugar. Drink less - much less. Drink lots of water (with lemon) and green tea. Eat more olive oil, avocado, tomatoes and plenty of other fruits and veggies. Eat foods high in Omega-3 fat. Consume more black pepper, cayenne and turmeric (ingredients in lots of male supplements). Watermelon gives us L-Citruline which the body turns into blood flow boosters. I eat an apple a day. Food is medicine and I don’t remember the last time I was sick.

I take fiber daily and take a 5000ui pill of Vitamin D as well.

For supplements, I have found Ginkgo Biloba, fish oil, L-Citruline and Damiana helpful for long-term libido health. That 4:00am hardon is nice and powerful again and helps me feel alive.

I take Irwin Naturals Steel Libido Black and Red daily for a natural assist. Would love to hear others opinions on these and I dislike any pill or supplement that makes my heart race or gives a headache.

I hope this helps. A pill alone is not what I want but use supplements to.. Supplement my health lifestyle and I like my quality of life.

Water and Exercise- especially squats for some reason, it could be some stimulation of the prostate?

As far as pills and potions, citruline, arginine, agmatine sulfate, and norvaline are some proteins to play around with.

Tongkat ali, ginseng, damiana, and pygeum are some good herbals in my opinion.

And of course Viagra, Cialis, and Avanafil is a new one for the prescription crowd.


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